Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Left - Mad, Bad, or Criminally Ignorant?

The launch of my new party Liberty GB has been noticed by Searchlight magazine, which is linked to Hope not Hate and Unite Against Fascism. Searchlight is essentially a communist front operation disguised as an anti-fascist organisation. Its banner reads: “Fighting fascism and racism internationally for nearly fifty years”.
In the peculiar world view of communists, anyone who disagrees with them is a fascist, and anyone who recognises that far-left extremists are using mass immigration/ multiculturalism as physical and ideological pawns to fracture traditional (and capitalist) Great Britain will be smeared as a racist.

Searchlight’s Sonia Gable (wife of communist Gerry Gable) is most upset about Liberty GB. She stated the following in an article she called “Liberty It Isn’t”:
“Liberty GB’s politics are just more of the same old fascist rubbish. Claiming it is ‘working together [with whom?] to protect our British culture, heritage and freedoms’ it explains that: ‘the Liberal Democrats, Labour and Conservatives manifestly refuse to discuss the most important issues of our time, namely mass Third World immigration, the steady rise of fundamentalist Islam and the hijacking of traditional British culture and institutions by well-organised left-wing “progressives”‘. Enough said.”
This initiated a series of comments between us. Readers can decide as to whether leftists like this are insane, evil, or just criminally ignorant:
[PW = Paul Weston; SG = Sonia Gable]
PW: Sonia, as an organisation claiming to fight against racism and fascism, you would have my full support. I am viciously attacked by the real far-right, and they are deeply unpleasant people. However, you appear to have little concern about the plight of a distinct racial group which is set to become an ethnic minority (below the age of 30) in its own homeland at some point before 2050. I am unsure as to whether you are driven by overt racism of the anti-white variety here, or deeply held political views that wish to see traditional Britain smashed and re-built along Communist lines. May I ask you some questions? Do you believe that all indigenous racial and religious groups, regardless of their skin colour, have a right to their traditional culture, heritage and homeland? If you consider for example, that some do and some do not, perhaps you would care to explain why the English/British do not?

Would you also not agree that Communism is responsible for the murder of over 100 million people, and that this sacrifice (if ends are to justify means) was in vain, when one considers that rather than the “Withering Away of the State” Communism (quite apart from allying itself with Adolf Hitler in 1939) became notable for all-powerful State controlled totalitarian dictatorships, which served only to bring about complete social, moral, economic and environmental catastrophe?
As things stand, you appear to support near genocidal racism and fascism — albeit Left-Wing Fascism — which rather goes against your claim that Searchlight is opposed to racism and fascism. Perhaps you would care to elaborate?

SG: Paul, I believe that all people have a right to their own culture, traditions, religion and homeland, but none of that should or need be to the exclusion of other people with different culture, tradition and religion. I have no problem with my neighbours having different cultures, faiths and heritage. Why should that be a problem? I go to my church, my neighbours on one side go to the mosque, my neighbours on the other side go to their Hindu temple, and other nearby neighbours go to their synagogue. That’s fine and our community is all the better for its cultural diversity. Such diversity does not prevent me in any way from practising my faith and living according to my cultural traditions. It is only the intolerance preached by the BNP and other far-right parties that causes divisions and problems. There have been many dictatorial regimes in the world that have been responsible for murders. All are execrable but especially those such as the Nazis that carried out genocide.

PW: Sonia, thank you for replying, I must admit I was not expecting you to. However, you have not really answered my question which required only a simple yes or no regarding the moral and legal right of the native British to hold onto their culture and homeland. I made the point that we are to be reduced to an ethnic minority in the near future. If multiculturalism and mass immigration is continued then obviously Britain will become a ghettoised country with no dominant race or culture — or possibly a dominant Muslim culture. One thing is pretty certain here — it will not be peaceful or cohesive at that point.
This is in direct contravention of UN definitions on the rights of indigenous peoples and UN definitions on genocide. You are talking of your appreciation of diversity today; I am talking of the unstoppable future consequences with regard to said diversity.
If you agree with something today that can only lead to our future displacement, then you are guilty of genocidal anti-white/British racism.
Your final point about many regimes being guilty of murder fails to talk about Communism at all, even though I assume you are a Communist? The idea that only the National Socialists (Nazis) committed genocide is also ridiculous. Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot killed many more than the Hitler.
Sonia, you use weasel words to wriggle out of my questions linking you with both racism and fascism. Any rational or non-political person reading this thread would be immediately aware that your excuses damn you even further than my initial accusations.
In other words, whilst I stand in the quite natural defence (with the full backing of morality, decency and the UN) of my country and my culture, you very unnaturally wish to see them stripped from the world, and you are still allied to the greatest killing machine known to man since National Socialism — International Socialism, aka Communism.
As to your claim that it is only the BNP and other right-wing organisations which preach intolerance both baffles and nauseates me. Mosques and radicalised imams (often funded by Wahaabist Saudi Arabia) are not just preaching “intolerance” they call for the murder of non-Muslims in Britain, with the result that young radicalised Muslims then go on to actually murder us as well!
I simply cannot understand what thought processes drive you to support the dilution and eventual extinction of a decent race of people and their culture, in favour of an emerging mono-cultural and supremacist majority which pays scant regard to the rights of women, Jews, and all those not of the Muslim faith. The parallels between Nazi ideology and fundamentalist Islamic ideology are pretty much identical.
And you support this, and attack people like me?
SG: I think you confuse issues regarding diversity in the UK.
1. I dispute that what you call the native British (a non-homogenous group anyway) will become a minority by 2050. Immigration is falling, also later generations of immigrants integrate. Many people who would define themselves as white British have immigrant ancestors.
2. Diversity does not equal genocide or extinction. Even if the proportion of non-white-British people grows, even becomes a majority, that does not kill off white British people. The UN definitions do not require a dominant culture, only that no culture or people is suppressed.
I am not a communist. I did not say that only the Nazis committed genocide and do not think that. I condemn all regimes that have carried out mass murders including the ones you mention.
I oppose Islamists who preach intolerance as much as I oppose the far right. I singled out the BNP and far right in the context of replying to you, who are of the far right not an Islamist. Supporting one extreme in order to oppose another is destructive.
PW: Thanks for replying again Sonia. We will have to agree to disagree here I think. My fears for a future Britain are based on the 1,000 year expansionist history of Islam, the current demographic growth of Islam, the radicalisation of British Muslim youth and the all too obvious Muslim violence occurring all around the world today. I foresee civil/religious war, huge loss of life and a possible Third World War. History has not stopped just because Francis Fukayama thinks it has. The history of man is war. Most wars have been based on religion. Allowing an intolerant religion to grow in Britain (and Europe) will lead to war.
If I am right, then you are very, very wrong. If you are right, then we will not have war but we will have curry and diversity. The downsides obviously differ greatly in terms of potential death and destruction, but I don’t think the benefits of curry are off-set by even the remotest possibility of WWIII.
Let us hope you are right though, because if you are wrong the blood of potential millions will be on your hands.
SG: I think the main difference between us is that I believe in working for peace on earth and love for all humankind, whereas the sort of parties you support believe in promoting dissension and difference.
PW: I don’t believe you Sonia. You are clearly not unintelligent, but your wilful refusal to recognise the glaringly obvious threat of Islam, simply because you personally believe in peace, love and humankind is simply not good enough. A good allegory would be your watching a woman being raped and defiled by a violent man, but refusing to do anything about it because you only believe in peace and goodwill.
Your ideology is more than suicidal, it is murderous. It is up to you if you want to commit suicide, but to force inevitable deaths upon others just to suit your peculiar views on diversity really does amount to murder.
I am unsure as to whether you are mad, bad or just criminally ignorant. Whichever it is, it typifies the Left, thus making your apparent naivety — or malignant intent — such a terrible threat to the peaceful lives of our children and grandchildren that you force me into making the left my primary enemy.
SG: You deliberately misunderstand or distort. I wish to work actively towards a state of peace where everyone loves their fellow human beings. Defending victims of violence and injustice, and the exercise of justice are part of that. I follow what Jesus taught. It’s not an easy path but it’s better than your hate and division, and what appears to be a desire to re-fight the Crusades.
PW: Thank you for this exchange Sonia. I must tell you I will be making an article out of it, which will be titled: “The Left — Mad, Bad, or Criminally Ignorant?” Please consider this exchange closed. Your genocidal racism sickens me.
Anyone with time on their hands, especially psychiatrists, may care to Fisk her comments…


  1. Excellent speech, Paul.

    I realise that the EDL, the BFP and, perhaps, Liberty GB, don't go much on criticism of anything other than Islam, so some of the stuff you find at the links below might be bit a bit rich for your blood.

    Nevertheless, there may be something you can use.

    All the best now and in the future.

    Ironwand/Jack Black (Stormfront)





    P.S. If you don't want your video featured at my Traitor Within blog... http://traitor666.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/paul-weston-liberty-gb.html
    ... let me know.

  2. The left, communists etc, is this the same bunch of genocidal maniacs that murdered over 150 MILLION people in Russia, China, Cambodia and Vietnam, Ethiopia etc in just 70 years? God only knows how more kives they simply destroyed.

    There is no parallel in history to the slaughter perpetrated by the Left-communist thugs. Even the Nazis or Gengis Khan come out looking good decent people compared to the Left/communists.


  3. SG: "..... I wish to work actively towards a state of peace where everyone loves their fellow human beings. Defending victims of violence and injustice, and the exercise of justice are part of that. I follow what Jesus taught. It’s not an easy path but it’s better than your hate and division, and what appears to be a desire to re-fight the Crusades."

    Right! Let's look at Colonialism - in this case, British. Did not Communists seek the same agenda, ie, the domination of nations?? Well! Anyone with any intelligence would agree that the Communist agenda is also one of Colonialism. Furthermore, if it was wrong for the Imperialist British elite and their successive administrations to engage in it, then it is wrong for the Third World to inflict invasion and imposition of their races and cultures upon the indigenous British or any other indigenous White race, for that matter. Do you agree or not, you twisted Marxist twit?

    On the question of seeking perpetual universal love and harmony between vastly difference races and their associated cultures as you have admitted to striving for then I suggest you put yourself in the frontline in the actual countries of the various desparate races and cultures you so admire in order to preach your nonsense rather than from the comparative safety of the UK itself as an example of your idiotic notions of universal love and harmony containing and/or encompassing any credibility at all. And another thing, you anti-White hate-filled Marxist/Zionist genocide advocator, Britain was not formed by immigration, but genetically -related (on other words, racially related peoples migrating from various parts of Europe to other parts of Europe, exactly like different nationalities of Negroes migrating from various parts of the African continent to other parts. So that's shot down your lie that Britain was always a nations of immigrants.

    If you disagree, it means that the world has to acknowledge African Negroes are not indigenous to the African continent or for that matter that Indians are of ancient mixed-race ancestry and also not indigenous to the Indian sub-continent, etc, etc, etc.

    Are you prepared to put your convictions to the test on the world stage and broadcst this news to your Third World non-White pet projects, you fool?

    I highly doubt it. Therefore, you should adopt a stragety of keeping your thick stupid mouth shut or run the risk of having it shut for you.

    As for your declaration of being a follower of Jesus, did Jesus preach Genocide? Did Jesus preach that different races be allowed to invade the lands of others and proceed to take them over, murder/enslave, outlaw the cultures and belief systems and supplant them with those of the alien(s) themselves? No, he damn well did not!

  4. Why did you leave the 'Freedom Party', Paul, a Party you founded and which now seems to have disappeared since you left. What are your views of the EDL and Tommy Robinson and Mr Carrol? Is there some rift between you and they?

  5. I very much admire the EDL and Tommy and Kev. I left British Freedom for two reasons - the first being the behaviour of one of the founding members, who became impossible to work with.

    The second was because of the EDL relationship. As a street movement the EDL can shrug off the behaviour of a small minority of its followers, but a political party could not. The electoral majority would simply accept the BBC description of us as fascists etc, so we were on a hiding to nothing in that situation.

    If we had an unbiased media, it would be different, but sadly we do not, and the EDL link just gave the leftist press so much ammunition to use against us.

  6. Paul, though I agree 100% of what you say regarding the islamic invasion of both the UK and most of Europe it disturbs me that you always refer to the UK as England even so far as saying it was an Englishman that helped end slavery in the USA when in fact he was Scottish and though you call it The British Freedom Party and also mention England as if it was an old English Empire that stood up against fascism when many were of Scots, Welsh and Irish breed and this you may find to be unimportant however I find it rather insulting unless of course you don't mind if I refer to you as a Scotsman, as I am.

  7. Andrew Blackadder, you are correct, I refer to the English and England too often. When we have British Nigerians and British Muslims, the term "British" no longer means anything, and to add on Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland every time I mention "English" is a real mouthful.....but you are quite right though and I will address this in the future and apologise for it now. I am a big supporter of the Union, and an ever bigger supporter of the British (and Irish...)Lions! Even if the current team in mostly Welsh!