Monday, 3 August 2015

How To Destroy A Country

A brief explanation about the deliberate damage carried out by the hard-left and their Useful Idiot liberal allies.


  1. Hitting the nail on the head with every swing
    However, if you believe in divinity and divine retribution, having mentioned the Nazi issue, I would remind you the Britain collaborated with the Nazis in quaranteening the Jews in Europe and north africa, blocking the Holy Land to the Jews, despite the mandate being set up specifically to enable Jewish settlement of the Holy Land. Had Britain allowed the Jews to immigrate and raise a powerful polity on the eastern Med then American-Commonwealth-Jewish alliance would have made short work of the Nazis. Instead Britain is now being run over by the very people it had aided in its betrayal of the Jews, america is going the same way, and Israel is pitted against the Islamo-Nazi Iran bolstered by British-american collaboration, again.

  2. Think of this for a moment. It has been stated that several thousand British citizens have gone to fight for ISIS. If merely 500 of them are able to return and acquire smuggled-in weapons they could occupy an entire town and not face armed resistance from a single law-abiding British citizen. God Bless Texas