Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Suicidal Ladenburgers' Reflect the Suicidal West

One of the more disturbing aspects of Left-wing politics is the outright refusal by its followers to accept that we on the “right” don’t wish to commit collective suicide alongside them. No matter how much older and wiser I become, I will never understand the civilizational death wish of the Left. But not understanding it doesn’t mean I can ignore it. I am involved in their suicide because they have made me involved. And whilst it is suicide for them, it is very much murder for me and all those like me.

Take the horrifying case of naïve and brainwashed Maria Ladenburger, raped and murdered by a “child” Muslim migrant in Freiburg, Germany. She was a medical student who also went out of her way to help migrants in a refugee centre. Her father is Dr Clemens Ladenburger, a senior lawyer within the EU Kommissar class. I’m sure he constantly extolled the virtues of multiculturalism to his innocent daughter, in line with the tragically oxy-moronic motto of the EU, “United in Diversity.”
The trouble is, we’re not really united in diversity are we Herr Ladenburger? In fact, we are very much disunited by it, what with them a’raping and a’murdering us at every opportunity, inshallah! 

But I doubt poor Maria feared Islam. Her knowledge of this 7th century supremacist ideology would have been gleaned from a liberal angle only. She would have been unaware of expressions such as Mohammed’s “I have been made victorious through terror.” Words she had been trained to associate with Islam would only be Islamophobia, racism, xenophobia, inequality, Palestine, oppressed, refugee, victim etc.

And now she is dead. One day we might all end up prematurely dead as well. Western governments tell their people the self-same lies Papa Ladenburger told his daughter. We have nothing to fear, they earnestly yet disingenuously preach. If you are fearful, you are mentally unwell. You are suffering from a phobia. Islam is a religion of peace. Those who refuse to accept this lie are fascists, racists and Nazis.

Poor Maria never wanted to be thought of as a Nazi. There are many people like her. None of them want to know the truth, because having accepted the truth they could no longer be liberals. They themselves would be labelled racists by their ex-friends! So they live a lie that will one day force them to submit to Islam. They are effectively committing suicide, and if they oppose those who do understand what is happening, then they become complicit in our murder as well. 

An Afghan migrant murdered Maria, but it was her father who handed her to the Afghan migrant. Ergo, Papa Ladenburger was complicit in her murder, just as the political Traitor Class across the West is complicit in our future murder if it turns out Islam isn’t a religion of peace at all, and is actually the religion of blood and war as Winston Churchill stated.

It now turns out the parents of Maria Ladenburger have asked mourners not to send flowers to their daughter’s funeral, but to send money to refugee charities instead. No matter what terrible things happen as a result of their insane beliefs, nothing seems to deviate the liberal mind from collective suicide.

The behaviour of the Ladenburger family is one small reflection of the behaviour of the entire West’s Traitor Class. They don’t mind committing collective suicide as a race, nation, people and culture because they seem to hate everything they themselves stand for in what they see as an unfair world. They view everything in black and white. They see an undeserving oppressor class (themselves) which can be exterminated without remorse, and they see an ever-deserving oppressed class who can do no wrong and who can only throw off their chains of oppression after the oppressor class is extinct.

This is very much a mental illness. The driving instinct of humans is that of survival. To embrace your demise is a form of insanity. When suicidal Western elites insist that those who do not wish to commit suicide must – simply must - accept the circumstances that can only lead to our cultural and racial eradication, then the Western elites become complicit in our murder. Just as Papa Ladenburger is complicit in the rape and murder of his daughter.

Unfortunately for us, stopping our future murder is proving to be very difficult. It is now a crime to wish to racially and culturally survive in the liberal West. Or at least a crime if you speak out about it. I wish to survive. I am threatened by resurgent Islam. I believe Islam to be a backward, savage, dangerous and disgusting political ideology which imperils my future survival because of the murderous and supremacist edicts within the Koran and Hadiths.

Am I still allowed to say that, Prime Minister May? Am I allowed to wish to survive and remain outside the confines of a prison cell?


  1. Powerfully effective post.

  2. Hi Paul.As usual you are spot on with your comments.I joined Liberty GB because of its recognition of the grave danger we are in from Islam.The big hope is that when Donald Trump takes action against the deep infiltration of the USA government by the Muslim Brotherhood,which Obama has facilitated, other western governments may wake up to what is happening, or are they all too far down the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan/Eurabia Code route?!We have to consider that the same infiltration could be happening in public service in the UK given some of the people the Home Office are allowing into the country that shouldn't be and vice versa and the Crown Prosecution Service with such as the malicious charges against Tim Burton.I checked out Frank Gaffney's ten part course on the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA on the Center For Security Policy website.Scary stuff.I have also been looking at our government's 2015 review of the Muslim Brotherhood.The final sentence is "Aspects of Muslim Brotherhood ideology and tactics in this country and overseas are contrary to our values and have been contrary to our national interests and our national security!Camerons response-"Membership or association with the Muslim Brotherhood is a possible indication of extremism but it will not be banned"!We are in dark times!

  3. Thanks Malcolm, I must have another look at the the 2015 MB review!