Sunday 7 August 2011

The BBC, Sarah Palin & Down's Syndrome Babies

Whilst the liberal-left are monumentally and tragically wrong on so many issues, they are correct that some words certainly incite feelings of violence. In fact, I feel so angry at the moment that were it not for my peaceful and law-abiding nature I would happily march down to BBC headquarters and strike a few unutterably repulsive people flush on their repellent snouts with great physicality.

The reason I am so angry is because I do not think babies born with Down’s syndrome should be referred to as “retards”, nor *****, nor indeed ******* *****. I would also take issue with the description of Sarah Palin’s vagina as a “retard launcher.”

Doug Stanhope on Sarah PalinLast Thursday, BBC 5 Live presenter Richard Bacon introduced a guest as follows: “Doug Stanhope is here, just a remarkable stand-up comic. If you’ve never seen him, or want a flavour of what he is like, go on YouTube now and type ‘Doug Stanhope-Sarah Palin’ (sniggers) and get back to me.”

The You Tube link that comes up concerns Sarah Palin and her son Trig, who has Down’s Syndrome. The BBC, driven by a visceral hatred of Sarah Palin, quite astonishingly see nothing wrong in publicly recommending such a video, but if you have a disabled child yourself, or have normal human standards of decency, then you should not watch this. It is pathologically cruel and vile, but if you have the stomach for it, please watch or read before continuing with this article



Sarah Palin is the most fucking horrible, horrible [sic] - on so many levels…