Friday 21 June 2013

My Name Is Paul Weston and I Am a Racist


  1. Just want to bring your attention to a book that addressed some of the issues you are raising in your (wonderful) speech.

    The book goes a bit further in the analysis of 3d world infiltration to the west by looking at muslim alms framework called 'zakaat'.

  2. A good speech. I admire your bravery and strength of character.

  3. Thank you, courageous leader, Paul Weston, for your great speech! You are a HERO who MUST become Prime Minister one day!

    We are called racists because we are opposed to Islamic sharia law. We are called racists because we believe that ALL people must have human rights and ALL people must have equality before the Law...the complete opposite of barbaric sharia law.

    We are called racists because we are opposed to the crime our TRAITOR leaders have perpetrated and continue to perpetrate, the giving away of our TINY country to the world's Muslims. We are called racists because we are opposed to being FORCED to finance the colonization and future conquest of our country by Muslims. 50% of Muslim males don't work and 75% of Muslim females don't work. HIGHLY FAVORED Muslims and their HUGE families live for FREE off British taxpayers whilst desperate homeless British veterans and other Brits live on the streets. Vets are told they don't qualify for benefits and homes! A WICKED crime against our horribly discriminated against NON-Muslim people!

    We are called racists because we protest the many THOUSANDS of violent gang-rapes, forced prostitution and cruel sexual slavery of defenceless, terrorized non-Muslim British children by cruel Muslim monsters. Dear God, help the children!

    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK – Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

  4. Well done John Weston for standing up and saying what most of us are thinkling. Having lived in a muslim country I watched many things that were barbaric to say the least. Is it right that when a young girl dies its ok because she is a girl and not important!!

    There are a lot of Muslims who are very nice people, but its those extemists that are giving Islam a bad name. I wonder why the Brtitish government don't see these people as RACISTS against us THE BRITISH PEOPLE. Backing you all the way. Regards Kate St.Hill

  5. Pour les gens qui veulent la traduction en français de la vidéo

    For people who wants to see this video with french translation


  6. Well said. Excuse the American here, but why doesn't the Queen or the Prince step up and take over? I have not herd from them. Can't the Queen call on her guard to wipe out parliament and take over again? She could cleanse that country by making it a Monarchy once again.

  7. "My Name Is Paul Weston and I Am a Racist"
    Tactically speaking speaking Paul, that is NOT a very good move. I would have thought you might be a bit more shrewd than that. You like to read The Prince, and in particular Chapter 18, that is, if you have not done so already. I saw a video that was put up on Youtube with you speaking in Holland (I think), sometime last year and I thought you came across not too badly.

    Lawrence Rustem Ex-BNP

  8. This goes for European countries too and is slowing creeping into the USA.
    It is a shame what is happening to the West and our governments allow it to happen.
    I am scared for my children and grandchildren.
    Forbid that religion, so they will go back home.
    No more mosques, tear them down.
    Hate being preached. I don't want to see more covered up
    People, walking around like the dark ages.

  9. god bless paul weston!

  10. Well done! Keep on that, I'm with you! Sadly, but IMO you are not a racist, just the country is pussy now to say the true about all you mentioned. You are normal, while the country behaviour is opposite to it.

  11. Dear Paul Weston,

    I just addressed you by name in a comment thread at American Renaissance, but my comment was censored.

    I've lost the text of the comment, but what I basically said to you was that I thank you for opposing the cataclysm of the Islamization of Europe and wish you well.

    I went on to say that I had stopped leaving comments at American Renaissance long ago because many of the threads are filled with comments by people who are openly admirers of Hitler and National Socialism and openly call for the extermination of the Jews.

    American Renaissance has failed to purge these people from its comment thread.

    I also pointed out that it should be possible to do so, and that the EDL, for example, had purged Nazis and anti-Semites.

    I went on to suggest that you make an unequivocal statement condemning anti-Semitism has utterly vile, utterly evil, utterly stupid, and utterly in bad taste, and should also point out that the of noxious anti-Semitism of most Muslims in Europe is one of the reasons that Islam is not compatible with European civilization.

    For the anti-Jihad movement in Europe to be tainted by association with sympathizers of Hitler and National Socialism is a catastrophe.

    You're quite right to say that no such movement will get any traction in Europe if it is tainted with Nazi anti-Semitism.

    The fact that it is possible to talk about exterminating Jews on comments thread at American Renaissance, but that my comment was censored today, tells you a lot about the dilemmas we are facing.

    Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have just been banned from entering the United Kingdom.

    Pamela Geller, a Jew, is one of the best fighters for freedom and democracy, and against Jihad and terrorism, in the world.

    But she is fighting a double battle: anti-Semitism is not just a scourge in the Muslim world, it remains a scourge in the west as well, and the fact that a site like American Renaissance is polluted by anti-Semitic and even pro-Holocaust ravings is symptomatic.

  12. You have to admit this man speaks the truth, Britain will be just like the middle-east by 2030 unless we act now.
    Yes Tony Blair has ruined Great Britain.

  13. This man speaks the truth yet we are afraid to listen, Britain will be just like the middle east by 2030.
    Thank you Tony Blair !!

  14. I am not from the same country, but your speech reflect what most of us think, the "silent most people".
    Politically and socially correct are only possible if everyone is socially and politically correct.
    Islam did found in our decency a window to get into our lives, our families and will impose, abuse and conquer, drawing our blood without a thought in the name of religion.
    The ones who take the time to understand history know that religions has always been the vector for financial and political agendas.
    Are we still that blind despite of the ability we have today for information?
    We need to learn to evaluate people by what they do not what they say! No excuse, no perception. It is what it is.
    Again thank you for the speech.

  15. Interesting comments Mr Weston. Can I ask ~ what - if anything you propose to do about the 'conversion factor' ? That is to say ~ British folk who are of a mind to decide their own destination (spiritually speaking of course) ?


  16. Well said Mr. Weston. How did T. Blair made his money? Can he be investigated? Is he in the Saudi payroll? Thanks.

  17. Britains elites have not only betrayed the indigenous population WASPs, but it has also betrayed the true asylum seekers. People who escaped persecution under regimes which have no respect for freedoms such as we enjoy in the UK. By allowing our inner cities to become isolated from the British culture, it has in effect, abandoned the asylum seekers to the same repressive regimes from which they sought escape.
    I also worry for the old widows who live as a minority in these ghettos, whether they have a quality of life and representation, deserving of a pensioner and wife of someone who may have given his life to preserve our freedoms.
    Unfortunately our leaders seem to be more concerned with the rights of people in other countries than with the rights and needs of the people who elected them. The open door policy on immigration needs to be addressed immediately.
    It cannot be refuted that religion has divided people, even those with ethnic similarities, and one only needs to look at the events in Syria to understand this as an axiomatic truth. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that to allow the immigration of people with religious and ethnic differences is a recipe for disaster. People who truly need asylum should be sheltered in a neutral zone until relocation to a state or county can be found which best suits their religious beliefs and ethnicity.
    Britain needs to stop the hemorrhaging of our culture and her unique identity, before it is lost for ever. We need to start rolling back, and even actively opposing these abhorrent changes that are destroying our cultural identity which have been slowly formed for over a thousand years. We need to become a place fit to take only asylum seekers who share similar cultural,ethnic and religious characteristics. We need to assist the immigrants that we now house, to relocate to countries that their culture and beliefs are more suited. I am 100% sure that this would benefit all parties concerned. Only then, peace, prosperity and a national pride will prevail. It is not a crime to be proud to be British despite what the PC brigade will lead you to believe.
    When reading crime statistics, a 10% minority of the population commits 90% of the crimes, many of them violent. It becomes obvious that this minority is not happy in our society. Punishment by fines or imprisonment has had no effect on these statistics in over 20 years and therefore that cannot be the answer. It is our duty and obligation to come forth with other alternatives lest the ethnic population suffer more at the hands of these discontents.

  18. Where were you Mr. Weston when Serbia was bombed by UK and others for trying to protect itself from invasion of Islamic terrorists and their supporters.
    Now the chicken has come home to roost.
    Good luck with that!

  19. Where was I when Serbia was bombed? I was in a coffee shop in Prague, owned by a friend of mine originally from Belgrade. We spent some time fantasising about Bill Clinton being impeached for war crimes. What is your point exactly? Being British does not mean we stand behind every decision made by our useless and treacherous governments.

  20. Well, then there are two of us, because by the left-wing idiots´definition, I am a total racist too; I do not want to lose my country to the hordes of savages:
    just imagine!

    Y.K. Cherson

  21. Am I right in saying that you represent the political side of the English Defence League Mr Weston ?

    What are your views on the Zionist and their seemingly careless contempt for international law and do you consider it compatible with Christianity ?

    As a political party, what are your intentions regarding the economy, the banks and the creation of 'money' ?


  22. Anonymous, no we are not the political wing of the EDL.

    I have no views on Zionism, simply because it is utterly irrelevant to what is currently happening in Britain. Some right-wing types think I am a Zionist because I once visited the Holocaust Museum in Israel. As it happens I am a wavering agnostic Christian, who appreciates the fact that Israel is the canary in the Islamic coal mine.

    Banks should stand on their own two feet. if they go bust they go bust. Sovietising the banks and printing money is a short term fix which makes for a much bigger long term catastrophe.

    Please use a name next time you ask me questions, Mr/Ms anonymous.

  23. Fantastic and courageous speech.
    It's a great shame that there are not a few more thousand people like him around the world.
    Why won't pollies listen to the common man.
    I'm lucky that I will not be around in this world when my grand kids have there kids.

  24. A potential prime minister with no views on Zionism ? ? ?

    Would you be so kind as to define what (in your words) a 'real Christian' is and what you intend doing to revive 'the faith'?

    And perhaps a response to my first post below ?
    what - if anything you propose to do about the 'conversion factor' ? That is to say ~ British folk who are of a mind to decide their own destination (spiritually speaking of course) ?


  25. Why should I hold views on Zionism? What does Israel, Jews or Zionism have to do with the Islamic threat Britain faces? Why are some people so obsessed with Zionism? This issue simply has nothing to do with Britain.

    What is a real Christian, you ask. I suppose a real Christian is someone like the Reverend Peter Mullen. Google him old boy, and read in more detail what this means.

    How does one revive the faith? Very difficult, but one thing would be to stop the propaganda in schools which state all faiths are of equal value. Christianity should be promoted in school, all other faiths should be ignored. Britain is after all a Christian country and if other faiths wish to retain their beliefs they can easily do it outside school/state environments.

    As for "conversion" it would be useful if you described who is converting to what. Clearly, I cannot answer such a vague question.

  26. As potential prime minister you will be looked upon to make decisions that revolve around issues involving countries involved in breaking international law.

    There are in the world great numbers of Muslims who clearly despise the British for their paving the way for the state of Israel to exist. You perhaps are ignorant of these facts. This is a major component in the hatred towards not only Britain but the West in general. Another reason a potential prime minister should have interest in the Israeli state currently in breach of numerous international laws and UN directives etc !

    Conversion as in British folk choosing of their own volition to accept Islam as a faith. You appear to think that the removal of any thing Islamic will ‘save the nation’from this faith group. In short – no amount of anti Islamic rhetoric can interfere with peoples ‘free will’, yes a small amount will be swayed by the above rhetoric but those who do convert do so of their own choice. That being so, it is not possible to rid the nation of Islamic persuasion.

    As a leader of Liberty GB, do you propose to interfere with the education system so that the children are not taught about world faiths ? Hardly liberal is it ?
    I put it you that real Christians are they who believe Jesus the Christ to be the Messiah, do correct me if you dis-believe this ?

    Have you or do you intend to ~ swear allegiance to the ‘crown of England’ ? and would you give your views as to how you interpret the ‘crown of England’?

  27. Any views on the video Mr Weston ?

  28. Gazz, you are only here in order to argue, and as neither of us are ever going to agree it is largely pointless. As far as the video goes, I don't happen to agree with the Reverend Mullen's views on homosexuality, but you asked me who I considered to be a representative of Christianity, not whether I agreed with every statement they made.

    I really have little interest in Israel, other than to support it against Islamic imperialism. You seem VERY interested in it, and I suppose you are yet another one who wishes to see it destroyed.

    You may consider this conversation over now, simply because we could argue for years, and I'm afraid I don't have the time or inclination to do so.

  29. Hello from Canada ! Bravo for calling it like it is. Not that bad here, at least for the moment. We are still busy dealing with the Natives and Quebec !!! But you know how quickly that can change. Stay loud...and strong. Your efforts are deeply appreciated by many, and I trust those for whom you speak turn out to vote for you on election day.

  30. Kudos, Mr. Weston -
    You're a patriot, not a racist. I, on the other hand and here in America, am a bigot, racist, Fascist, undereducated, dim-witted, anti-American slug ... or so say those traitorous critics who fail to discern that their view is not via a window, but a looking-glass.

    Keep up the good work.

  31. The next posting of mine at the Guardian was removed within 5 minutes, talking about 'politic correct' corruption:

    (Please use for your own advantage, no copyright!)

    Nathan Lean (notorious Islam apologist): 'How is that even quantifiable and what constitutes evil?'

    There you have the problem with Islam, its founder and her followers, they do not even have a clue what evil is!

    No wonder if you realize that its 'divine' source of inspiration, justifies diabolic ( look up the literal meaning of that word ! ) values as taqiyya, hudna's and jihad !

    These people are so corrupted that they have the guts to justify violence against anyone who does not desire to submit to Islam and its 'values' through labeling them 'Islamophobe'. Here we are talking about evil possessed worshippers expressing themselves through spiritual insanity. This becomes obvious when you turn on the news, you see a lot of violence and you hear frantic shouting of 'Allah Ahkbar' all the time.

    This analysis is also the reason why we do have so many websites on the internet run by former muslims who are now devoted to exposing the deception of Islam as an ideology.

    Just to name a few:

    source Nathan Lean:

  32. I thoroughly enjoyed your very intelligent and interesting YouTube Video: "My name is Paul Weston and I am a racist." Many, if not most white people in South Africa would agree wholeheartedly with your views and sentiments - simply based on the erroneous notion of our majority black brothers and sisters believing - that their overwhelming majority in numbers means Democracy! Stick to your guns and opinions - otherwise, you will be overrun with Muslims/others like them...just like us whites in South Africa are continually forced to live under oppressive/cancerous legislation - eg. 'Employment Equity Act, 55 (Act 55 of 1998) promulgated in the Government Gazette on 19th October, 1998. You have been warned! Sadly, most of us white males will probably die unemployed - before this legislation ever changes!!

  33. A very eloquent speech and most probably a sincere one, hopefully with no hidden agendas. However sir, today's world is the way it is because your country, your people and your culture has played a major role as a colonial and neocolonial power to shape it the way it is to-day. New realities face us and challenge us and isolation to our past is most certainly not a wise choice. The Brave New World is here and we have to deal with it in a global and constructive way if we humans are to survive as a specie with all our differences taken into consideration nonetheless. A British Scientist, Charles Darwin has a comment for all of us and to which I vehemently endorse and practice in my everyday life : "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."

  34. Paul,
    Well spoken. You are absolutely right of course. I am an Australian and we are just a few years behind the UK - but racing towards the same suicidal destination. If Islam is a politico - religious organisation you cant really be a racist - but this is getting too technical for the average leftie. The problem with nice Muslims is that they always acquiesce to the radicals and if faithful still subscribe to the slogan in every Muslim country 'Islam is my way'. They do not commit to democracy nor cultural pluralism. If people want to live like this that is their business, but not in my country! We also have the same issues with multiple wives and heaps of kids which Aussie taxpayers fund. This is simply not acceptable. Islam has no place in Australia - and its time we stopped allowing people into our country who aim to destroy what we have created.

  35. Hi Paul
    I must be a racist too then being a white Afrikaner Boer that has nowhere to live and no country to call my own. I have not harmed any blacks (ever) or benefited from apartheid (we were very poor). I came to the UK with £300 and slept on the street and slowly build up a business that employed 3 White English people (British all there life or born here) and recently sold the business to them. I now work in a business as a contract manager and I make a point to only employ British companies.
    I would like to thank the UK for this opportunity but would gladly leave if you can help me with the following: All I want is a small piece of land I can call home where I can have the right to protect myself and my heritage without being call a racist or without harming any other race. I have a plan.
    My question to you is can you help?
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  36. John (Brit ex-pat, now Canadian)22 November 2013 at 11:10

    Just watched the video, have some of the same feelings but too afraid to espouse them.

    Must bring Gazz to task for his August 02, 2013 post though. Get your facts straight Gazz! Britain was opposed to the UN sanction making Israel a state on May 14 1948. In 1922, the League of Nations entrusted Great Britain to oversee the establishment of a Jewish nation in the Land having formally recognized “the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine.” The British government, however, under pressure from the Arabs, turned back on its commitment to the Jews and began to actively implement anti-Zionist measures. Great Britian issued the White Papers of 1930 and 1939, which restricted immigration to Palestine and the purchase of land there by Jews. In 1947, after the Second World War had ground to a halt it had become public knowledge that millions of Jews had been slaughtered for no reason other than that they were Jewish, the United Nations adopted a resolution that Palestine would be partitioned into one land for the Jews, and one for the Arabs.

  37. Wholeheartedly agree with you. Bravo !

  38. you, sir, have a strong back bone. I am an immigrant, and would hate to see my chosen country from turning into a third world back water.

    I work, and i don't take gov handout

  39. Bravo !! Your ideas and words address the problem
    in the best way possible.

    Good Luck

  40. Finally someone from your country has stood up and said what everyone around the world thinks about what is happening there! I 100% agree with what you're saying and it is time for other countries to stand up before we get to the stage where you're at right now.

  41. Bravo Monsieur WESTON

  42. Wow, I am a racist too, evil white supremacist, just because I want to save my culture and my people, in 150 years white people won't exist, I have a big problem with that. In my country we white folk are in the minority, we have no say in what goes on here, if you keep allowing these immigrants into your country the same thing will eventually happen to you. I read a statistic somewhere that said there are more foreigners now living in London than the British, so that's pretty scary.

    The more I get called a racist, the more I know I am on the right path, but it's a lonely path indeed, so good on you Mr Weston, you have my respect for what it's worth.


    1. Well said brother...whitepride...London ..blood@hounor...goodwork Mr Paul weston!!!from Sir Paul conway

    2. Hi Paul. weston!!!well said brother!!!Goodluck.goodwork...fröm Sir nuttypaul conway London blood@hounor

  43. I saw your 'I am a racist' post on Facebook earlier and I posted a comment. You may recall which one it was because someone, which I must assume is you, had it removed.

    The funny thing is I thought my post was spot on. And now I know it was ;-)

  44. We need Paul Weston so we can tack back our country and rid it of imagants