Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Paul Weston - It's Not Racist to Defend Your Country


  1. Paul, I appreciate your efforts a lot, I just wanted to make you aware of the following excellent very rational study of the ideology of Islam:

    Use it, bless you,


  2. Thanks for the link and support Gerard. Looking now.

  3. Paul, first of all, Islam is an ideology and a religion. The evil is in the mind, not in the skin color. There is an entire wave of white, indigenous jihadis developing to prove this point.
    Secondly, you speak for liberty. What you actually mean is self determination of the nation state. That is an entirely different concept.
    Liberty is the following: people born equal as rational human beings who in order to come to full fruition, require free markets, freedom of thought and a small government that doesn't get in their way. As you can see, race or nation state doesn't get into the concept.
    Your blatant mistake is giving Liberty a bad name. what you practice and advocate is ethnic collectivism. Quite the opposite of Liberty, in fact.
    You have to be a European to make such a mistake: individualism is foreign to this continent. Yet this is what is required for Liberty to exist. An American, who has grown up with individualism would never make such an tragic mistake.
    If I may give you some advice before you spread this evil idea any further: read something by an author and a philosopher called Ayn Rand. I think she explained it best.

  4. I wish everyone could watch this video without prejudice, because it articulates a very ugly and unpleasant TRUTH, and does it very well.

  5. Dafydd ap Teri31 May 2013 at 01:31

    I agree with nearly every word.

    However, you will isolate the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish by insulting their men of WW2 who were NOT English.

    Apart from that, which I hope was a careless oversight, I am behind you all of the way. Good luck.
    Dafydd ap Teri, Cardiff

  6. All so true. Here in Australia we face a similar outcome. Illegal Islamic 'boat people' who toss their passports overboard are arriving in large numbers. 25,000 last year and no tough line taken against these unknowns so they pour on in. Mainstream media condemn critics of this as racist to shut the discussion down. Thank goodness for the internet where we can hear the truth.

  7. You are living in denial by not admitting that the Jews are behind all this. Have you not heard Barbara Spectre and others? The entire wealth of the Muslim world would not match the petty cash of Rothschild en famille. And where are their great armies? You are fighting the symptoms if not the victims of the Zionist goal of total world domination.

  8. This is one of the best political speech I have ever heard. You summarize it all.

  9. Islam and Muslims have lost the war and they know it. The entire Islamic world is prostate before the West. They are so far gone that they cannot even resist the drones flying over them.

    So now "Action" Muslims have come with a different strategy. They calculate that they can ignite a civil war within the West by barbaric assassinations, such as those of drummer Lee Rigby. This is the only option they have left - they even remind us of the "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" law. If they can ignite a civil war or even a divide, then we most certainly would poison our own well, win or loose.

    We must not fall for this trap. You know the adage, "Slowly slowly catchee monkey".

    In the meantime, smile and be nice to all.


  10. Sickening video circulated by university Islamic Society claims Lee Rigby murder was a hoax

    An Islamic Society at one of Britain's largest universities has promoted a video claiming the execution of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich was a hoax cooked up by the state, it was revealed today.

    Hours after the death of the soldier, 25, a Muslim student group at London Metropolitan University (LMU) circulated a YouTube film arguing the crime was manufactured using 'fake blood'.

    The six minute video called 'Woolwich false flag b*******. Masses are in a state-sponsored trance', has been viewed by 300,000 people, and says that Scotland Yard detectives investigating the murder were Freemasons who were in on an anti-Muslim conspiracy.


  11. I agree 100 % with everything you say. If we are not careful we will see this happen in North America.

    If I could vote for your party I would. We need to put an end to the slow and methodical assimilation of Islamic Values into Western Cultures.

  12. Anon at 10 June 2013 17:29 wrote: We need to put an end to the slow and methodical assimilation of Islamic Values into Western Cultures.

    Yes we have to be aware of this. All societies evolve due to the environment. We too will evolve due to the large scale presence of Muslims in our countries, but in a retrograde direction.

    In our case, we have allowed T-Rex and other saurs into the sheep enclosure, and the results so far have been far from pleasant.

    Its known as "Evolution".


  13. A great speech, indeed! Paul Weston for Prime Minister!

    If Tony Blair and any of the Prime Ministers after him had been Prime Minister during the Second World War, Britain and all Europe would have been defeated. Germany's Nazis would have been warmly welcomed into Britain. They would have been provided welfare benefits and allowed to barbarically attack our people and violently gang-rape and sexually enslave British children. Any Brit who protested would have been called a "racist"; viciously persecuted and jailed by British leaders.

    Muslims in street demos in the West proudly carry signs proclaiming: ‘God Bless Hitler’. Hitler’s Mein Kampf is a top best-seller in the Muslim Middle East.

    During the Second World War, the Muslim Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini was a Nazi collaborator. ...the Mufti spent the remainder of World War II in Germany and Italy...he provided active support for the Germans recruiting Bosnian Muslims, in addition to Muslim minorities from the Caucasus, for dedicated Nazi SS units...

    During his March 1, 1944 broadcast he stated: “Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history, and religion.”

    ...the Handzar Division brutally suppressed local Nazi resistance movements. Indeed, the Bosnian Muslim Handzar SS Division was responsible for the destruction of whole Bosnian Jewish and Serbian communities, including the massacre of Jews and Serbs, and the deportation of survivors to Auschwitz for extermination..

    the Mufti’s relentless hectoring of German, Rumanian, and Hungarian government officials caused the cancellation of an estimated 480,000 exit visas which had been granted to Jews (80,000 from Rumania, and 400,000 from Hungary). As a result, these hapless individuals were deported to Nazi concentration camps.

    UK leaders spit on the graves of our brave World War Two heroes who fought and died so that we could live in freedom and safety.

  14. Paul, I emailed this article to you more than once. You may not have received it, so I'm using your blog to send it! Linda

    Britain's NHS: Not So Healthy
    by Samuel Westrop
    December 6, 2012

    Britain's nationalized health service has been funding a television station whose presenters preach hatred against Jews, women and the West. There will always be groups out there trying to destroy us, but does that mean we should be financially supporting their work?

    Ramadan TV, a platform for Islamist hate-preachers, refers to NHS North East London & The City as one of its sponsors[1]. In response to a Freedom of Information request, it has emerged that the NHS funded the television channel to the tune of £3,200[2]. Contrary to the claims of the station, the NHS is quick to claim that it does "not sponsor Ramadan TV, but we work with them during this time to produce programmes with a health promotion message in an effective way to our target group"[3].

    A very reasonable argument against government grants is based on public bodies' habit of funding extremist organizations that encourage bigotry and provide a platform for pro-terror views. The latest culprit is a local trust of Britain's National Health Service [NHS], which this year sponsored a television channel with a penchant for hate preachers.

    The NHS has also previously accepted the services of Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin -- a leading British Islamist wanted for acts of genocide in his native Bangladesh -- as its "spiritual care" advisor. The consistent failure of public bodies to understand what taxpayers' money actually subsidizes is a source of great concern to the general public, moderate Muslims, and all activists working hard to fight political and religious extremism.

    Ramadan TV promotes and provides a platform to the Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA), a extreme pro-terror organization, the staff of which includes Islamist hate preachers such as Abdurraheem Green, Hamza Tzortzis and Yusuf Chambers[4]. The inclusion of these spiritual role models on the channel is widely advertised...

  15. Hi Paul,

    Here is an useful youtube video which de-constructs the word "Racism" and reubuts it as merely a slanderous placeholder.


  16. I salute you sir. I'm an immigrant, and I support you. Last time i checked I swear allegiance to the queen of England. I would not see my chosen country to be the back water of the country I left.