Wednesday 30 November 2016

Rotherham MP Sarah Champion Ignores Muslim Gang Rape

Ms Sarah Champion MP
House of Commons

Dear Ms Champion,

I am writing to you via email and post after you refused to answer a perfectly reasonable question on twitter regarding the on-going gang-rape of vulnerable young English girls in your Rotherham constituency by predominately Pakistani Muslim males.

 Not only did you fail to offer an explanation, you blocked me instead, which I find deeply troubling when one considers you are an elected representative of the British people and the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities.

Perhaps you are embarrassed about your lack of clear action over this horrifying injustice? I can think of no other reason for closing down an outlet for free speech! Surely you could have directed me to a site which outlined your current proposals for protecting your vulnerable constituents from this most wicked of sexual crimes, rather than blocking me?

It does rather seem you are following in the less than admirable footsteps of your predecessor, Denis MacShane MP, who admitted he had known about the rape, torture and ruined lives of countless young girls in Rotherham, but had said nothing because, as he so disgracefully put it, “I didn’t want to rock the multicultural boat.”

Thursday 17 November 2016

Left-Liberal Britain Imports Voodoo & Torture

Do you remember the tragic murder of eight year-old  Victoria ClimbiĆ© in 2000? Tortured over a protracted period of time in order to “exorcise” evil spirits dwelling within her, before finally being killed in what must have been a blessed release from her torment.

Many of the social workers involved in this case were black. Most were useless. In the rare instance that whites were involved, they kept their mouths firmly shut lest they be accused of the dreaded crime of  racism, which works so well in ending careers for those who think African brutality has no place in modern, go-ahead, multicultural Britain.

As it turns out, poor little Victoria ClimbiƩ was not a one-off case. The Times is reporting there might be up to 400 children beaten, burned, cut and brutalised every year in wonderful, progressive, left-liberal Britain. Even more astonishing is the fact the police need extra training apparently, in order to understand a crime has been committed when a black child turns up in hospital with horrific injuries.

As ever though, it is all very complicated. The police have to square their prioritisation of “celebrating diversity” with the problematic matter of actually arresting people who are also celebrating their own diversity and culture via voodoo dolls, blow-torches and butchers knives.

Al-Beeb Pushes Islam before Christianity

The BBC is planning to introduce a lot more Islam into its programming output. This is hardly surprising when one considers that a Muslim, Aaqil Ahmed, is Al-Beeb’s head of religion and ethics. I don’t suppose there is a single Muslim country where the State broadcaster’s religious output is governed by a Christian....but in progressive, multicultural, multi-faith Britain what else can we expect? Left-liberals tell us this tolerance for other peoples and other faiths is what made Britain great!

Al-Beeb is so frenziedly anti-Christian, they can barely mention the actual name of Britain’s State religion. In the article linked above, they blather:  The Corporation has insisted a focus on the other faiths would not be at the expense of the Christian output. A source said: “Faith is remarkably important. The BBC can and must do more to ensure that the important role faith plays is recognised and reflected in our programing.”

Wednesday 16 November 2016

The West's Little Red Guards

I don’t remember much about being nine years-old. I do remember Top Trump cards and regularly riding my road bike off-road with regularly predictable consequences – but other than that, I remember little. One thing I do know though, is that our teachers made no effort to politically indoctrinate us, and even if they had tried to, our interest would have been about as minimal as our interest in the conjugation of French verbs under the strict eye of Mademoiselle Le-Magne, who in all honesty, you really wouldn’t.

So what to make of the nine year-old Muslim girl in Australia who went into histrionic Violet Elizabeth-Bott mode upon hearing the results of the U.S. election? And more to the point, what about her teacher who talked of her “grieving pupils” as though this insanity was normal? The girl wrote the following terrifying essay which so moved her teacher she made it available to the local press:

Donald Trump is a really bad person. He is racist and he made my teacher cry. He is the president in America. He wants to make a wall so no Mexican people come, also Muslim people. It makes me sad because I am Muslim myself and he does not respect us and women. He does not think about family he just think about himself. People that voted made a really big mistake because now America have to stick up with him as president. Donald Trump is a really mean, racist person. Well I can describe him in many ways but don't worry, I want all America people to come to have a better life. Hillary Clinton that was supposed to win. She is not racist, a very good person. She would include both men and women, which is fair. She will welcome people to America which is the right thing. I wish Hillary Clinton was president and my teacher would have cried tears of joy.”

Friday 11 November 2016

Thank God for the Uneducated!

The main similarity between the Brexit and Trump election results is the attitude of the liberal/left toward those who voted for these spectacular triumphs. They speak and write vociferously about the “uneducated” knuckle dragging simpletons who dared go against the grain of progressive liberal thought and voted for Trump or for leaving the totalitarian EU.

Boris Johnson, the outwardly amiable buffoon with an inwardly icy ambition has a brother apparently, by name of Jo Johnson, who turns out to be the Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation. From this lofty perch, Jo Johnson told the British public that those who voted for Brexit did so because they were terminally stupid and had they been educated to university level and therefore voted correctly...we could be blissfully lodged in the matronly bosom of the glorious EU for eternity. Or at least until the whole shebang inevitably implodes somewhere between now and 2025…..

Trump voters are similarly cretinous according to the liberal-left, who feel those ghastly, semi-educated blue collar workers simply failed to understand the intellectual complexities of the one world socialist utopia the sainted Left is trying to build for humanity everywhere. All for their own good of course, even if they don’t understand it, the ungrateful, thicko proletarian wretches!

But what does it mean to be “uneducated” in the 21st century? Brexit voters are deemed uneducated because they wish to regain their national sovereignty and unshackle themselves from the myriad petty and not-so-petty laws dreamed up by unelected control freak Eurocrats in Brussels. Trump voters are deemed uneducated because they don’t like watching the wholesome, traditional America they grew up in being incrementally dismantled by a new people and a new culture which is every bit as revolutionary as the Communist takeover of 1917 Russia.

Friday 4 November 2016

The Genocidal Left Declares War on the German People

“Would it not be easier In that case, for the government to dissolve the people and elect another?”  Bertolt Brecht – Communist.

As 2016 draws to a close, it is strange to think the mighty Germany of Otto von Bismarck, Kaiser Wilhelm II and yes, even Adolf Hitler, is similarly drawing to a close. This powerful country that caused such historical fear and warmongering across Europe and the world is ending its once belligerent days as a beaten, whimpering dog.

There will no resurrection such as we witnessed post WWII as the shattered, defeated German people rebuilt their cities, their engineering works, their car factories, their economy and their spirit. The post war miracle will never happen again because German politicians are replacing their native population with a people who hold an altogether different attitude toward religion, law, women, democracy, tolerance and morality – not to mention precision engineering and disciplined study.

Germany will still exist of course, but only as a geographical entity. The German people, courtesy of the Left’s hateful destruction of the family and the Left’s love affair with mass migration and Islam, are being air-brushed out of existence before our very eyes. Somewhere between 2020 and 2030 the German people will be no more. They will have been vaporised, un-personed, liquidated, annihilated, totally genocided - to coin a phrase. They will have ceased to exist. There will still be some old Germans of course, but amongst the young - those who can both procreate and fight - the Germans will be about as vital as John Cleese’s Norwegian Blue parrot.

Bearded Children & Britain's Traitor Class

The Revolutionary-Left is in full defensive mode over the “child migrants” bussed in from Calais before our disbelieving eyes. The Daily Mail used facial/age recognition software and told us the average age of these poor little boy-children was in the early to mid-thirties.

There are a few obvious things to note if one is not entirely stupid. First, there are no girls. Second, the boys are, in actual fact, rather robust young men brimming with testosterone and Koranic directives. Third, and most importantly, is that the BBC knows we know they are lying to us, but such is their total contempt for the native British, they simply don’t care.

Anti-Brexit Remainers are Creating a Revolution.

Three left-leaning High Court judges have thwarted Brexit scream the headlines!

Not true. Despite the ecstatic pro-remain lobby indulging in a frenzied, nationwide group onanist-fest (look it up…) I think they have made a big mistake. Speaking as someone who feels British politics is in such a dire state as to make revolution our only means of national survival, I am rather pleased about this High Court decision, odd as that may sound.

Peter Hitchens pondered over the consequences of a majority electorate of Patriotic Leavers coming up against a government consisting largely of Remainers. He couched it in terms of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object. To understand what he meant we must turn to John F. Kennedy who memorably stated: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.