Friday 14 December 2007

Democratic Europe R.I.P.

It was not just the events taking place in Brussels on September 11 2007 that indicated the end of democracy in Europe. Rather, the manhandling and arrest of passive, besuited, middle aged men was simply the final statement - after a long history of incremental authoritarianism - by our ruling socialist elites that a new totalitarian order now controls an entire continent.

What took place yesterday should be viewed from several different angles. To fundamental Islam it was a great fillip to their dream of a global caliphate, to the supporters of SIOE it was not the success we had hoped for, and to the socialists it was a comprehensive victory.

The mainstream media largely ignored the event. The few outlets that did report on it remarked only that a handful of far-right activists had been arrested at an anti-Islam demonstration. The BBC did not think such an event even warranted television coverage, relegating the story to its web site. Here in Britain, the Times, Telegraph and Mail failed to report on it at all.

Journalism appears to have no eye for a story these days. The events of yesterday were not - as the MSM have implied - simply about a few right-wing wackos with an inbuilt hatred of the religion of peace; it was far more importantly about freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, or more succinctly, democracy.

And democracy was trampled on in Brussels yesterday. In the heart of the European Union’s capital city, democracy was trashed, abused and violated. The MSM’s response, rather predictably, was to ignore it or spin it to the detriment of those who took part.

The socialists, leftists, liberals, call them what you may, will be rubbing their hands in glee today. They have silenced those who disagree with their ideology through a mixture of intimidation, smear, media blackout, and have done so in a totalitarian manner reminiscent of the Nazis or the Communists.

To put yesterdays events into perspective let us look at some unarguable facts. SIOE and Vlaams Belang are legally established movements operating within a democracy. The reason for their demonstration may not have been to the taste of our European political elites, but the gradual erosion of Europe’s culture and heritage in the face of Islamic expansion is a reality nonetheless. In a democracy, a legitimate movement with legitimate concerns should be allowed to make those grievances known in a public manner.

The demonstration was banned under the mischievous pretence of provoking a violent Muslim reaction and/or its supporters were in contravention of European laws pertaining to racism and xenophobia. This ban was subsequently upheld at the appeal court.

I have read some comments suggesting that if the march was banned then it is no surprise that arrests were made. This is true, but it rather misses the point that if a differing political viewpoint can be criminalised in the Europe of 2007, then democracy is over, dead, ceased to exist, shuffled of this mortal coil. Europe is an ex-democracy.

The argument that one cannot legally protest may carry some weight - in certain instances - in a democracy. A demonstration in favour of executing homosexuals, Jews and adulterous women should have arguments against it, but I do not think it should necessarily be banned. If such truly revolting people wish to draw attention to themselves, then so be it. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

This was not the case yesterday. Vlaams Belang and SIOE exist to counter such barbarous ideology. That the socialist elites find such an idea repugnant speaks volumes about their own moral consciousness, but repugnant ideas do not a justified ban make. The demonstration was banned because our rulers do not like our political viewpoint. No more and no less. This should not happen in a democracy and cannot possibly be upheld in a court of law unless that court is totalitarian in nature.

But happen it did. Ergo, Europe is no longer democratic. One cannot have partial freedom of expression. It is all or nothing, pace Voltaire. It is the primary function of a democracy and without it no society can be called democratic.

I know I am repeating myself, but I cannot make this point strongly enough: A legitimate movement with a legitimate grievance was illegitimately but legally banned by a politically motivated mayor and a politically motivated court, after which black clad, politicised state enforcers, armed with water cannons, batons and dogs, arrested and dispersed legitimate demonstrators because they held a differing political viewpoint.

This was the story that our lazy, ineffectual MSM missed yesterday. Equipped with helicopters, cameras, satellite feeds, reporters and a vast network of contacts they missed the emergence of a totalitarian Europe. And make no mistake about it, the events leading up to, and of, yesterday, was just that. On September 11th 2007 Europe became a totalitarian dictatorship.

Sensationalist you think? Can one really argue that Europe, run by unelected Marxists and ex-Communists, has failed to make fully clear their determination to disallow, by any means possible, democratic opposition to their vision of some unprecedented multicultural utopia in their unholy alliance with Islam, a political creed which hates Western civilisation almost as much as our rulers themselves?

To any liberal readers who think this is one of my usual right wing rants, consider the following press release statement from socialist Terry Davis, the Secretary General of The Council of Europe:

“It is very important to remember that the freedom of assembly and expression can be restricted to protect the rights and freedoms of others, including the freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This applies to everyone in Europe including the millions of Europeans of Islamic faith, who were the main target of today’s shameful display of bigotry and intolerance.”

In other words, lie back and think of Europe as Islamisation proceeds apace. If you try to resist, via your Citizens Human Rights, we will criminalize you. You may only have freedom of speech as long as it fits into the caveats we have built into the constitution.

So, if we can agree that Europe is now totalitarian, where does this leave us? Well, there are dictatorships and there are dictatorships. If a peculiar interest in train timetables and invading far flung African countries was your bag, then Mussolini was a relatively benign sort of chap to rule your country. In post WW1 Germany, a political, social and economic madhouse, then even Adolf Hitler ticked a few boxes. Where it led them however, we know only too well.

Both of the aforementioned dictators had mass support (not majority, but mass nevertheless) from their indigenous people, both rebuilt their economies before total power went to their heads, and both acted, initially, in the interests of their historical culture, heritage and people. When I say that at least they started out on the right foot, I am in no way defending them. I simply point out the facts.

The reason for doing so will become apparent. If Islam, (or radical Islam if you are reality deficient) were compared to any previous ideology, then it could only be compared to the Nazis. Both wished/wish to establish a global empire, eradicate the Jews, eradicate the homosexuals, thought women fit only for bearing children, cooking and church, brooked no opposition to their ideology, indeed seemed to positively enjoy murdering it’s apostates, and worshipped The Glorious Leader, be he the Fuhrer or the Prophet.

And into that pot we can add Communism, built on the ideal of supposed egalitarianism, it resulted in genocide, economic failure and environmental, social and spiritual devastation.
Now, to the well-balanced mind, such ideologies should be avoided like the plague, but the liberal/left appear to have embraced them both. The European Union is run by Communist manqué’s and they are utilising Europe’s new Nazi Party, Islam, to further their dream of absolute power.

Europeans today however are not living in the shattered economies and societies that bought Hitler and Mussolini to power. We live in unprecedented wealth and comfort; we have no need of totalitarianism to solve our economic problems and we certainly have no need for a totalitarian regime to actively bring about future social problems.

Our situation today is almost mind boggling in its perversity. A peaceful – a peace that came at the expense of millions of dead – society that wishes only to be left alone, has had an alien culture undemocratically inflicted upon us and an alien culture that is unrepentantly vociferous in its call for our overthrow and subjugation.

This culture of Islam - Europe’s new Nazi party - is growing as we are shrinking and poses a clear and present danger to our children and grandchildren. It is genocidal in its ambitions, which effectively means that indigenous Europeans would, if Islam came to power, be the new Jews of Hitler’s Germany. Each and every one of us; homosexual and heterosexual, feminist and housewife, Jew, Catholic, Protestant, agnostic or atheist, conservative or liberal, black or white.

And they are aided and abetted by Europe’s new Communists - albeit with a love of capitalist money in their own pockets - the European Union and their apparatchiks, who outlaw public displays of unease about our children’s future via totalitarian means.

Has it really come to this? The devils pact of Islamism and Communism are now the dictatorial rulers of Europe? Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Mussolini were guilty of not only destroying the lives of their enemies; they ultimately destroyed those they purported to represent. Europeans are now faced with the astonishing and terrifying prospect of being dictatorially controlled as an enemy of the state, not it’s friend, and when we see what totalitarian regimes do to their friends, let alone their enemies, we should be extremely, if not obsessively, concerned.

So what can we do? Firstly, we must play our rulers at their own game. The EU is obsessed with the varied doctrines of tolerance, feminism, racial prejudice, equality and Human Rights, and this is how we must fight them if we are to make any discernable difference to our future.

I have spoken to many people who feel that “Stop The Islamisation Of Europe” is a provocative banner that smacks of racial/religious intolerance. They are foolish and naive, but they are probably in the majority in our brainwashed isles. We must appeal to the majority.

If European socialist leaders can ban a demonstration on the grounds of racism and xenophobia, then we will have to adjust to the fact that if such marches go ahead, they will receive little public support, and should therefore be discontinued.

Demonstrations should not take place on any September 11th’s and certainly not on weekdays, firstly to counteract any bans, and secondly to attract more numbers.

The next demonstration should be organised by a movement called “For A Democratic Europe” or something along those lines. Its primary aim should be about freedom of speech and no mention should be made in advance of Islam. On the day, under the name of free speech, the supporters could carry banners reading “Democracy Not Theocracy” - “No To Honour Killings” – “We Disagree With Colonisation Everywhere” – “Is The EU Totalitarian” – “Free Speech For Europeans” – “Equal Rights For Muslim Women” – “Homosexual Rights Before Religion” etc etc.

What happened yesterday played into the totalitarian’s hands. Vlaams Belang should not have been in attendance, not because they are of the evil right, but because they have already been tainted by the liberal media. Also, SIOE’s banner and ideology was used against us, causing both the ban and a cleverly worded threat of retaliatory violence, which put many people off. Or at least I can only hope that was the reason for the low turnout.

This is not some liberal, non-confrontational desire to dilute our message. We must get our message out and this is the only way of doing it. I submit the idea of such a feeble demonstration for two reasons. Firstly, if we can advance our cause through mass demonstrations that circumnavigate the EU dictators then that is at least a start.

If we cannot, and I suspect that we cannot, then we will know where we stand. The era of men in suits debating our future will have come to a close. We will be alone, abandoned by our traditional leaders and without a new leader of our own. But that is easily remedied. Once we know what we need to do, then we will do it and until we are forced to admit that this is our final recourse, it will be one we ignore. When the written word, speech and the democratic process can no longer be relied upon to bring about change, then words will be replaced with physical deeds.

We didn’t start this, but by sheer weight of numbers we can finish it. As of yesterday, European politics was bought down to the level of the Reds V the Brownshirts. There are no Brownshirts as yet, but there are potentially millions of us. Standing in our way are a few thousand socialists, who, not known for their bravery, will become even fewer when they realise what they have unleashed against themselves.

Do these socialist lunatics have any idea of our violent history? They appear to betting that we will not fight for territory, religion or culture. On this they are possibly right, but we will, surely, fight for our children. The idea that a continent of half a billion people will allow a handful of Communist manqué’s, in alliance with a very small minority (today) of bearded Nazis, to dictatorially browbeat us into submission, when we have the unarguable knowledge that our failure to retaliate will wreak destruction upon our children and grandchildren is simply too fantastical to possibly be true.

Isn’t it?

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