Thursday, 18 May 2017

Sling Your Hook Mr Ali

The Birmingham Mail tells us of a shocking, terrible, evil story about a Muslim man, Naz Ali, who was served pork in a restaurant by mistake. Marston's Taverns, the owners of the wicked restaurant in question, have apologised profusely of course. They also waived the bill.

What would happen though, if I complained to any one of the numerous supermarket chains in Britain after buying and eating halal slaughtered lamb with no reference to halal slaughter on the packaging?

Would Sainsbury's apologise profusely? Would they waive the bill? Would the story then make it into the mainstream media? I rather think not. We native Brits count for nothing in Britain these days.

Our traditions and concerns are trampled on by the leftist/ Islamic alliance. Britain is no longer a country fit for the people whose ancestors built and sacrificed so much for it.

Here's the thing Mr Naz Ali: if our way of life, our traditions and our culture are so sickening to you, would it not be better for all concerned if you were to simply sling your hook, old chap?

1 comment:

  1. If Naz Ali was so devout, he shouldn't have been in this restaurant in the first place, end of story.