Tuesday 21 June 2011

One Week In The Death Of Britain

The rapid descent of Britain into a racial, cultural, economic, moral, educational and societal ruin continues apace. The following stories are gleaned from newspaper articles printed in just one week:

We learn that despite David Cameron’s lofty ambition of reducing immigration to the “tens of thousands”, a record 586,000 immigrants arrived on the shores of this small island in 2010. As a result, 344,000 disillusioned people immediately voted with their feet and emigrated. Many of those leaving would have been indigenous Brits, although this cannot be verified because there are no real border controls.

Immigrants at Heathrow

Amongst the new arrivals was Zimbabwean Phillip Machemedze, one of Robert Mugabe’s secret policeman and torturers. Despite committing murders too gruesome to describe, Machemedze will be allowed to live scot-free in Britain at a cost of £50,000 per-annum to the British tax-payer, who must fund HIV treatment for both himself and his wife.

If murderous foreign criminals are whimsically imported into liberal democracies, one can only reasonably expect the expected. The violent crime levels prevalent within our vibrantly diverse communities are therefore astonishing only to the liberal/left.

A prime example is Santre-Sanchez- Gayle, a black contract-killer aged only fifteen who has just been jailed for the shot-gun murder of a young Turkish mother, Ms Gulistan Subasi, allegedly on behalf of her Turkish boyfriend. Gayle was paid a fee of £200 which he subsequently and somewhat improvidently spent on a Dolce and Gabbana beanie hat.

Amongst the initial targets of the investigation into Miss Subasi’s murder were members of Turkish crime syndicates in Britain, who control up to 90 per-cent of heroin coming into the country. The Serious Organised Crime Agency estimates there are 6,000 such criminals in the UK and that Turkish “Godfathers” were now subcontracting “hits” to the alienated teenagers of England’s myriad black street gangs.

Immigrants in Birmingham

In Birmingham, a white father and son were seriously injured by three knife-wielding black youths as they bravely sheltered an Asian boy who had desperately banged on their front door seeking multicultural assistance. Martin Thompson and his eighteen year-old son Edward suffered multiple stab wounds, including a punctured lung. The Asian youth was unharmed.

In Milton Keynes, two Somalis, Mohammed Farah and Amin Ahmed Ismail were shot dead in an execution style, leading police to believe it was a gang-land drugs hit. The town is situated in the stock-broker belt of Buckinghamshire and is home — believe it or not — to a close-knit Somali community of around 10,000…

Milton Keynes police handed out leaflets written in Somali in an attempt to “reassure” the community, but tactfully avoided the inharmonious revelation that 1 in 3 Somalis suffer from some form of violent mental illness brought about by exposure to civil-war brutality.

In Tower Hamlets, East London, a gang of four Muslim men launched a horrific attack on a white Religious Education teacher because they did not approve of him teaching Muslim girls. Azad Hussein, Sheikh Rashid, Simon Alam and Akmol Hussain armed themselves with iron rods and beat 28 year old Gary Smith into a bloody pulp. Mr Smith suffered a brain haemorrhage, permanent facial scarring and both long and short-term memory loss.

Also in Tower Hamlets, which is now run by an Islamic Council, street names are being changed into Urdu and homosexuals are being asked to refrain from appearing on the streets in public. Gay-free zone stickers are appearing throughout the borough, but this is not mentioned by the BBC or MSM because in the wonderfully wacky world of Political Correctness, Islam trumps homosexuality.

Britain’s liberal and pitiful open borders policy has allowed a tidal wave of child-trafficking, voodoo-murder, slavery, rape and forced prostitution. The Guardian newspaper reports that thousands of children are smuggled into Britain every year. “Many trafficked children are not perceived to be valuable,” said Christine Beddoe, director of child protection charity Ecpat UK. Children can fetch as little as £300, although Scotland Yard believes some have been sold for as much as £16,000.

Many are tortured and some undoubtedly murdered, say campaigners. A trafficked five-year-old boy from Nigeria was finally identified several weeks ago, 10 years after being killed and dumped in the River Thames. His arms and legs had been cut off and he had been disembowelled whilst still alive. Police believe the murder was linked to Nigerian “Muti” ceremonies. Twenty-one Nigerians living in south-east London were linked to the torture and murder.

David Cameron’s government is aware of the figures involved and is also aware that half of the children taken into local authority care subsequently disappear, yet do nothing about it for fear of being accused of racism. It is this wicked political disregard that outrages the likes of Anthony Steen, the former Tory MP who heads up the Human Trafficking Foundation in Britain. According to Steen, “Mafia gangs circle children’s homes waiting to remove victims.”

Meanwhile, the policing resources allocated to tackling child trafficking are risibly small. Senior officers have conceded privately to the Observer that the Home Office makes little attempt to prioritise the issue which falls under SCD-5, a unit comprised of only five dedicated officials

UK immigration graph

A three-month “scoping” project at Heathrow airport detected 1,800 unaccompanied children, half aged under 11. A recent report by the Conservatives described child trafficking as “an escalating problem with a weak support structure in place” yet after a year in power they have weakened our ability to thwart child-trafficking to such an extent that they appear to actively promote the ongoing trade in human misery and degradation.

Staying with crime, but this time of an indigenous nature, we can view the increasing viciousness of our progressively educated children and the ever-increasing uselessness of the British police. When reading these stories it is wise to remember that David Cameron feels that young criminal “hoodies” need to be loved and respected…

In Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, seventeen year-old Jenna Burns was beaten unconscious in a senseless random attack. Three young men set upon the trainee hairdresser as she walked home, knocked her to the ground with a single punch and as she lay unconscious battered her with kicks to her face and body, leaving her with a broken nose and two chipped teeth.

In Bristol, Marie Wastlund was walking home from a night out when she saw three hooded thugs throttling and kicking a woman in full view of a parked police vehicle containing two doughnut-chomping policemen who seemed oblivious to the screams and shouts.

Miss Wastlund intervened and did the policemen’s jobs for them, leading Superintendent Ian Wylie to later state: ‘I am grateful to the witness for reporting the incident and bringing to our attention her concerns about a police car nearby. We take allegations such as these very seriously.’

Two policemen against three thugs may be a little one-sided, but given plainclothes, baseball bats and a numerical advantage they are less than reticent. In the course of apprehending a car thief in a non-moving traffic jam, five officers from Enfield Crime Squad saw the need to smash the windows with baseball bats before arresting the driver.

The above is not really much of a story, but I do expect the British police to intervene when lone females are being obviously assaulted by multiple males, whilst I do not expect them to behave like the Columbian drug squad when making a straightforward arrest. Both examples are symptomatic of the modern British police “service”.

Mind you, perhaps we should be grateful that there still exist some tough guys in the police service. After reading a “Lifestyle Advice” booklet which has been distributed amongst our boys in blue, one is hard pressed to believe that law-enforcement is their metier, as opposed to hairdressing.

Within the tax-payer funded pages of guidance issued by police forces offering advice on everyday living, the Police Service of Northern Ireland suggests officers’ shift the pounds by taking up ‘gardening, dancing or housework’. Durham Constabulary urges staff not to ‘expect your wife to do the chores’ and reminds them to ‘make dates with your spouse’.

After a hard day’s box-ticking, form-filling, target-achieving and ethnic out-reaching, officers are advised to ‘Ensure your mattresses and pillows are comfortable and supportive…try to restrict fluids to prevent visits to the bathroom, although it has to be acknowledged that some people like to have a milky drink prior to bedtime to help soothe them.’

David Davies, the Conservative MP for Monmouth and a special constable with the British Transport Police said: ‘This is frankly ludicrous,’ whilst a spokesman for Durham Constabulary defended its guide saying: ‘It makes good sense to provide staff with advice and support to enable them to function effectively while maintaining a good work/life balance.’

It must be very demoralising being a modern British policeman. Not only are they treated as imbecilic children, they also have to watch the majority of their target quota walk free. Nearly two-thirds of criminals avoided jail last year, with 62,000 persistent offenders given community service or a fine rather than jail, despite the majority of them amassing at least 15 convictions.

Even when criminals are locked up, the perverse world of the British Justice system never fails to amaze. In an act of unparalleled lunacy, Wayne Bishop was released having served only one month of an eight month sentence after he invoked Article 8 of the Human Rights Act, which guarantees the “right to respect for a private and family life.”

Mr Justice Maddison and Mr Justice Sweeney agreed that imprisoning him was not in the “best interests of his children” and ordered the sentence to be suspended. The case is thought to be the first time Article 8 — repeatedly used by foreign criminals to avoid deportation from the UK — has been used to let a prisoner walk free from jail.

Article 8 does not always work though. A paedophile illegal immigrant, Zulfar Hussain, has finally been thrown out of Britain after a long court battle in which he claimed that his deportation would breach his human rights. This is good news, but Hussain represents only a drop in the multicultural ocean and cost the taxpayer over £100,000 in his welfare funded legal battle to remain in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Meanwhile, in Leicester, a young Zimbabwean woman who repeatedly stabbed her mother as she slept has walked free from court. Mr Justice Keith said he accepted the defendant had strong beliefs in witchcraft, and thought she was possessed by the spirit of her dead grandmother at the time of the attack in May 2009. He told Ms Mbulawa: ‘I hope that you and your mother can come to terms with what has happened. I wish you all the best for the future.’

Britain’s educational establishment is similarly dysfunctional. In an effort to promote egalitarianism, the “Conservative” coalition has decided to legally persecute middle-class children by putting the socio-economic background of potential students ahead of their intellectual capacity, thus ensuring a larger pool of disadvantaged students who will subsequently, and quite extraordinarily, be allowed to use iPods “to help them concentrate” during exams.

Ex-Headmistress Katharine Birbalsingh is the educational Pin-up girl of the Conservative Party, yet despite her good intentions she simply has no idea how to educate children. The following quotes are taken from her blogsite at the Telegraph, and tell a tale of how not to educate children:

“I remember about the same time, before Obama became president, asking a group of black children — ranging in age from 12 to 14 — to name living black people who were well-known. But they didn’t name Condoleezza Rice, a name that at the time was mentioned constantly on the news. Neither did they name Nelson Mandela. That was something I found astonishing. Interestingly, they did name Jackie Chan.”

“Nah man! Nah… Jackie Chan ain’t black… I mean, I know whut ya mean, but yeah, yuh know bruv… he ain’t black… Naaaahhhh…” They’d shake their heads. “Yeah, yeah, but… it’s Jackeeee man! Yuh know! Man! He’s got to be BLACK!” “What else is he, MAN!??”

“Erm… well, Chinese?” I wanted to venture, but didn’t dare. In the end, they agreed. Jackie Chan was definitely black. I wrote his name down — somewhat reluctantly — on my scrap piece of paper. It was one of those surreal moments at school, of which there are several each day, when you look around, wondering: “Am I on candid camera?”

No, Miss Birbalsingh, you are simply involved in churning out semi-educated young people fit only for the scrap heap of life. You do so because you are physically frightened of your pupils and because you adhere to politically correct strictures that ordain the actual education of children, the actual passing on of facts, to be less important than the elevation of their ethnic culture and self-esteem.

Madness, of course, but the following story is even worse. A teacher with 30 years’ experience was sacked for gross misconduct after a rowdy pupil claimed he grabbed his arm and left four small scratch marks. Mr Ronnie Lane, 56, admitted confronting the unruly 15-year-old boy who had special educational needs, after he had repeatedly wandered around the classroom ‘scrunching up’ other boys’ GCSE art coursework.

Vice chairman of governors Jonathan Jones told the hearing that a disciplinary panel had reached the opinion Mr Lane had ‘failed to control a challenging class’ and his conduct in grabbing the teenager ‘was not acceptable’. The boys in the class were asked to sign witness statements. Those who did stated that Mr Lane merely touched the pupil and that the rowdy pupil had embellished the story.

So there you have a snapshot of education in dying Britain. A progressive female teacher who will not tell her black charges that a violent (and therefore admirable) Chinaman is indeed a Chinaman, lest she undermine their Cultural Blackness, and a male teacher with an impeccable record sacked on the word of a violent “special needs” pupil.

Britain’s economy also suffers from a form of unrealistic madness. Tata (formerly British Steel) announced that it was to cut more than 1,500 jobs at plants in Scunthorpe and on Teesside. The directors later confirmed that their decision was influenced by the introduction of a costly carbon floor price at the last Budget, a propagandised global-warming issue which the ever expanding Chinese economy conveniently ignores.

We cannot afford to lose our work force, our industry or our tax base. Britain is currently some three trillion pounds in debt. This amounts to £150,000 per tax-payer, a sum that can never be paid off. In addition, money raised in taxes does not cover the outgoings of our welfare state, so the government, despite being accused of making cuts, had to borrow a further 167 billion pounds last year. The annual interest on our debt is 42 billion pounds. Britain is effectively bankrupt.

Despite this economic catastrophe, our witless Prime Minister is increasing foreign aid by 37% to 9.4 billion pounds, some of which is earmarked for Egypt and Tunisia because Cameron genuinely believes that the revolutions in the Middle East will bring about fluffy liberal-democracies, as opposed to the far more probable Muslim Brotherhood governments and new Ayatollah Khomeinis.

His largesse also applies to Pakistan, a country which supplies nearly half of the terrorist plots against Britain. Cameron, on a valiant and robust visit to Islamabad last week, promised £650m in Danegeld to fund four million school places, 90,000 teachers, and the refurbishment of 8,000 schools, arguing that education is the best antidote to terror. Pakistan is now the largest beneficiary of UK aid.

And just as central government borrows money to fund exorbitant waste, so our local councils spend tens of millions of pounds on taxpayer-funded credit cards. Local authority executives and councillors treat themselves to first-class travel, holidays in foreign climes and five-star hotels, whilst pensioners who pay for their salaries and expenses are forced to decide whether they can afford to eat that night and be cold, or to not eat and turn on the heating.

The most obscene example of council greed and immorality was exhibited last week by Sharon Shoesmith, former head of Haringey council children’s services. Shoesmith was sacked after presiding over the endemic failures which allowed 17 month-old Peter Connelly to be tortured to death, but has just won an appeal claiming she had been unlawfully removed from her £130,000 per-annum post.

Shoesmith was awarded one million pounds and said after the hearing: “I’m over the moon… absolutely thrilled.” Lucky old Sharon… the public-sector certainly likes to look after its overpaid own, unless of course fighting for King and country is your profession. Soldiers in Britain’s elite Parachute Regiment returned from Afghanistan last week to find that the Ministry of Defence proposed to cut their £180 per-month parachute jumping “danger “allowance.

Privates in the Parachute Regiment, who risk life-and-limb fighting in their political masters’ peculiar little wars, are only paid around £12,000 per annum. The loss of their danger allowance therefore represents a pay-cut of 18%, not something the employees of Haringey Council’s multicultural and murderous Social Services department would countenance, I’m sure.

Baroness Catherine Ashton #1In other news, we see the ongoing defilement of Britain’s sovereignty as the EU power-grab wrests control from our government departments. The unelected Baroness Ashton has requested that her European External Action Service (an embryonic foreign office designed to give the EU a single identity on the world stage) be granted £427 million for this year’s budget.

Ashton will draw her own £230,000 salary from this astronomical sum — before expenses, of course. And why not? If wages were linked to megalomania then there seems to exist a certain parity. The hard-working Baroness’s job title, reminiscent of an African dictator’s immediate subordinate, is “High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.”

Baroness Catherine Ashton #2Somewhat improbably (given her hectic schedule, of course) Baroness Ashton has at least produced a couple of offspring, unlike many professional British women over the age of 40 who appear intent on aborting Britain to demographic extinction, helped by a further 20,000 women aged under 25 who had a second abortion in the last year alone.

Feminist pressure extends all the way to the Horn of Africa, from where yet another highly trained naval serviceman has been removed from his post after conducting an affair with a female sailor. Liberal insanity proclaims that young women should be allowed to serve alongside young men for protracted periods of time in a confined environment, without adhering to the all too predictable rules of nature.

Finally, in Blackpool over the weekend, 2,000 EDL supporters gathered to protest about police negligence regarding the murder — and alleged processing into a kebab — of Charlene Downes. Takeaway owners Iyad Albatikkhi and Mohammed Reveshi were found not guilty of her murder after the trial sensationally collapsed amidst accusations of police “incompetence, manipulation and lies”.

In the aftermath of the very much unpublicised event, Chief Supt Richard Debicki said “We’re pleased the protest has passed off peacefully and we’re satisfied we were able to give both sides the right to demonstrate…many officers will now remain in the resort over the Bank Holiday weekend to help reassure local businesses and communities.”

And so ends the week of May 23-30 in the year 2011. Although it just a snapshot, it outlines a country, a government and a people whose civilisational timeline is now measured in years rather than decades or centuries. We are no longer serious about the serious matter of survival. We have nowhere to turn and no one to realistically represent us. Britain, as Lawrence Auster constantly reminds us, is a nation of the living dead.


  1. I have a photo taken of the Queens Coronation street party in London in 1953.

    Among many others, are my mother and I

    I can remember it was also a day that we profoundly thanked those who had given their lives during the war so that we may enjoy this special occasion.

    We were united in our grief and in our pleasure.

    I last drove down this residential Street about 10 years ago, there were no white faces to be seen anywhere.

    All those industrious law abiding proud and honest '50s families have been replaced.

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  3. I wish to draw your attention to a minor error : The Somali population of Milton Keynes is now 9,998.

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