Friday, 5 August 2016

Resisting the Leftist/Islamic War Against the West. Chapter one - Introduction

The following excerpt (chapter 1) is taken from a soon to be published pamphlet entitled “Resisting the Islamic/Leftist War Against the West”

There is an old naval saying that is remarkably apt for the Western world today: “If we don’t change course, we’ll get to where we’re headed.” And where we are headed is religious war or peaceful extinction, because what we are doing is quite literally insane. Why are we importing millions of Muslims into the heart of the Western world when Islam has a 1,000 year history of war and terror against the West?

The West is dying, yet for those who celebrate our ethnic dilution and imperilled future there are well-paid jobs and state admiration. If the supposed peacefulness of Islam is questioned though, the reaction of the state veers from admiration to a hostility that is positively unhinged.

Islam currently poses the biggest threat the Western world has ever faced. Historically, our enemies could only overthrow countries or civilisations by forming armies and mounting physical attacks against them, but today Islam is within the West, just as the Goths were once within Rome and the Greeks within Troy.

Young Western Muslims are becoming increasingly radicalised through the preaching of extreme Wahhabist1 ideology via imported foreign imams who operate from the ever expanding network of mosques within the Western world. Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Mohammed and the most hard line Islamic state in the world, has funded Islam in the West to the tune of ninety billion petro-dollars.  

Reading newspapers and watching current affairs programmes does little to inform us of the gravity of our situation. If the mainstream media are to be believed then it is not Islam which is a threat, but global warming, capitalism and right-wing extremism which loom darkly in our future.

This is simply not true. If our media had put out the same type of propaganda in 1935 as they do today then Hitler’s politics would have been the politics of peace, and any Jewish or foreign critic would have been accused of “Naziphobia”.

Many Western governments appear to be run by traitors and appeasers who actively embrace mass Third World immigration and the promotion of Islam as a religion of peace, despite the present day and historical evidence to the contrary. In order to keep this warped, quisling behaviour going, they brainwash and terrorise their populations into silence and criminalise the few free-thinkers who dare to publicly question their orthodoxy.

We live in a liberal fantasy world of denial, lies, propaganda and brainwashing, which unless rapidly acknowledged and defeated will leave our children and grandchildren facing a scenario unimaginable  to the liberals of today, who think wars of aggression and ethnic cleansing are just irrelevant and dusty old items filed away in a box labelled “history”.

Multiculturalism plays an important part in all of this because of its incessant attack on indigenous Western peoples in a manner designed to render us defenceless through racial guilt. If we are to mount any sort of defence, then we must first acknowledge who we are and why we have the same moral rights as non-Western peoples, granted under various United Nations declarations. I refer of course, to our basic, natural, moral, ethical and inalienable human right to survive as a people, a culture, a race and a civilisation.

1 Wahhabism is a fundamentalist form of Sunni Islam known for its strict interpretation of the Koran and adherence to traditional Islamic law. Founded by Saudi cleric Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab in the 18th century, Wahhabism is known for its anti-modernism and anti-Westernism, and has influenced extremist movements throughout the Muslim world.

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