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European Civil War Inevitable by 2025? Part 2

This is the second part of an article I wrote in 2007, warning about the build up to religious/racial civil war in Europe. After the events in France and Germany over the last few days I see no reason to doubt war will happen. I am currently working on an article about civil war in France, which will be posted here shortly. The two historical articles are purely to provide background information.

Part 1 of this article was an explanation of why our ratio of combat age native Europeans versus European Muslims could decline from 18:1 today, to 2:1 by 2025. These figures are largely irrelevant if one believes that Islam can peacefully co-exist within the West, but if such a scenario is simply a multicultural fantasy then we will shortly face a situation unprecedented in the history of mankind.

Europeans have been conditioned from an early age to celebrate diversity and multiculturalism, resulting in our genuine ability to co-exist with peoples of significantly different cultures. But, rather than what we want, is this what Islam wants? Islam is as mono-cultural as mono-cultural gets. How can they possibly live in a liberal, multicultural society?

Islam expanded via the sword. Within decades of erupting out of the deserts of 7th Century Arabia it had conquered Palestine, Persia, Egypt, India, North Africa and Spain; its opponents were paralysed in the face of fanatical violence. It was only in 732 that Charles Martel stopped this frenetic Islamic expansion at the battle of Tours, in France.

In the 13th century Islam rose again. In 1452 they finally conquered Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, and within 100 years added Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, Romania and Hungary to their empire. Attempts to take Vienna failed twice, before Jan Sobieski finally routed the Ottoman’s Islamic army in 1683 at the Gates of Vienna. The Ottoman Empire gradually fell apart after this defeat, and most occupied European countries reclaimed their independence. Christian Europe had largely prevailed.

But now, in the 21st Century, Islam is back and wants what it has always wanted; a global caliphate. This time, unlike their previous military attempts to overthrow the West, instead they are already within Europe, well funded, radicalised and rapidly expanding. As their numbers grow, so grows the violence they perpetrate — as we have seen all over Europe within the last few years.

And not only within Europe; Islam is engaged in religious conflict all around the world, from America, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Kashmir, India, Russia, the Lebanon, Palestine, etc, etc. Wherever Islam comes into contact with non-Islam there is conflict.

In each and every country, one glaring reality stands out. It is always Islam as the aggressor, even when they are in a minority. In Thailand, where they represent five per cent of the populace, we have a country sliding inexorably toward civil war.

Such is the prevalence of Islamic violence that Samuel Huntingdon, author of The Clash Of Civilisations, coined the phrase “Islam’s bloody borders” the violence of which is represented by Gates Of Vienna’s animated Bloody Borders project which identifies Islamic terrorist activity just since 9/11.

Why do Islamists do this? Because they are commanded to, it is as simple as that. To be a Muslim means to obey the Koran, within which there are numerous commands to wage Jihad, or Holy War, against the infidel. Granted, there is no single explicit command, but it is possible to interpret many exhortations this way, which is exactly what radical Imams are doing all across the West. Unlike a modern day Christian’s tenuous relationship with the Bible, Muslims adhere to every edict of the Koran as slavishly as they did in the 7th Century. Unfortunately for us, the principal edict is to conquer or remove all non-believers.

To this end there are now some 2,000 Mosques in Western Europe, many of them funded directly by Saudi Arabia to the tune of 90 billion dollars. In these mosques are Imams — trained or imported from Saudi Arabia — preaching extreme Wahhabism. They call for the overthrow of the West, and promote suicide bombing and martyrdom. Channel Four recently sent an undercover reporter into various Mosques in the UK. The result was an exposure of these Imams in their call for Holy War against the West. It can be seenhere on Youtube. CNN also ran an interview with Al-Muhajiroun’s Anjem Choudray, where he calls for Sharia law in Britain. This is the same man whoprophesised that the Islamic flag will fly over 10 Downing Street.

Despite the clear warnings, the concept of Sharia is still not fully understood by most Europeans. Under its laws they could either be killed for refusing to convert to Islam or they could accept that second-class status known as Dhimmitude. Homosexuals could similarly be killed, apostates killed, adulterous woman stoned to death, whilst limbs could be amputated for stealing. Forty percent of British Muslims wish this to be introduced.

What percentage of those who desire this are young males? Muslim women have a great deal to be unhappy about under Sharia law, whilst older Muslims are far less radicalised than the young. It is quite possible therefore, that for young males with a favourable view of Sharia, the percentage of those who favour Sharia in Britain is far higher than this.

So, Islam has a history of attempted Western conquest, and a present day policy of global domination. In countries such as Sudan, they are efficiently perpetrating genocide to achieve that end. In the West, their Jihadist rhetoric is accompanied by large-scale violence and lesser atrocities guaranteed to catch our attention. (Leaving out the violence in India and Pakistan and the Taliban) just in the years since 2001, there have been numerous incidents in the West:

  • 9/11, of course;
  • the London tube bombings;
  • the Madrid train bombings;
  • the lesser violence such as the murder of Theo Van Gogh;
  • the indescribable torture and murder of Ilan Halami;
  • the rape of European women as described by Fjordman,
  • the civil unrest in France, where police claim they are in the midst of a civil war;
  • and the death threats made against politicians who speak out against them, such as Gert Wilders.

Faced with this relentless tidal wave of Islamic aggression, what is the response of Europe’s ruling elites? Craven submission is the answer. In France the politicians promise more money for the banlieus, within which Sharia law operates and where no white European dare set foot. In Spain they gathered in squares after the Madrid train bombing and held candle-lit peace vigils, before voting out their Government and replacing it with one more in tune to the Islamists demands. In Holland, the Dutch justice minister, Piet Hein Donner has no objection to Sharia law being imposed, providing it is done democratically, and in Sweden, integration minister Jens Orback declared: “We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.”
- - - - - - - - - -
After the London tube bombings, the government’s immediate response was to worry not about the English, but about the terrible oppression the perpetrators must have suffered from in order to commit such a crime. Much to our rulers’ dismay, the “fabulous four” were educated and middle class; their drive had come from Islam, not from oppression.

In some British schools the Holocaust is no longer taught because it runs counter to the Holocaust denial beliefs of Muslims, whilst British historian David Irving was imprisoned for holding the same views as that of the Muslims. Our teaching unions are also of the opinion that the idea of teaching British values is racist, and the BBC is so viciously anti-Christian and pro-Islamic that there is simply not the space here to detail it. The BBC treachery requires an article all its own, and a lengthy article at that (This is one of the more imponderable pathologies the BBC exhibits, considering the corporation has sheltered and encouraged a high number of homosexuals and feminists. As you know, both groups are on the Islamic extermination lists).

There are many more examples of Islamic aggression and of the consequential European appeasement. It is clear that so far we are impelled toward overwhelming submission. European politicians are clearly terrified of Islam. As well they might be. So, what can be done? Can Islam be contained, or is Europe drifting inexorably to all-out civil war?

Essentially, there are five options.

The first is that Islam integrates within Europe’s liberal democracies and we all live happily ever after This scenario takes no account of the moral sewer that Liberal policies have turned Europe into; a Europe which Islam, quite understandably, views with revulsion. Nor does it take into account that Islam today is the same as Islam in the 7th century. Why should they reform now? Given the increasing radicalisation of Muslim youth and the disturbing numbers whoagree with terrorist activity, this scenario is only possible within the mindset of deluded, ignorant liberals, whose naiveté is suicidal in the extreme. Option one can therefore be discounted.

The second option is that Islam quietly takes over demographically through sheer weight of numbers, and Europe is islamised under Sharia law. Bernard Lewis and Mark Steyn think this inevitable, Steyn being of the opinion that any country capable of the type of appeasement prevalent in Europe today, is also a country incapable of rousing a defence. Although this is a possibility, it is unlikely we will not fight back, so option two can also be discounted.

The third option is that Europe wakes up to the danger it is in and expels all its Muslims. This is not going to happen; the European Union positively embraces Islam, as noted in Bat Ye’or book Eurabia (thankfully abridged by Fjordman). Not only does the EU have no intention of such an action, they will not even stop further Islamic immigration. The 2.2 million predominately Muslim immigrants they wish to bring into Europe each and every year up to 2050 is a done deal as far as they are concerned.

Indeed, in an extract from this disturbing report published by the European Policy Centre, the EU seeks immigration not only for economic reasons but also for social reasons:

“However, the arguments against immigration remain dominant in the political debates of many European countries, and must be taken seriously and challenged if immigration is to keep its place on the social and economic agenda.”

Whilst this attitude prevails we can discount option three.

The fourth option is that moderate Muslims reclaim their peaceful religion from the “fundamentalists”, who, as we are told over and over again by our media, are not representative of Islam. But where exactly are these moderate Muslims, what power do they wield within Islam as a whole? When have we seen marches and protests organised by them, waving banners reading “Not in my name” or “Not in the name of Islam?” They are as cowed by the radicals as are our politicians, or perhaps they are in agreement with them, but are squeamish when it comes to spilling blood. The only face of Islam we see or hear in the West is that of the violent Jihadist. As such, option four can be discounted.

The fifth option is that we resist the Islamic take over, and fight back. I disagree with Lewis and Steyn, who both appear to think Europe will roll over and submit. The wholesale and unprecedented racial and cultural transformation of a continent with a history of violent warfare will simply not happen without confrontation.

As options one, two, three and four can therefore be discounted; we are left only with option five: to fight. Whilst it is unfortunate that we should be confronted by an expanding, youthful culture with a set of beliefs they will die for, just at the time we are demographically declining, ageing, and apparently believe only in shopping, celebrity and alcohol, does not mean that we will not fight. We will simply have to. Not for domination, but for survival.

E. Raymond Hall, professor of biology at the University of Kansas, is the author of the definitive work on American wildlife, Mammals of North America. He states as a biological law that, “two subspecies of the same species do not occur in the same geographic area.” (Emphasis in the original) Human races are biological subspecies, and Prof. Hall writes specifically that this law applies to humans just as it does to other mammals: “To imagine one subspecies of man living together on equal terms for long with another subspecies is but wishful thinking and leads only to disaster and oblivion for one or the other.”

The history of man is essentially a history of warfare, where territory, tribe or religion drives the impetus for conquest. That our ruling liberal elites in the West today believe that history, current reality and the law of nature no longer apply to us, does not mean the end of warfare. Rather, their wishful thinking simply makes it easier for those who are determined to wage war against us. The idea that wars are a thing of the past is so fantastical that only liberals, who cannot distinguish ideological fantasy from historical reality, could possibly believe that war will ever be vanquished.

Islamic terrorist activity is being constantly thwarted by European intelligence services, but over the next ten years some of these Jihadists will slip through the net and carry out their next very large atrocity. Although most Europeans are still in a deep liberal sleep regarding Islam, this will not last. By 2017 the tensions between Europeans and Islam will have become nerve jangling. Impotent officials will employ ever-stricter government controls in a futile attempt to preserve the façade of societal order.

Somewhere between 2017 and 2030, during a period of heightened tension, Islamists in France, Holland or Britain will blow up one church, train or plane too many. Retaliation will begin and they, in turn will respond. So will the spiral begin.

The police are unable to cope now; they will be even less prepared then. The army will be drafted in, and members of the military who are even willing to carry out orders against their neighbours will find themselves massively outnumbered and outflanked. Civilians will be massacred. And so begins the civil war.

When the violence reaches a tipping point every person — be they moderate or extremist in their views — will be forced to take sides in this war. There will be no bystanders, and no civilians. Moderate Muslims will in all likelihood take the sides of the extremists. This war will resemble none of Europe’s previous conflicts, with their standing armies massed along clearly delineated lines. In the coming conflagration, it will initially be civilians, armed not with tanks and machine guns, but with knives, bombs and terror, who will call out the dogs of war.

I say “initially” because although the army will be of little use in the beginning, it will certainly be capable of forming an impregnable line behind which the native Europeans, unused to knife fighting, will flee and re-group.

And then, enter America — as always— Europe’s saviour. Whilst Europe’s navies blockade the ports, America will deliver technical weaponry to the organised Europeans, weaponry against which Islam will have no response. Whilst they are being annihilated in response to the butchery they carried out in the early days of the war, Muslim countries such as Pakistan and Iran will threaten a nuclear response. If they do, they too will be annihilated.

Such is the future brought about by multicultural liberals. Not only will they be responsible for bloodshed unseen even in the last century, they will also be responsible for the extinction of Islam. In 1907 no one could see the coming carnage, whereas in 2007 all educated people with some knowledge of history can see the inevitable. Quite how large this war becomes is of course beyond any prediction. However, it will not be limited to a merely European conflict. Our civil war could well become a global nuclear war against Islam; and one the Islamists have no hope of winning.

Such a scenario is unimaginable to the vapid multiculturalists, but it is their actions, past and present, which will bring about this nightmare. One can hardly blame Islam for wishing to dominate the world, but one can certainly blame liberals for giving them the geographical means and ideological confidence whereby they feel confident that it is actually possible. Will they attempt it? On a small scale, with their ratio of 18:1 they are attempting it now. How do you think they will behave with a ratio of 5:1 let alone 2:1?

The liberal response to an essay such as this is to make accusations of hysteria and paranoia. To those, I would say only one thing: rather than leave sneering one line comments, give us a thousand word, closely reasoned article explaining why the scenario outlined above is not likely. Use reality-based arguments rather than simply repeating outmoded ideology.

As much as I wish you could present such a case against my scenario, I believe the war is inevitable, and it will be a tragedy for the West, for Islam, and for all of mankind.

Please refute it. I really would like it another future than the one I have outlined.


  1. Thank You, Mr. WESTON, or setting the record straight!!! I believe it's too late... ... ...

  2. Caroline Guckt23 July 2016 at 08:24

    Good evening Mr. Weston,
    Does a translation in french already exist ? If there is not, I would appreciate doing it for our readers in Switzerland and France.
    With kind regards.
    Caroline (

    1. Hello Caroline. No, there is no translation into French as far as I am aware. I will have another article out about France in particular within the next couple of days. Please feel free to translate. Thankyou!

    2. Caroline Guckt29 July 2016 at 02:07

      Thank you for your kind permission.

  3. God bless you Paul Weston if you ever pop by in Luton there is plenty of locals that want to buy you a beer keep up the good work mate

  4. "America, Europe's savior." America has screwed up European history twice last century. Hitler wouldn't even have happened without their intervention in WW1.

    Russia will be Europe's savior. They will not sit by and watch Europe (with its 3000 nuclear warheads) be taken over by muslims.

  5. Read the book "Catholic Prophecy...The Coming Chastisement" by Yves Dupont published by Tan Books 1970-73..many old prophecies talk about revolutions in Europe/civil wars..and some go back to the 1700's and 1800's.Want a recent one look at the recent one from Rwanda (Khiebo)where a pagan called Emmanuel ...saw Jesus and was told by him that "When you see the outbreak of religious,racial and ethnic wars...know that My "Second Coming is Near...."Pretty scary...The mess in America and Europe is caused by the Globalists and One Worlders...who want a NEW world order at any the old one must be massive immigration by third world populations.The blood shed and chaos is not a concern of them as they will not live /and do not live with it.They are protected..and will not be touched by those they support.It is not mass stupidity...there is a PLAN behind all of this.You must admit it (hate to..and hate THEM)they are "brutally clever" and "sheer evil".Ah,the response.Pray to God first...then get rid of the globalist elites.We will see what happens in the U.S. after January.The liberalist hoardes may rebel here.Am sure EUROPE is watching.At least the immigration from South America and Latin America is Catholic/Christian.The introduction of 10,000 Syrian Refugees will cause problems..and the help of the US Catholic Church and other greedy religious groups (doing it for the millions of course)..not compassion..makes it worse as state governments asking where theses "refugees" (are they?) are located get no answer from the religious organizations that are handling them (and doing the gvt's dirty business)..Thirty one states say they do not want them..but the liberal states like New York..California will.But in Europe it is really different..they are Muslim...and the front door...was deliberately opened wide...for a long time/and still open..We have locks on our etc..WHY? To CONTROL who comes in.The Muslims are IN ..and taking over the house! After the last world war...the West has become lazy,fat..LIBERAL...and elected governments similarly inclined..but with the element of treasonous added.The world is SOCIALIST ..COMMUNIST now...even the churches...communism has spread internally..and infected everything and with a bad,liberal based education system that has made most people in the West "stupidly liberal".All this put together....a "hell salad".What to do? Europe must rise up to save itself.Is there time..? is not too late.But it will not be pretty..and will be costly...but will be even more so if we in the West do not do so.

  6. Ah, a comment about Russia being Europe's savior..notice the Russian support for Assad and Iran...? There is more than one so called "visionary" that has Russia INVADING Western Europe..for it's OWN purposes...while the revolutions go in in Europe..Why not...?

  7. I agree with you sir, but I have a question, why is it that you refer to Palestine and not Israel? It is Israel, yes Israel, the country who most suffered the violence of islam in a never ending way. I expect you to be fair in condemning islam, and that includes very much the suffering of the israelis, who are criticized non stop by ALL the european governments.

  8. Dear Paul Weston,
    What you said in the article is totally true. I am a Christian living with Muslims outside of Europe for over 35 years. I was living in Belgium for 15 years and it has changed a lot. We have at least 40% Muslims and it's going to get worse within the next 10 years, for sure. My opinion and experience in this subject is that there are only two solutions: the first is civil war, like you said, the European citizens will take up arms and start defending themselves. The Police will be weak. The second is, a united religion, that some European leaders spoke about, like when John Paul the second went to Turkey. The whole idea is to have a common religion and to neutralize the teachings of Jesus. Currently, the majority of Europeans do not attend church anymore, they are forgetting their roots, so they won't object to this, if it happens. The Bible forsees this in the book of Revelation, when it speaks about the anti Christ, and one world government. If you ask me personally, which one I would choose, I would have to go with the first one, because I will not give up on my Christianity. I am not alone in this, therefore we as the people of Europe need to unite and come back to our roots.

  9. I cnnot refute your arguments. I completely agree with your analyse and I'm convincened thatt this will occur. We have left only the 5th solution, unfortunately. With my deepest regrets,

    Michel SCHAEFFER

  10. I've been a follower of yours for a while now, looking at what you said and what's happened you were spot on 10 years ago, I wish I could say your wrong but I see every day:( when the time comes I'm ready.