Monday, 27 May 2013

Dhimmi Britain.

Those who know anything about Islamic expansionism will be aware the Saudi-Arabian based Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) holds the largest bloc vote within the UN, and that they are working hard (and spending a lot of money) trying to stop any criticism of Islam in the West.

The OIC, in accordance with sharia law, deems all criticism of Islam to be invalid. It does not matter if it is true or untrue; the mere fact that it is critical is simply not allowed. Period. The buzzword they have come up with to negate our defence against their extremist ideology is “Islamophobia” which of course means an irrational fear of Islam.

This is very clever. By utilising the word “Islamophobia” they manage to pigeonhole any critics of Islam as being of a mentally questionable equilibrium — which may not be true initially, but may well be the case after a few years, simply because trying to make sense of this madness must surely drive us slowly insane.

For example, I have a perfectly rational fear of Communism, which brought death and social/moral/environmental catastrophe wherever it laid its bloodied boot. During the Cold War it was fortunate for the West that our ruling elites (mostly…) did not lie down before Moscow and that they did not accuse critics of the Soviet Union of suffering from Commieophobia….

This was not emulated in Socialist countries, however. Critics of Communism really were deemed to be mentally ill, and many show trials forced them to admit their insanity before they were consigned to the gulag or given a bullet in the back of the neck. Deeming criticism of the power-elite to be irrational/insane is a tried and tested method of maintaining power, and is seen only in absolute dictatorships, the vast majority of which have been of left-wing bent, with the notable exception of Islam.

Which brings me to the point of this article. The British government, in its infinite wisdom and treachery, has established an All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia which describes its role as follows:
“To investigate the forms, manifestations and extent of prejudice and discrimination against Muslims in the UK today. To review the effectiveness of all legislation with a view to improving the rate of success in the prosecution of hate crimes. To review existing mechanisms for the recording of anti-Muslim hate crimes both through police forces across the country and through third party reporting sites with a view to improving data quality and comprehensiveness. To investigate and review the role of the media in fostering mutual respect and tolerance and guarding against misrepresentations of Islam and intolerance towards Muslims.”
Sitting on the board of this Dhimmi Parliamentary group are Labour’s ex-Home Secretary Jack Straw (Vice-Chair), Liberal Democrat deputy leader, Simon Hughes (Co-Chair), Sir Peter Bottomley, Conservative MP and supporter of Unite Against Fascism, and Caroline Lucas, Crypto-Communist Green Party MP.
Jack Straw is MP for Blackburn, and therefore dependent on his constituency’s large Muslim vote. He is also good friends with the Qatari ruler Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

Straw’s pro-Islamic tendencies include appointing an Islamist sympathiser to lead Britain’s EU-mandated Supreme Court; exerting pressure on the Foreign Office to recruit known 9/11 sympathisers (Mokbul Ali etc) into the civil service, and establishing the Muslim Council of Britain — which has been described as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mr Straw was also instrumental in opening Britain’s floodgates to the Third World — in order to make Britain more multicultural, rub the noses of the right in diversity and benefit hugely from Labour-voting immigrants — when he assumed office in 1997. He was also instrumental in signing Britain up to the nefarious European Court of Human Rights, and was behind the abolition of Britain’s ancient blasphemy laws because their natural focus on Christianity was deemed discriminatory.

Simon Hughes, not wishing to be outdone, has been recorded speaking to a Muslim audience (the video can be seen here) where he stated the following awful words: “Every country in the world is your country… we want you to participate not just as voters, we want you to be leaders…to be Cabinet members, to be Prime Minister… we need you to lead our politics…”

Caroline Lucas was a leading activist in the Soviet-bankrolled Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and is well known for her pro-Palestine, anti-Israel stance. In July 2010, Lucas expressed her support for activists who had damaged the premises of EDO MGM because they sold components used by the Israeli military, which she claimed was behind the “atrocities being committed in Gaza.”

This Parliamentary group is now in its second incarnation. Originally planned for 2009, it was left in disarray after its chair and one of its vice-chairs resigned over an “orchestrated lobbying campaign” from an Islamist group iEngage, which despite publicly backing Hamas had been given the job of Secretariat of the All-Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia.

Robert Halfon, Conservative MP and the former political director of Conservative Friends of Israel, has stated: “iEngage has a track record of being aggressively anti-Semitic and homophobic, and has extensive links with terrorism in Tunisia and the Middle East.” In the ensuing arguments about this, Simon Hughes and Caroline Lucas sided quite naturally — or unnaturally in Mr Hughes’ case when one considers he is a homosexual — with the Islamists of iEngage.

But now they are back. The people involved are all high level politicians, and what they are trying to do is important if you wish to voice your future concern about the extremist activities of Islam. You will notice that David Cameron appears relaxed about having Conservative MPs sitting on this organisation, but then Cameron is also a supporter of the far-left boot boys Unite Against Fascism, has said nothing about the Islamist takeover of the so called Arab Spring (indeed he is supporting the Islamists), said nothing about the rape of native British girls and nothing about the recent court case involving Muslim terrorists in Britain who wished to cause more death and carnage than 7/7. He appears firmly on the side of the enemy.

The UN, the OIC and our very own politicians are intent on shutting down any valid criticism of Islam. The OIC is acting in its own best interests, which include the pursuit of a global Caliphate, but Western politicians who support them are certainly not acting in the best interests of their people or their countries. They are, in short, traitors.

There is very little actual violence directed toward Muslims in Britain, yet the government has established this Parliamentary group in order to root as much out as they possibly can. There is no Parliamentary group with a remit to root out the statistically far greater incidence of Muslim-on-“infidel” murder, rape and violence. And one has to ask exactly why this peculiar and perverse double standard is the case. Just how much money has the OIC thrown at British politicians one wonders?

The recent laws on racial and religious hatred, coupled with the increasingly totalitarian attempts to define “Islamophobia” are very frightening. As the Muslim demographic grows, so will grow their calls for an Islamic state, and so will grow their use of violence to achieve this objective. Trying to silence us at this stage indicates to me that our ruling elites have already submitted to Islam and are now preparing to prosecute and jail any dissenters who do not share their view.

British democracy and free speech are under a genuine and growing threat. The OIC has now gone further than merely trying to make criticism invalid; they wish to make it illegal in the West, and they are now allied with government organisations which help them further this extremist aim.

The liberty of our children and grandchildren is quite literally dependent on whether we allow the traitor class of politicians and the OIC to force us into submission. Don’t let them, and don’t allow them to think they can falsely and knowingly accuse us of Islamophobia just because we genuinely recognise the very rational, real and growing threat of Islam. Our politicians must be made aware they simply cannot declare war on their own people and expect no resistance from us.


  1. When George Bush first announced way back that "Islam is a religion of peace", and the USA was not at war with Islam, I think I was the first to comment on Jihad Watch, that to fight the enemy properly one has to state who and what the enemy is. One cannot fight "Terror", as it is merely a tactic. This is a most complicated war, as we are not fighting a nation but a belief system. Yet to get to the real objective, "faith/belief", one has to make a side attack using the military.

    Some years back, I began to see why the West took so long to respond to 9/11. It was clear that the normal massive response to an attack such as 9/11 could not be put in effect, as the perpetrators were a motley bunch of 19 Jihadis. No nation or nations could be held responsible. The forces of the West are configured not just to destroy armies but to destroy nations. That is what the West is good at, so who to attack and how? Thus a strategy had to be formed and executed from shifting from the pointless task of hunting lone Jihadis ( police action as that formulated by the Clinton Administration) to a global battlefield.

    A core component of this strategy was to insist that the Jihadis have misinterpreted the Koran and "Islam is a religion of peace". This was insisted by ALL Western states (No exceptions, amazing when you think of it). They have stuck to this through thick and thin no matter how much they are contradicted by Western scholars, imams and Jihadis themselves.

    This strategy of "not being at war with Islam", has allowed the West to invade and do what ever they thought was necessary, using whatever reasons, most of them flimsy, they thought that would fly.


  2. Interesting that the newly formed All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia has UAF on board, UAF's key signatories are many Labour MP's who voted 'very strongly' for the war in Iraq.

    Con MP Peter Bottomley also voted 'very strongly' for the Iraq war... So we have war mongering politicians with the blood of thousands and thousands of muslims on their collective hands and they have the nerve to call those that *criticise* islam as islamophobic.


  3. Hello,
    I am a former Muslim, writer and an independent researcher. I have written a book "From Islam to womanism--my spiritual journey" that tells how and why I renounced Islam. One of the British publisher accepted to publish the book on the condition that I should delete whole chapter on Mohammad. I refused to do so and decided to go for self publishing. I am seeking donations from book lovers at

    One of my British contributor opted to be anonymous while American had courage to give his full home address while claiming my forthcoming book as a gift.

    The Britishers have more succumbed to ill-conceived multiculturalism than Americans.

    The Britishers need to rise and get back their freedom of expression.

    Yang Burz Home aka M.A.Hussain