Friday 16 October 2009

Multiculturalism Has Destroyed The British Police

Might you be one of those ambitious, clean limbed, stout hearted sort of chaps who wish to combine a healthy outdoor career with genuine social do-goodery? You are? My dear fellow! Have you perchance considered the Police Service? It could be just the place for you!

Are you 5 feet 8 inches or longer and aged between 19 and 30? Do you hold at least 5 "O" Levels including maths and English? Are you the possessor all your own teeth but not a criminal record? If so, you are qualified to attend an interview for potential recruitment to the .... Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.

What's that you say? You're only 4 feet 9 inches, and more than a little rotund? No problem old chap, jump on this here aeroplane, if indeed you can actually jump of course, and we'll take you somewhere with less exacting requirements; a place where you can swap sunshine and samba for drizzle and depression; a place where discrimination toward the vertically challenged is looked down on from the lofty heights of tolerance and diversity; an egalitarian place where the inability to peer atop the sergeants desk is no impediment toward becoming a boy in blue. Let us go to Britain, the founder of an empire where once the sun never set, latterly reduced to a little Socialist Island where now the sun rarely rises.

You would like to come, but feel your possession of a criminal record might hold you back? Fiddlesticks and piffle dear boy, fiddlesticks and piffle. The British Police Service will not allow such a trifling matter to stand in your way. You are 53 years old? Good Lord, you look barely a day over 40, but inconsequential dear boy, inconsequential. We Brits are very keen on diversity, even of the ageist variety. The London Metropolitan Police will recruit almost up to state retirement age, and especially so, if I may mention it, when dignified age is carried off with such wonderful aplomb by know....a black person!

No academic qualifications either? Not a problem in the slightest old boy! In modern, caring, socialist Britain such elitist and bourgeois statements of a privileged upbringing carry very little weight. Lookee here my good man, swing this club at that passing pedestrian over there. Yes, the aristocratic looking one. No no, not the young one. The elderly petit lady, that's the one, the grey old bird who looks as though she may have ridden to hounds in her youth...the slow mover... look sharpish laddie, she's spotted you....GOT HER BY JOVE!

My dear chap that's some arm on you! Perhaps you were an opening batsman in your youth, what what? No? You surprise me! Ah, quite, quite, cricket not allowed in prison, of course not, remiss of me old boy, remiss of me. Never mind my dear chap, never mind. I assume you have all your own teeth, the only essential requirement we ask of prospective British policemen these days? You do? Excellent, excellent, sign here, here and here. A thumbprint? Of course dear boy, a thumbprint is fine! And welcome to Britain... Constable Kaunda!

Ha ha, but the depth of depravity to which the British Police Service has been politically driven is of tremendous concern to all but our ruling elites. Whilst St Vincent is an admirable nation, it is nonetheless one which owes its living to the nurturing and selling of bananas. Britain is supposed to exist on a higher plane than such states, yet the majority of British policemen could never qualify for the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.

It really is true that St Vincent has exacting requirements for its police recruits, and it really is true that the British police require next to nothing. And the reason for this is staggeringly ironic – Britain has drastically lowered its police entry requirements, even to the point of overlooking criminal records, in order to recruit a higher proportion of ethnic minorities. The British police now recruit immigrants who are not even British citizens, provided they have indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

We do check whether a newly arrived immigrant from Somalia or the Sudan has a criminal record relating to rape, murder or genocide, but the reality is we have absolutely no idea as to the true identity of the man in question. With our home grown ethnic minorities, it is important that certain criminal records are overlooked because despite making up only a purported 10% of Britain's population, they punch well above their proportional weight when it comes to criminality, thus ensuring their admittance as 25-30% of the prison population, whilst a full 77% of young black males have been arrested for suspected criminal offences and entered into the police database.

The irony of course is that the St Vincent Police Force, with all its stringent character requirements, recruits only nationals from St Vincent, who are, quite naturally, black. If Britain had not allowed the liberal/left to destroy its educational system, religion, morality, the family and most importantly, the economically poor, fatherhood poor black family, perhaps we could emulate the noble St Vincentonians, but alas we lost the war against the progressive policies of the liberal/left some years ago and must now recruit from a far less qualified ethnic minority base.

There was a time when the British police entry standards were as high as those of St Vincents. There was a minimum height requirement, 5 "O" levels were needed, criminal records were not overlooked and physical fitness was a pre-requisite. But multiculturalism and socialism have turned the traditional and decent Britain of the recent past on its head.

A quick glance at the Metropolitan Police Authority recruitment targets for 2009-10 reveals the liberal insanity that has taken over this pitiful Island. 27% of all new police recruits must be "black and minority ethnic" (BME) and 41% must be female.

West Midlands Police Authority has seized upon such directives with glee. What would once have been called racial and sexual discrimination against white males is now called Positive Action, which is why the police are able to recruit black and ethnic minorities in far higher percentage terms than their population warrants.

White males will account for a mere 30% of new Metropolitan Police recruits over the next three years, but unfortunately for the powers that be, it is still white males who overwhelmingly apply to join. The result is that they are simply turned away, and the reason given, with no hint of hypocrisy or shame, is because they are white. In 2006, two thirds of white males were turned down for interview by Gloucester Police, whilst every single ethnic minority and female was accepted (for interview).

Looking at the police recruitment site today is profoundly depressing. The fact that no academic qualifications are needed becomes apparent when we are told that 60% of applicants fail at the first hurdle. Such large numbers suggest perhaps that the applicants were unable to translate Homer's Iliad into modern Greek, but this, alas, is not quite the case. The 60% of aspiring plods weeded out at stage one are discarded because they lack the ability... to fill out the application form correctly!

This most extraordinary admission becomes even more appalling when one discovers the police recruitment department will sell you a DVD full of useful tips on becoming a police officer, including a section on How-To-Fill-Out-The-Application-Form-Correctly.

Should you manage to gouge out your name, address, and conviction date correctly, you may be asked to progress to the next level, where your physical fitness will be evaluated. Gone are the days of running a mile in seven minutes and doing 50 push-ups. Today you need only be "reasonably fit and able to run short distances fairly quickly."I assume this requirement is more geared toward escape than pursuit.

The next stage is whether or not you can actually speak the language of the people you wish to police. The only requirement here is that you have mastered enough English to "Write short reports and potentially give evidence in court."

The London Metropolitan Police do not beat around the bush in terms of identifying potential recruits. They are not looking for burly yeomen who can face up to crowds of baying, drunken youths on Saturday nights, but people who display the correct political attitudes. Providing one is aged between 18 and 57 - yes, you read 57 correctly - then the Met Police's number one priority in personal qualities is Respect For Diversity.

This perverse pandering to ethnic minorities does not just stop there; it continues out into the streets where ethnic criminals are given the old softly-softly approach. Stop and Search is one of those thorny ethnic issues which so excite the liberal/left, who think it racist to disproportionately stop young black males in order to frisk them for knives. Black parents on the other hand are all in favour of it, not wishing their sons to be stabbed to death in the epidemic of knife crime UK that is overwhelmingly black on black.

The police have an intriguing way to get around this. They simply stop white youths, in the full knowledge they are innocent, to thus provide a racial balance. They also take instruction from young "streetwise" ethnic gang members, who despite a history of carrying weapons and assaulting police officers, tell the self same police what street slang and behaviour they should adopt in order to be as inoffensive as possible whilst searching them for weapons they use to kill one another with. The police do this in order to "Command Respect."

But blacks do not sit at the top of the grievance tree in Britain. For such an elevated position at the peak of the racial/religious ziggurat we must turn to Islam. It is proposed that British police officers should learn about Sharia law and the Koran, in order to better police the Islamic community.

The reason for this is because it is incumbent upon the police to further the relationship with those who wish to blow us up and take us over. Particularly with regard to "moderate Muslims" who have such a hard time living in democratic Britain they are apparently forced to think of the police as their enemy. In the words of Shipley Conservative MP, Philip Davies:

"Research last year revealed that the police service would be very low on the list of agencies that the Muslim community would turn to if they had concerns about a member of their community who embraced violent extremism. The police service has a long way to go in building a relationship of trust around these issues."

Really? If the Muslim community suspected one of their neighbours intended to massacre hundreds of innocent people on the tube, then the police would be just about the last people they would tell? And it is up to the police to build a relationship of trust with these moderate people?

Well yes, as it happens. West Yorkshire Chief Constable Norman Bettison couched it thus:

"We work closely with communities and the majority of police training at the moment in this area is done in partnership with Muslim organisations."

Can it get any worse? Of course it can! How about dressing up English policewomen in full-on Muslim garb to better understand the utter hell that is the life of Muslim women living in intolerant Britain? Called operation In Your Shoes Day, white policewomen wandered around Sheffield looking like mini Darth Vaders sans light sabres, at the behest of South Yorkshire Police, where they were variously stared at by security guards hoping to Allah they were not shoplifters in need of a good old frisking, not to mention nervous bus drivers.

A police spokesman (how terribly sexist is that in Britain's modern, go ahead police service) defended this exercise in liberal lunacy as:

"Just one of many activities South Yorkshire Police have planned with communities and ethnic minority leaders, to secure strong relationships, celebrate diversity and encourage integration (whose, I wonder?) working towards a safer, closer society."

I am not too sure about the safer bit though. Muslim women are desperately sought after as Police Community Support Officers, but Muslim women hardly have an international reputation as surfer/swimmer babes, what with their apparel being more conducive to sinking than floating. Members of a police force who could not swim would have been unthinkable a few years ago, but not so today, where it is easier to drop the swimming requirement from police training rather than appear discriminatory toward swathed sinkers.

As always though, there are consequences to such liberal perversities - witness the death by drowning of ten year old Jordan Lyon in 2007, whilst a police community support officer observed from the banks of the pond as he/she consulted his/her health and safety pamphlet whilst a colleague ran to summon help.

They were defended by their superiors who claimed: "It would have been inappropriate for PCSO's, who are not trained in water rescue, to enter the pond." Tell that to the mother of Jordan Lyon, a mere boy who had entered the pond to save his sister and sacrificed his own life in the attempt, whilst two adults could not be held to the same standard. In the subsequent inquest they were not even required to attend the court. One wonders why, especially as their names and photographs have never been made public. Or perhaps one doesn't wonder at all.

Another consequence unforeseen only by the liberal/left is not just the sheer uselessness of people recruited from the bottom of the barrel, but also their slightly less than honest attitudes. In 2006, the Guardian reported on an internal London Metropolitan Police report which found complaints of corruption aimed at "Asian" officers to be ten times higher than complaints against their white colleagues.

Amongst the PCSO's, who were introduced to tackle anti-social crime whilst bolstering the recruitment rates of Blacks, Muslims, women and the transgendered, gross misconduct cases account for 50% all cases within the forces, despite their making up only one fifth of the recruits. They are employed ONLY to make up ethnic and minority numbers. In terms of crime fighting they solve only one crime every four years and issue fines for anti-social behaviour at the rate of 1.5 per year.

And while the British police self destruct in order to prove their non-racist credentials, their entire institution is awash with cries of "racism" and "prejudice." Take the case of Assistant Chief Constable Anil Patani for example. When he was overlooked for promotion back in his sergeant days, he sued for racial discrimination. When he was promoted later in his career, he sued again, this time because he had been over-promoted because of his race, and was thus viewed with some bitterness by his colleagues who of course no longer liked him, indeed hated him. Anil Patani's finest moment came when he tried to prosecute Channel Four for inciting racial hatred by daring to produce and broadcast the "Undercover Mosques" programme.

Commander Ali Dizaei was once destined for the very top. Today he is suspended under an impending charge of Perverting the Course of Justice. Dizaei's whole career has been built around race. He was President of the National Black Police Association and race advisor to the Home Secretary (does not race advisor to Adolf Hitler sound more appropriate?) before his life became embroiled around corruption charges.

In 2008 Britain's most senior Muslim officer, Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, sued his boss and Britain's most senior police officer, Commissioner Ian Blair, over racism charges. Ghaffur was paid out and Sir Ian Blair resigned shortly afterwards. In the fallout that followed, the National Black Police Association took out full page adverts in newspapers, asking that ethnic minorities cease applying to join the police.

What total, utter, multicultural madness. But the biggest tragedy is what now happens on Britain's streets as our police services sue and counter sue; attend race and diversity workshops, gender swap awareness courses and fill out 50 page racial incident documents in triplicate as to why they stopped and searched known black murderer Delroy Shanker in the early hours of May 15th.

The result of such insanity is that the police now manage a mere 6 hours a week actually out on the beat. They have effectively withdrawn from the streets, which have been taken over by lawless feral youths. They make fleeting appearances in order to arrest members of the general public who have the temerity to retaliate against their persecutors, but by and large the streets are now ruled by the underclass. Britain is not a country to be weak in.

The tragic case of Fiona Pilkington is the saddest story I have read in many years. A slightly backward mother, with variously backward children, poor Mrs Pilkington lacked the financial resources to live where liberal progressives live, so was forced to share her life with the welfare benefit classes whose morality has been destroyed by years of liberal progressive destruction. Stones and bricks were thrown through her windows and fireworks pushed through her letter box. Her young son was locked in a garden shed and threatened at knife-point, her daughter subjected to verbal and physical abuse.

Poor, tormented, mentally tortured Fiona Pilkington called the Leicestershire Police 33 times over a ten year period, but they never helped her. Not once. Eventually she bundled her daughter and herself into the vandalised family car, set fire to it, and departed to a place where one can only hope her tacit murderers will never gain admission via its pearly gates.

The police blamed the council, the council blamed the police. The chief of police did not resign. Imagine though, if the Pilkingtons had been black? I know this is a tired old cliché, but it is important to point out that since the Macpherson report the most important thing on the minds of coppers from Constables to Commissioners is to never, ever fail to give your undivided attention to a perceived racial incident. It is a career and pension killer, unlike the failure to take seriously the decade long persecution of a weak and vulnerable white woman and her children.

Leicestershire Constabulary (motto: Providing a second to none police service) takes its diversity guidelines' very seriously. Commanded by temporary Chief Constable Chris Eyre who represented the East Midlands ACPO Asylum and Immigration Group, their National Disabled Police Association blurb informs us that one of their aims is to "Build trust and confidence between disabled people and the police service to improve community cohesion." They also tell us they work to "Best Practice." I don't think so Chief Constable Eyre.

The Guardian agonised as to why disability hate crimes were not taken as seriously as racial or gender based hate crimes, never pausing to think that Mrs Pilkington did not need to be a member of a politically designated oppressed minority to qualify for police help. Memo to Guardian readers, police officers heading up diversity divisions, and other such liberal/leftists who appear utterly devoid of the smallest scrap of human decency - Mrs Pilkington was a cruelly tortured and suffering Human Being in desperate need of help. Capiche?

Contrast this with another story published the same week. 71 year old, disabled, German born pensioner Renate Bowling was arrested, thrown into the back of a police van and prosecuted for assault. Why? Because she had prodded a 17 year old youth in the chest after he and his gang had thrown stones at her windows. When she caught him hiding behind a wall he called her a "fucking German" which one would have thought constituted a racial offence, and certainly would if Germans were not quite so annoyingly white and Aryan. He was not arrested of course.

Or what about the pensioner arrested for shouting at yobs who were stoning ducks on a canal, or the retired military police officer who has erected an electrified fence around his home after police ignored his 999 calls as paving slabs were hurled into his garden, or the woman advised by the police not to call them again as it would only escalate the problem despite the fact she had been punched to the floor of her own home by a gang of youths.

And on and on and on. It is unusual to get to the end of one day, let alone an entire week, without reading reports of women being assaulted, men being beaten to death by packs of liberally educated youths, and innocents of the wrong race, religion or class being arrested by the police on matters of utter inconsequence.

And these are only the stories that make the news. Every Brit today will tell you it is unsafe to go out in town centres after dark, and that the local police are worse than useless. Have you had much contact with Britain's modern policemen? If you live in a town it is unlikely you ever see them anymore, and even more likely that the local police station is not open in the evenings or weekends, or has been sold off and converted into a trendy urban live/work space. Over 500 police stations have been lost since 1992.

The reason for the decline of the British copper is very simple. Britain's socialist government has converted - under the cover of multicultural compassion - what was once the Great British Police Force into one that is useless when it comes to protecting law abiding tax-payers, but highly efficient as the virtual paramilitary wing of a political movement which has ordained whites and middle-classes to be the enemies of the socialist state.

If you think that such a statement is paranoid, ask yourself why the police will not get involved in cases such as Fiona Pilkington's, but speed to cases on full blues and two's when a religious, racial, gender or class crime has been committed. Ask yourself why the police only seem to take the type of crime seriously that the socialist government promotes as serious, and why so many of the Chief Constables (all of whom owe their positions to a slavish devotion to the Labour Party) have degrees in criminology and sociology which promote criminals as victims of social injustice.

Take a look at this video of police "officers" retreating under a hail of sticks and traffic cones before a gang of Muslims shouting "This is war, Kuffar," and then watch what happens when white middle classes peacefully demonstrate in favour of fox hunting. Look at the bloodied faces and broken heads and consider why not one, not one policeman, was subsequently found guilty of police brutality.

The much traduced British police are now protectors of the multicultural/socialist state rather than the protectors of the law abiding general public. If you are a member of the ruling elite, the police are not only your political servants but also your personal bodyguards. If, on the other hand, you are a member of the increasingly persecuted class, by which I mean traditionally British, irrelevant of income or education, then the police have at best abandoned you or at worst become your enemy.


  1. Excellent take Paul - I fully agree.

  2. It speaks volumes. Everything you say is, sadly, true. The demise of the British police is one of the reasons I left the UK to live in France - I was a serving police officer in the Met from the early seventies to the early eighties. For me, Brixton was the turning point, then Broadwater Farm the clincher.

    My days in the Met were probably the last in which "real" effective policing was the norm, the last "good" commissioner was probably Robert Mark, though since then, perhaps John Stevens was as good.

    Since then, the force has degenerated into farce, diversity and political correctness.

    There's no real hope in sight for the old country, so I'll be staying put in a relatively sane environment.

    The enemy is now in control.

  3. Natsman

    I don't blame you. Keith Blakelock's murder must have been a turning point for many policemen. Especially when Bernie Grant behaved the way he did.

    I agree the enemy is in control, but I gain strength from the comments in the article at the end of this comment.

    People have woken up, and will continue to do so.

    UK4Islam is holding a demonstration to enforce sharia law on the UK on October 31, that will wake more people up as well.

    The only sad thing though, is that I cannot see how this can be resolved peacefully anymore.

    You are well off out of it, and I wish you all the very best.

    The politicians who deliberately manufactured this tragedy should be tried for treason.

  4. Excellent piece and follow-ups. I suspect that most (normal) people realise what's happened with our once-honorable contract with the police, but are too frightened (with good reason) to complain or take matters further.

    That most (normal) people are, furthermore, likely to be the victims of both crime and of the police who are supposed to be protecting them, only exacerbates the situation. Plenty of coppers around if you're driving at 33mph in a 30 limit!!

    Unfortunately, this kind of blogsite also demonstrates the downside of the internet - people like thee and me can rant on about real injustices within our society, but I do wonder whether anything actually comes of this; there are a lot of intelligent people writing in to these sites, but is the writing a substitute for doing? Does what's written actually motivate anyone to go out and do something - even if it's just to convince others?

  5. Very well written even though the subject is so depressing. I've never worked for the police but I did work in education where I, as a white male who votes conservative, was almost an endangered species. I had to leave the country because living and working in England had become just too unpleasant. Sometimes I think I'm a coward and I should have stayed and fought but, when I read of the reaction of people to the Daily Mail columnist who spoke the truth about Gately, I just think I'm well out of it. These people have got the society they wanted and now they can watch and wait while it self-destructs.

  6. It's a very good post to know several depressed information. But The british police has to cultivate in them that all the things are going to be settled. Police recruitment to british should be done as to protect people there. The person who is dynamic should be selected and have to be posted their.

  7. Worry not. English multiculturalism is self-terminating. It will end as soon as the ethic English are in the minority.

  8. Multiculturalism, Diversity, and the Decline and fall of the West.

    In a normal society, the one we had not so long ago, based on a common culture and language, one has one’s share of virtues and vices. This is normal, and is true for all societies – you get what you deserve. In a multicultural society though, particularly the one we have, the imported virtues of an imported people, are hardly any, or we have them anyway, but the vices that they bring, are far too many. The more diverse the imported cultural group, the more varied and diverse are the vices. In addition, they are of a sort that our society is unable to comprehend, the ones from Islam being the most retrograde - like polygamy, honour killings, FGM, murder those who criticise Islam, etc.

    In effect, in a multicultural society, the host's virtues are diluted or suppressed, while in exchange we have all the diverse vices, and hence the crimes, of diverse imported groups. If we import the entire world, we do not get all the virtues of the rest of the world, but all the vices of the rest of the world. Just looking at present day Britain or any Western country, must make this obvious,

    This is one of the reasons that our police and judiciary are unable to cope, as there are no norms that are acceptable or unacceptable. It is the reason why our education system is failing, or has failed. It is leading to a breakdown of society, unable to defend itself at home or abroad, as it has no idea what it is, and what it is supposed to defend. Just as flies wax strong and prosper over a decaying carcass, so it is that "Diversity" managers prosper over a dying multicultural failed nation. Celebration of cultural diversity is thus a celebration of the death of a nation, the equivalent of Turkeys celebrating Christmas.

  9. Excellent words Paul. So you need to find a way of transporting these written words into some spoken venues, like public debate, demos, or interviews with the media.