Monday, 18 July 2016

Thought For The Day

A strange mental illness has taken over the Western establishment. This illness manifests itself in the perverse belief that a civilisation built on Greco-Roman, Judeo-Christian foundations can suddenly share its territorial and cultural space with a "civilisation" built on the ideology of a 7th century warlord who wanted to destroy any culture or civilisation which differed from that of Islam.

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  1. Paul, what you do is so honest, brave and valuable. We are all in your debt and must do everything we can to pull together to stop this ideology together.
    I was just this moment prompted to write you after walking my dog through my very civilised neighbourhood of Alderley Edge when I walked past a group of three Mohammedans, two young women and one beefed up warrior with shaven head. Never seen them in the village before. From 10 yards away they saw me with my dog and made a show of their distaste by looking and acting startled and jumping up on the railings and low wall immediately as I walked past. I gave it a complete blanking as if they were utterly absurd and walked by. However, it is truly a bad state of affairs when this is happening in such a civilised place as Alderley Edge. Totally sickening to experience that on a pleasant stroll on a summer afternoon. I get the impression it's part of the strategy. To show itself and be everywhere.