Monday 4 March 2013

The Genocidal Racism of Left-Wing Extremists

I have had some interesting discussions with extreme left-wingers recently. And oh boy, what a dreadful lot of immoral, dangerous racists they are!

These online conversations are always initiated by the leftists, who promptly accuse me of racism, bigotry and Islamophobia. I reply that I am not driven by a dislike, or even hatred of foreigners, but that I love my country, its culture, its people and its inherent decency, all of which I see threatened by an ever growing number of immigrant people who share few of our moderate ideals.

This sparks off more accusations of racism, but I then ask the following question: “You tell me British Colonialism was wrong, yet you have no problem with Britain being colonised. This tells me it is not colonialism that bothers you, but the existence of traditional Britain. Is this the case?” 

The leftist reply to this is that Britain committed all sorts of atrocities in the past, and it is now retribution time. I then ask them if they carry this same view over to other forms of colonialism. For example, the Zulus ethnically cleansed the Hottentot from Southern Africa, so based on leftist logic was it not a morally just form of retribution when the Zulus in turn were subjugated by the British and the Dutch? If the leftist considers this was not morally just, was it purely because the British and Dutch colonisers were white?

Leftists don’t really like this argument. They have difficulty answering the question because in their own peculiar world view, tribal racism simply does not exist when non-whites are the guilty party. Only whites can be guilty and only whites must suffer retribution. This is of course pure anti-white racism writ large.

When the African American feminist Bonnie Greer appeared on the BBC’s Question Time a couple of years ago, she declared there was no such entity as the “Indigenous English.” This is a terribly racist statement to make, and is just the sort of rhetoric Hitler used against the Jews when he sought to de-legitimise them. Greer was allowed to get away with this of course, because the BBC is in broad agreement with such racist ideology.

So the next question I ask the leftist is this: “Do you agree that all indigenous people, regardless of their skin colour, have a legal and moral right to their traditional existence and to their homeland?”

The leftist will then tell me that all people are entitled to such a basic requirement, except for white Europeans who are historically guilty of murder, oppression, slavery, etc etc.

My penultimate question to them is this: “Demographics predict the native British will become an ethnic minority in their own homeland before 2050. Do you agree this is direct contravention of the UN’s Definition of Genocide; in direct contravention of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and in direct contravention of any real world definition of decency and morality?”

The leftist will reply there is no such thing as the Indigenous British. Britain is an immigrant nation anyway, and is all the better for it. They tell me the world is One World and all are welcome. To resist this is racist they say.

My final question is this: “So, you deny the existence of the English/Scottish/Welsh/Irish as legally and morally recognised races; you deny them their right to a nationality and a culture; you deny them their right to remain as an ethnic majority in the land of their birth and you deny them the right to their homeland?”

By this stage, the leftist is so furious that I have forced him/her into a corner, and so furious that I have questioned their morality (which they feel they possess but I do not) that they then injudiciously reply: “No, you have no rights to any of these things because of your historical actions, and you now deserve everything you f******g well deserve.”

And that is where we are now. The left still accuse us of racism because we wish to preserve the people, culture and homeland which our forefathers sacrificed so much for, yet the left cannot recognise their own overt racism when they speak quite literally of racial genocide.

Make no mistake about this. These leftists are not morally good people; they are dangerous, evil genocidal racists, driven by an absolutely insane racial hatred of their very own race. The Left is our primary enemy.

Paul Weston. 2013.  My website is here. My political FB page is here.


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  2. Much of the time the Leftist 'anti-racists' we're up against are simply anti-white hypocrites. How they reconcile 'imperial karam' with 'multicultural enrichment' is mystifying. It just shows their capacity for double-think, as you imply. Don't expect consistency out of these wretches, unless it is in terms of ethnomasochism.

  3. By the way, as regards the indigenous nature of Britons, here is a link to an article that nicely refutes the 'nation of immigrants' claptrap that the PC brigade like to tell us...

    'Despite invasions by Saxons, Romans, Vikings, Normans, and others, the genetic makeup of today's white Britons is much the same as it was 12,000 ago, a new book claims.

    In The Tribes of Britain, archaeologist David Miles says around 80 percent of the genetic characteristics of most white Britons have been passed down from a few thousand Ice Age hunters.'

  4. Read this over at GoV and commented there. Will repeat my comment here:"I can see it now, their hair standing straight up on their head and turning snow white while they do a triple back flip! They argue as bullies, reason with self guilt, and repeat theories that have no basis’s in fact or history. Never be afraid of them. Anyway a big attaboy from a new fan in Texas. Well enough of that, times a wasting, must get back to oppressing, slaughtering, and other patriarchal pleasures."

  5. I'm posting the comment I made at GoV!

    White Britons a minority in Leicester, Luton and Slough
    White Britons are now a minority in three towns and cities outside London, according to a new report.
    White Britons could also become a minority in Birmingham by the end of the decade.

    Indigenous Brits are now in the minority in London! It is
    very shocking that years ago ruling elite Britain-haters made the decision to give away the country to the Third World. ESPECIALLY to global Islam. The once world-famous, clean, classy, safe and beautiful city of London is gone! A large area of London looks like Pakistan!

    There are even sharia patrols in London where Muslims yell at Brits: Get out! This is a Muslim area! Britain’s non-Muslim children have been ABANDONED by the elites. Many thousands of defenseless British children have been gang-raped by cruel Muslim males and forced into prostitution.

    Muslims perpetrate all of this terrible suffering and DESTRUCTION of lives without having conquered Britain through military invasion! It was achieved by ruling elites who colonized Britain with millions of Muslims; forcing Brits to provide for Muslims financially via their taxes. And allowing Muslims to do WHATEVER they want!

    We are most URGENTLY in need of a new party that will defend and protect Britain, the British people and especially British children!

    Please see:

    Mr. Weston, wishing you great success in the establishment of a new political movement!

  6. I found it very interesting that you quoted a feminist - as they exercise that same bigotry (if it can be used in this way) towards men. That any retribution against men is justified based on past "crimes" subjugation against women. It is the uniting meme of the left - in order to mobilize pity and support towards a group of victim.

  7. Racism or race-ism should mean race + ism = belief in races, racial differences, and the need for racial consciousness.
    Ism means belief, so why should racism or race-ism mean 'blind hatred of other races'? It's ridiculous.
    Stuff like Nazism or Nation of Islam should be called Radical Racism. But Rational Race-ism that takes the reality of race into account should be welcome.

    Racial differences to exist. Blacks are physically tougher and more aggressive, which is why most interracial violence is black on white.
    Ashkenazi Jews are more intelligent, which is why Jews, though only 2% of the US population, own 90% of the mass media, control elite academia, much of Wall Street, law firms, and etc.

  8. Thank you Paul for standing up for the rights of white Europeans. A point that I don't see being made very often is the fact that I, as a descendant of the 'English colonialists,' am in no way responsible for any wrong acts committed by my ancestors. None of us are required to pay for the sins of our fathers. Furthemore,
    I feel not enough is being said about the tremendous benefits of colonialism--the medical and technological tools of the West which helped raise many 3rd world countries out of their backwardness, giving them better standards of living, education, etc. Also worth mentioning is that the Middle East had no ability whatsoever to extract oil from the ground until the UK, USA and France provided the technology. They should be grateful to the West, not antagonistic.

  9. As an ex-leftist myself, I have some insights here.

    Some leftists are driven by what Fraud called the death wish and they want to destroy themselves and their own culture.

    Some leftists are driven by guilt. This is nothing unusual. Many human beings have this drive.

    However, many are driven by quite laudable sentiments – they want to see a society where there is equality, where the old and the sick are cared for and all have the right to education.

    And let’s face it, without the left we may still have child labour, no votes for women, no welfare state, no weekends…

    When talking to lefties, I use their own terminology. I say I believe in equality, that all are equal regardless of skin colour, race, gender or orientation. I explain that this is why I cannot accept some ideologies such as Islam (where men are considered superior to women, Muslims superior to non-Muslims and homosexuals are condemned to death). I then go on to say that supporting Islam is tacitly supporting sexism, homophobia and apartheid.

    They can’t argue with that.

  10. Lefties ignore and/or make excuses for the racism of blacks against white. And, although they won't admit it directly, the lefts obsession with "institutional racism" and their latest fashionable fetish of "racism in sport" (in both of which the perpetrators are exclusively white) - strongly implies that they believe only whites can be guilty of racism and thus whites must have lower moral standards than blacks and browns. But herein lies the paradox, because to suggest that one race (whites) has lower moral and ethical standards than another (blacks and browns) is in and of itself RACIST..!

  11. Another excellent article by you Paul which as always hits the nail on the head. However with UKIP, a party opposed to mass immigration, multiculturalism, and Brussels rule well on its way to becoming a serious candidate for being a party of government,.isnt it high time you rejoined it and used your considerable talent in order to accelerate UKIPs rise? UKIP, despite its faults is the only credible alternative to our decadent liberal establishment.

  12. Many thanks for all the well expressed comments here. I will devote more time to this site now, and should update daily. It was really only used an archive before, but I think it should be better utilised now.

    Mike, I appreciate your point about UKIP. If they spoke out about Islam I would probably re-join. I really do consider the rise of radical Islam to be comparable to the threat - if not greater- than Nazism. Not today, but the Muslim demographic is doubling every decade (here and in Europe). History and wars have not stopped, contrary to Mr Fukayama's thesis....and I foresee truly terrible days ahead.

    The moment UKIP talks publicly about this, I will re-join. In the meantime I will just keep on speaking to the truth. Hopefully an increasing number of people will listen!

    1. I think as things do get worse UKIP will become more vocal in its opposition to the islamification of the major urban zones of the UK. The other 3 main parties will be forced to adjust their attitudes to mass third world immigration and multiculturalism or to simply wither away as signifigent political forces.
      I believe things will come to a head by about 2050 and by then our people will be fully aware that the outcome will determine whether we can survive as a viable nation. Petsonally if it comes to full blown civil war we will win because it is we not they who control everythong outside our major cities. Keeping Bradford fed, maintaing its energy supplies etc is next to impossible if it is completely surrounded by hostile British militias and completely cut off from other muslims.
      So Paul while I completely agree with you about a dark time in store for us later this century, I also believe that ultimately, at a high price we will prevail.

  13. DP111 wrote

    Socialism/ Marxism/ communism - the Unholy trinity. Three in one and unified in their desire to take humanity to Utopia.

    Unfortunately every attempt has led to humanity being led to the killing fields and the Gulag. This unholy trinity has been responsible for the greatest mass murder of human beings in one century, in all history. Some 150 million killed, more then 10 times that number scarred for life, and its effects continuing even now.

    Every year we are treated to the horrific nature of Nazism i.e., national soclialism, but the BBC never has given us the facts of the far greater Holocaust perpetrated by the Unholy trinity.

    What I find very depressing about us humans is that we continue to teach Marxism as some wonderful ideology that will lead to mankind to Utopia. Do our intellectuals never learn.

  14. If it is retribution for perceived past atrocities ( my view is colonialism did more good than bad and having spoken to many from the colonised countries they agree with me !) then we would not be inviting them in ourselves of course.
    This would be a self-inflicted punishment., which is insanity !
    If the left are looking forward to their daughters being raped, FGM'd and wearing the covering, this means they want their own to suffer for the sins of their forebears. Does this make sense? No, but then whenever does the left make sense since they have been rendered obsolete. As all social ills have rightly already since WW2 been rectified, and communism has largely been dismantled.
    All they need now of course is a new "victim" to "protect".People to " fight" for so they can pat themselves on the back as the do-gooders they see themselves as.
    Never before has the West been so self-destructive, never in it's entire existence. May God help us, but I fear even He wont since we have thrown His blessings away and rejected His commandments in arrogance and ingratitude.
    The enemy smells weakness and this empowers them.
    We are lost I fear and once the elderly and baby boomers have passed on, the largest ethnic white group living today, all hell will be let loose and halting immigration now will not help, it is too late, millions of Muslims are here...and breeding...

  15. DP111 writes..

    Either Europe Will Become Christian Again or It Will Become Muslim
    by Enza Ferreri

    Well worth reading.
    Now for the special case of the UK. The UK, unlike other European nations has one saving grace- it is the only nation in Europe, or for that matter the world ( Vatican excepted), that is a Protestant Christian kingdom by constitution. The monarch is obliged, by his or her oath, to defend this Protestant realm.

    The reality is that the King or Queen is a symbol. The defence of the Christian nation (now just nominally so), that the monarch undertakes, relies totally on her Christian knights, swearing loyalty to God and King/Queen. These knights are us.

    For the last four decades, the elite, the left and the BBC, by all manner of subterfuge and the disgusting cult of multiculturalism, have tried to destroy the bonds that tie us to the realm (land), the Queen and the faith to which she is bonded. Without these bonds the King is helpless, just as the king on a chessboard is helpless, without his knights to defend him.

    Cut to the quick. Somehow we have to get back to the faith that inspired our civilisation, and made England the greatest civilising empire the world has ever seen. Without that faith, we will most certainly be destroyed by Islam.

    "God save the Queen" is now most of all, not just an empty phrase but an oath of loyalty even to the death, to God and Queen.

    I pray God hears us.

  16. It seems to me that if Paul and the rest of you turn out to be right(and theres every chance of that)would it not be a little more logical to make the UK become more self sufficient especially with regards to food since sooner or later muslims will be running the food chains of Europe.
    My next door neighbour is a farmer,guess what,he's a muslim as well.