Monday, 8 August 2016

Resisting The Islamic / Leftist War Against the West. Chapter 4 - Multiculturalism & Moral Relativism

No sane person could suggest that a 21st century, secular liberal democracy which regards religion as an irrelevance yet worships at the altar of human rights, homosexuality, gender equality and the psychological rehabilitation of violent criminals, could possibly be peacefully integrated with a 7th century theocratic dictatorship which places religion at an elevated level of non-negotiability, the gallows for homosexuals, stoning to death for adulteresses and limb amputation for minor crimes.

Yet the oxymoronic motto of the European Union “United in Diversity” is symptomatic of the suicidal / murderous ideology that currently grips the Western ruling elites. Such sentiment is as ridiculous as Divided in Unity – though considerably more dangerous, because behind the deliberately emotive and misleading words lies its literal meaning – Divide and Conquer.

Multiculturalism has been the driving ideology of the West for several decades, and we see the fruits of it all around us. Rather than integrating new arrivals, as worked so well for America during the great migrations, multiculturalism deliberately sets out to divide society rather than unifying it around a common cause. It is a form of cultural apartheid in other words, but rather than racial segregation it is cultural segregation which is encouraged – oddly enough – by those who deem themselves to be liberals…

Under the auspices of multiculturalism, the native inhabitants of Western countries have been brainwashed into believing that their race, religion, culture and history consist only of imperialism, racism, oppression, genocide and ethnic cleansing – in short, Western civilisation and all that formed it is deemed worthy only of guilt and shame. Any attempt to argue against this will be met by a wall of contempt and hatred from the ruling elite, who will utilise the magic word “racist” to quell any resistance.

The incoming foreigners, on the other hand, are told that whilst the Western natives are indeed guilty of all the above, they, the incomers, possess a rich and colourful heritage to be proud of, just as they should be proud of their respective race and religion which despite being “ruthlessly oppressed by Europeans” managed to survive as a thing of beauty, morality and decency.

Thus multiculturalism is used as a psychological weapon of war against the native European. How can we resist if we are racially and religiously guilt-ridden; ashamed of our country, our history and our culture? We are rendered faithless, frightened and lost under the ideological terms of multiculturalism, which strips us of our pride, our national identity, our very being. If we cannot even mentally or vocally resist, how could we ever physically fight, should it come to that at some future point?

It is not racist to insist that Western Muslims owe their cultural loyalty to the country of their newly acquired citizenship. In fact it is essential if we wish to uphold the Western way of life, which previously enjoyed a single political culture – still the basic requirement for disparate cultures to live peacefully together. Multi-ethnic and mono-cultural states have at least the chance of peace, but multi-ethnic and multi-cultural states have a guaranteed history of violence – witness the recent break-up of Yugoslavia which violently erupted along racial and religious fault lines.

Young Muslim males have an enormous advantage over their Western European counterparts. The propaganda Muslims receive is supremacist, leading to pride in their race, their religion, their culture and their heritage. Many are also fanatical and belligerent. They look at appeasing Western leaders prostrating themselves before Islam; the drink and drug soaked decadent youth and the immoral popular culture that no Muslim could ever live with. They note the empty churches, the lack of any belief, let alone self-belief, and they think ‘here is our chance’.

Despite multiculturalism's constant denigration of Western race and culture, it disingenuously maintains that all cultures are equal. But how can Western culture, the flowering of thousands of years of social evolution, possibly be compared to a culture stuck in the sands of an incredibly violent and misogynistic 7th century Arabia that has yet to undergo any form of reformation or liberalisation?

Logically it cannot of course, so our liberal rulers came up with Moral Relativism to get around the problem. If the differences between two cultures are too great to accept, then moral relativism is used to shut down any criticism of the culture at fault. Islam’s attitudes toward female equality for example is not something the liberal West should be able to live with, but we do.

Moral relativism leaps into action here. Who are we to judge? We privileged Europeans cannot sit in judgement on non-European, non-Christian cultures and morals! There is no such thing as right and wrong in moral or cultural terms, even when it means young Muslim girls are subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) and young Western girls are gang-raped by Muslim males who see nothing morally wrong in carrying out similar actions to their prophet Mohammed, who is still deemed the perfect man in the eyes of 21st century Muslims.

To be “non-judgemental” is of supreme importance to left-liberals, but this tolerant approach does not apply to their enemies on the conservative “right” who are judged as being not just wrong but heretically evil simply because they (conservatives) think brown people slicing off small girls’ clitorises is morally and ethically wrong.  Left-liberals appear not to not understand the irony of the situation when they judge conservatives who claim there is such a thing as right or wrong ... to be wrong.

Left liberals do think FGM is wrong of course, but because those carrying it out are non-white and non-Christian it becomes a crime that must not be prosecuted, must be whitewashed  lest it draw attention to the perpetrators. Our left-liberal rulers are privately well aware of their obscene hypocrisy when it comes to moral relativism, but in public they utilise the lie in order to further the power of the foreign culture and, even more importantly, to delegitimise the foundations of Western civilisation.

These extreme double standards point to insanity. When left-liberals pronounce disparate cultures as equal yet hold the differing cultures to such vastly different levels of accountability, then cultural relativism ceases to be a tool designed to enhance community cohesion and becomes instead a pathological ideology of hatred aimed squarely at the Western European alone.

Recent events such as the gang-rape of girls in Britain and the rape and assaults on girls in Europe by Angela Merkel’s Muslim migrants are a prime example of just how multiculturalism and moral relativism is deployed by the left-liberal establishment. Can anyone even begin to imagine the media headlines if right-wing European males were travelling into Muslim areas of a city and raping and molesting Muslim girls? It would be wall-to-wall 24hr news and moral soul searching. But in the case of Islam on European abuse the media, the police and the politicians do their very best to cover it up.

Multiculturalism and moral relativism are not examples of pathological, Left-liberal double standards though, despite their appearing as such. What they are is very clear and stark. They exist to render Western Europeans defenceless in the face of the genuine threat that is Islam. And Islam is now the principal ally of Left-liberalism’s war against the traditional West.


  1. Mr. Weston, This, and all of your articles on your blog and on Liberty GB, are absolutely outstanding. I do however, very strongly disagree with you when you state:

    "They (Muslims) look at... the immoral popular culture that no Muslim could ever live with."

    I regard Muslims as the MOST IMMORAL people who ever existed. Barbaric mass murderer of non-Muslims, Warlord Mohammed, was a Serial Rapist and Huge Sex-Slaver of Non-Muslim women and children. Terrifyingly, Mohammed is regarded by Muslims as the PERFECT MAN to be emulated.

    Non-Muslim women and children can NEVER be safe around Muslims. Never. As you state about Muslim gang rapes, Muslim imports have perpetrated a decades-long HUGE, VIOLENT RAPE WAR on Britain's and Europe's non-Muslim females - ALLOWED by wicked ruling elites.

    Our women and children are looked upon by Muslims as 'WAR BOOTY' to be attacked and raped. It's one of the major reasons why Muslims should NEVER be allowed into our countries. Nations' leaders have a moral responsibility to protect our women and children.

    The sacred marriage vows of non-Muslims made before Almighty God, are regarded with CONTEMPT by Muslims, who when they capture non-Muslim married women, declare that sharia renders their marriage vows made before the Holy One, are NULL and VOID. And according to their Muslim god, they are to rape the married women captives.

    Muslims practice other very disturbing sexual practices that are forbidden by God in the Bible.

  2. Thanks Linda

    My point is a sort of roundabout one....Left liberals have been cheerleaders for a culture that Christians find objectionable. Yet left-liberals cheerlead for both Islam AND populist culture. It is very hypocritical of course, and I mention only in order to attack the Left who I consider to be my (our) primary enemy. Without the Left, Islam would be powerless in the West.

  3. Another excellent essay. I sometimes feel like I'm in a horror movie where only a few have seen the Monster, and are disbelieved by everyone else--who are disappearing one after another. :(

    I don't know how long it takes you to write these marvelous opinion pieces, but I do know it's not right that you should simply "donate" all that time and effort. You deserve to be compen$ated for your efforts. Putting 20-25 of your essays into a book every 3-4 months would not only compensate you fairly for your work. A book would enable your work and your views to be distributed far and wide, much further and wider than this blog ever will. Good Lord, you must have enough material for three books now! Please give it some additional consideration, my friend. :)

    1. Thanks for your support Mr Michelsen, writing these things is pretty depressing, so it is always nice to see they appreciated! This series on Resisting Islam is re-hashed from a few years ago, but I thought I would bring it back via the web and then release it as a small book/pamphlet. There are 10 more chapters to go.... As regards my one-off essays, I will collate them later this year (after I finish 4-5 further essays on subjects I feel important) and look around for a publisher. Many thanks again for your kind support!

    2. They are indeed appreciated! And btw ... friends and allies need not be so formal. Call me Charlie, & I will call you Paul. :) I'm very glad to hear you will collect your essays & turn them into a book. Your talent for composition is exceptional, and I believe you could become one of your country's most important political writers with some professional promotion. Once again I would strongly recommend you make contact with Better yet, when you have at least three strong chapters done, make contact with a literary agent whose clients include conservative published authors (e.g., Dinesh D'Souza; Ann Coulter; Newt Gingrich; etc.). Your publishers over there will undoubtedly be loathe to touch someone as "radioactive" as you. But Regnery is a highly respectable, highly successful publisher, and would be a natural fit for your material. All the best, my brave & talented friend. :)

  4. I thought I would share my perspective of the problem with the multi-culturalism programme.

    The primary problem is that the term culture is not properly defined. In common parlance it would be a secular term, and would normally have a geographical connotation. Thus we can have an Iraqi culture, or an Iranian culture, or an Indonesian culture, or an Egyptian culture. But to lump all of them in a common term of Islamic culture would be wrong. I am sure that no Indonesian would accept that in culture and civilisational terms he has anything common with a Turk.

    Similarly, on the Christian side, I do not think that a French would accept that he has the same culture as the English, or a German with an Italian. Nor would a Welshman agree that he has the same culture as an Englishman. In Germany, the Bavarians really think they should be a separate country. As do the Basques in case of Spain. Same is the case of Friesland in North Holland.

    However, if one were to see that the participants in the programme are those that represent the religion of Islam and Christianity, but you will not see one who represents Somalia. Nor do you see anyone who represents the Welsh, for example.

    Hence, you see that the programme should be rightly called multi-religion and not multi-culture. Because of the confusion of the definition, the programme is not going anywhere to come to even close to solving the problems that the society is encountering. And if the problem of a follower of Islam not being able to fit into a secular society is brought, it is brushed aside since the position taken is that the programme deals with culture and not religion. On the other hand, those who are invited to participate are not those who can talk about their culture.

    Ashok Chowgule
    Goa, India.

    1. Thank you so much for those wise words. Taken even further, there are cultural differences between the North and South of England!

  5. There is no mention of the influx of eastern Europeans into our country