Monday, 19 January 2015

Islamic Murder & Dhimmi Elites

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Western countries and political leaders are standing together. We are girding our loins, stiffening our resolve and sharpening our pencils in order to express our defiance through the medium of crayon daubs on electronic paper. The last time we saw such resolute bravery was when Michelle Obama tweeted “Bring Back Our Girls” in the glare of the world’s media, and then promptly forgot about them. The girls were not brought back of course. They were sold as sex-objects in Muslim slave markets.

President Hollande stated France is a unified countryand that Islam had nothing to do with the murders. But unfortunately these are just yet more platitudinal words and even worse they are words which are not true. France is not a unified country President Hollande, it is a country with a 25% Muslim demographic amongst those aged under twenty which will become a majority demographic before 2040. And they really don’t like you, they don’t like traditional France and they don’t like liberal democracy. Which means essentially that the next generation of young native Frenchmen will have to fight if they wish to preserve their traditional way of life.

So your country is not unified President Hollande, it is the early stages of civil war and your disingenuous words are not going to stop this glaring reality. Ayaan Hirsi Ali was the only voice of reason on BBC news last night when she stated Islam was at war with traditional France whether traditional France liked it or not. And she is right. France is in the Dar Al-Harb, the House of war and the Muslims current weapon is terror as sanctioned by Mohammed who stated “I have been made victorious through terror”. It is real, it is happening. 

The aim of war is very simple, it is to gain political control over a territory. Having achieved victory the winning side then enforces its own ideology upon the defeated side. Or at least this was how wars used to be fought back in the days before mass immigration and multiculturalism. Today though, the enemy is within and is winning because the enemy finds itself allied with every current Western government which promotes multiculturalism and further Muslim immigration.

The attack against Charlie Hebdo was much more than an assault on free speech, it was an assault on the only means of defence France and the West have in facing up to the Islamic enemy within. The whole issue of free speech is in the news ONLY because of Islam and only because Islam wishes to close down our one defence against the supremacist ideology of Mohammed.

The shameful thing here is that the traitor class of France and the West are criminalising their own native people who dare to draw attention to an ideology which has declared war on every single underlying foundation of Western civilisation. It is not Islam which has passed legislation outlawing the criticism of Islam, it is Western politicians themselves and as such they have allied themselves with a future majority Muslim demographic who see it as their religious duty to subjugate us because we are non-Muslim infidels.

Think about this for a moment. Muslims kill people who criticise Islam. Western politicians criminalise people who criticise Islam. Geert Wilders is not being taken to court…again….by Muslims who have defeated Holland, he is being taken to court by Islam’s Western political allies, as are countless other people. As I said, this is far more than a Muslim war against free speech, it is a war against the native Western people carried out by a traitor class / Islamic alliance and it is a war that should we lose means subjugation or death for our children and grandchildren.

As The Muslim demographic doubles every decade, so France will become more Islamic and less French. Whilst the native French were shocked and horrified by the Charlie Hebdo murders, this was not the case in the Parisian Islamic quarters where there were scenes of jubilation amongst those who the traitor class describe as moderate Muslims – which essentially means Muslims who wish to live under sharia law but who are not prepared to actually shoot unarmed civilians in order to achieve an Islamic state.

So we are at war with Islam, or at least Islam is at war with us. Our political elites need to work out which side they wish to take. If Muslims kill us for criticising Islam and Western politicians criminalise us for criticising Islam, it is clear which side they, the media, the police and the educational sectors have chosen to take. We are at war and the Western traitor class is on the wrong side. 

I understand that terror works - why else was Charlie Hebdo the ONLY media outlet in France with the bravery to satirise Islam? - and I understand that many of our traitor class politicians and journalists are traitors because they are terrorised into it, but they should know two things, the first is that by failing to address the issue today can only mean far worse problems in the future simply because of fast growing Muslim numbers. The second is that for whatever reason they appease Islam today means they are betraying their countries of tomorrow. This is treason. No ifs and buts. It is treason.


  1. Hi Paul, I wish to thank you for your continued efforts of raising awareness regarding the rise of fundamental Islam across Europe.
    I first became aware of your work after viewing the "I'am a racist" video around 18 months ago.I must admit I was quite sceptical at first but since the events of the Lee Rigby murder, the rise of Isis and the Charlie Hebdo murders,I'm now very aware of the threat you proceive and now follow in interest.
    I'm under the impression the left wing establishment is now very scared of the rise of islamic fundamentalism across western Europe and have absolutley no idea of how to deal it.They will never admit that their dream project of a multicultural Europe is failing, instead they try to deflect the blame on those who oppose it. The rise of Pegida in Germany is perfect an example. Pegida are (formostly) a group of ordinary european's who have very legitimate concerns about the potential Islamication of western Europe. The German Chancellor, Angela Merke, howeverl has nethertheless decided to brand them as nothing more than far right wing troublemakers and Islamophobes, whose views should denounced at every opportunity.
    I also read an article in the Guardian written by columnist Owen Jones, the day after the Charile Hebdo murders. In not so many words, Jones stated that our main immediate concern in the aftermath should be that of the far right, Islamophobes, the potential backlash they may cause and that these are the people we should all be really afraid of.

  2. I'm very pleased to read such comments. I hope people will understand and act accordingly. Why do we need Muslims in the western countries? Don't we have enough example from them looking at their countries all at wars? Winston Churchill's could not say it better, they are "hydrophobia in a dog".

  3. Dear Mr. Weston,

    I'm not from the UK (the Netherlands) and I'm not a christian like you are (but an atheist) and not even supporting a (so-called) politically rightwinged party (but a so-called leftwinged party). What's important to me however is what we have in common rather than in what respects we differ.

    Like you I'm horrified by what is happening to Britain (and elsewhere in Europe). I deem it even worse what's happening to your country than what's happening to my country. The degree to which islamic demands are met in Britain seems to surpass that of my country by far (and believe me, the level of islam appeasement is high in my country). It's astonishing to experience the easiness with which islamic lies are swallowed by so many people and by politicians and journalists in particular.

    I agree with you there's a large scale betrayal from leftwing-politicians (from Labour) in Britain regarding human dignity and the defense of human rights. And not only in Britain but also in my country and elsewhere in Europe. Nevertheless there are still many leftwing-sided people who oppose this betrayal. One of those leftwing-sided people in my country wrote a book with the title "Het verraad van links" which translates as "The betrayal of the left" and in which the embracing of islam by the left is being criticized.

    People should understand the horror of islam wherein there's no room for respecting human rights like are being put in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Instead there are 57 countries in the world united in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (sometimes called Organisation of the Islamic Conference) which endorse the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam. In article 24 of this declaration is stated : "All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Shari'ah.". This means (just to mention something) the allowing of corporal punishment (whipping, amputation) and capital punishment by stoning or beheading.

    From these 57 countries muslims are recruited to spy in our countries and to sabotage and destabilize our society and our economies. In my opinion people with such intentions should be expelled from our countries.

    If I were to have the British Nationality I would (being an atheist and a leftwingvoter) wholeheartedly support LibertyGB and the English Defense League. What counts to me is the promotion of decency and civilized behaviour. With islam this is impossible. Please defend Britain! People in my country like myself side with you (no matter rightwing or leftwing)! And I don't mind our western societies to be called christian (something like in Matthew 25:31-46 cannot be found in the Quran and Jesus compares to Muhammad as day compares to night).

  4. In my country, the Netherlands, I'm not voting for the party of Geert Wilders, although I defend Geert Wilders when being demonized by others and I support his view on islam. I'm voting for a party which focusses on the vast negative impact of large scale livestock breeding, which is also important to me. If I could I would give 2 parties my vote. The second party to vote for would be the party of Geert Wilders then, "Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV)" which translates as "Party for Liberty". The party which I vote for opposes "halal", so in a way this party is fighting islam as well. I don't rule out voting PVV in the future. Islam is a great threat.

  5. Paul - someone as eloquent as you would really be a great asset to Pegida UK. They really need strong leadership, especially as they are just starting out and you would be a great spokesperson for them.

  6. hi paul, thank you for your tireless efforts against this barbaric & most unpleasant ideology called islam. It seems that the west might already be lost.....proof: watch the rally of thousands of muslims in London vowing to "protect" their prophet from cartoonists! How will England ever rid itself of such scum without going into a civil war........... it seems impossible.
    I live in Canada which is relatively safe, because we have a strong PM who will not take shit from muslims.
    Good bless the Judeao-Christian civilization, hope it survives....

    A concerned Canadian from Calgary

  7. Hi Paul, just enjoyed "Speech by Paul Weston, New York City, 23rd February 2012." Thanks for coming to my country to speak. I don't think you will get arrested for publicly quoting Churchill in the USA!

    But, stopping all mosque construction is not an option. We have a "free exercise thereof" clause in our constitution.

    Multiculturalism is generally a very good thing. I am a white native born American man. I very much enjoy working with people from Japan, Korea, India, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, Taiwan... They tend to be very hard working, industrious, honest people who contribute a great deal to the USA. Legal immigration has long been a lifeblood for the USA. We are a nation of immigrants.

    But we limit immigration by nation and certain associations. For people from certain nations or declared Nazis obtaining a visa is nearly impossible. I don't want the culture of Nazism, Fascism, Satanism, Stalinism, Muhammadism, or any other culture based on racism, murder, totalitarianism, dependency, deceit, criminality or hatred.

    Realistic multiculturalism is a very healthy thing for us. Naive or unlimited multiculturalism is suicidal.

    The time has come to close the door on immigration from Muslim majority countries and to expose fundamentalist Islam as a fascistic genocidal cult that must be prevented from advancing in our nations.

    1. "I don't want the culture of Nazism, Fascism, Satanism, Stalinism, Muhammadism, or any other culture based on racism, murder, totalitarianism, dependency, deceit, criminality or hatred."
      ... The time has come foe Americans to research the White House

  8. Paul, here in the U.S. it seems that Muslims have all of their full rights while Christians do not. Christian bakers, florists, wedding planners have been taken to court and/or fined for refusing to do business with gay couples wanting to get married, while Muslims do not have such problems.

    What exactly is a Muslim and who decides? The Sunnis consider the Shiites to be apostates, lower than Christians or dogs and I'm sure the feeling is mutual from the Shiite side.

    I agree totally from this statement of yours " it is Western politicians themselves and as such they have allied themselves with a future majority Muslim demographic who see it as their religious duty to subjugate us because we are non-Muslim infidels ".

    You do not need anywhere a Muslim majority or even a tiny minority to discover that here in the United States that Muslims have more rights than you do, especially if you are a Christian.

    This is due to a PC brain-washed public who have been taught to hate Christians, but love everybody else.

    What would happen if pretty much all the Christians decided they were Muslims, if only in name only? Who could say with definite authority that they were not ?.

    There are plenty of Christians who hardly go to church and probably a considerable number who never stepped inside one. They heard that Jesus loves them and that was all they needed to hear or know.

    I hope that EDL and Pegida can stop this onslaught. This solution would be a last resort and along the lines of if you can't beat them join them, but on your own terms

    The real enemy isn't really the Muslims so much, it's the PC police, courts, and people in our midst. They are too ingrained and have too much power combined with having some really soft heads. If we are going to defeat them we are going to be intelligent, calculating, and cunning.

    Thanks for allowing me to post..