Thursday, 21 July 2016

Will the West accept Kenya's radicalised Somalian Refugees?

The mental illness gripping the West in terms of “celebrating diversity” must surely have a breaking point? Is it really possible that a country such as Kenya can admit they have a refugee terrorist problem and then demand the West takes them off their hands pronto – to which the West says: “Of course old chap, no problem at all?”

Kenyan deputy president William Ruto recently suggested that refugee camps in Kenya were hotbeds of Islamist (Somalian mainly) extremism, and claimed several recent terrorist attacks were planned from Dadaab, Kenya’s (and the world’s) largest refugee camp.

Mr Ruto’s remedy to this is to close the camps down and send 600,000 refugees to the grateful West. 100,000 to America, 50,000 to Britain and clutches of 5,000 here and 5,000 there to various smaller countries. He is accused of pandering to the presumed racist instincts (my words) of native Kenyans in the run up to an election, but denied this was the case and stated the following:

From where we sit, the refugee camp is beginning to cause an existential threat to Kenya as a nation, a huge security problem. We are serious about this. The threat to our security will still exist beyond the elections.”

President Obama will love this. Not only the numbers involved but also the fact that a good percentage are radicalised to boot! This will save time and money in terms of radicalising the ingrates in home-grown U.S. mosques and madrassas. All funded by those nice people from Saudi Arabia of course.

Will we fall for this? All rational, sensible thought suggests we should not, but describing the thought process of current Western politicians as rational, sensible (or indeed brave) is a little like describing the Black Lives Matter movement as a compassionate organisation driven by a genuine desire for racial equanimity….so yes, we may very well fall for it. 

One alternative to enriching the West with Somalian diversity - and all it entails - was put forward by deputy president Rutto, which entailed the West funding a huge re-settlement programme in Somalia itself. Many left-liberals will squeal with pleasure at such an idea, but jaded old reactionaries like me would posit that the money would be stolen and spent on guns’n’ammo rather than warm fluffy blankets and Red Cross parcels.

There is another option of course, which is to invade Somalia, force the gangsters out, rebuild the infrastructure and run it peacefully and productively under colonial rule, but  left-liberals would far rather the black world self-destruct completely than contemplate racist ole whitey restoring peace and democracy. Left-liberals are just like that, inexplicable as it might appear to the sane.

So we will probably take them into the West, should Kenya go ahead and close down the camps. The Western people won’t like it much but Obama will, the U.N. will, the EU will and so will all the other globalist organisations which seem to hold a manic hatred of the West alongside their love of money and power.

Which will be a shame…

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