Wednesday 23 April 2014

Paul Weston on Multiculturalism


  1. Mr Weston, you sound like you are talking about South Africa, the similarities are eerie to say the least, we have a slightly different problem but the result is the same. White Afrikaners in South Africa have been branded the uber-racists of the world just because they wanted to keep their culture and language. In South Africa the Afrikaners don't want to be called Boere anymore, these are liberal Afrikaners, people who say they have assimilated into the new impoverished South Africa yet still vote for white political parties, they pretend to be all multicultural, but if you go to a get together hosted by a liberal Afrikaner, you only see white people there.

    If anybody wants to see what multiculturalism does to a country and a race, just look at South Africa, go take a look at our history, you would have to sift through a lot of lies first though, and then take a look at it now. It's pretty obvious it does not work in it's current form.

    White South Africans are under threat, we are alone, we have no allies and we are hated they world over. The saddest part of it for me is the most White South Africans cannot see this, we are so used to murder and rape and torture and the strange things they do that we don't see the threat at all. Not me though, but I am one of the very few here that sees it, people avoid me because of my views, they don't want to associate with me because I make them uncomfortable when I speak about these things. They will not believe and even if they do believe they will not do a thing about it.

    We are losing almost one white person a day to other cultures and races, through murder, they murder us everyday in South Africa and nobody will do a thing about it, they have all the typical leftist bull about crime has no colour and whatnot. We are not used to living this way, you have no idea how bad it is living with cultures like these, we live behind high walls and electric fences, we are armed to the teeth and waiting for them to invade our houses and murder us in our beds. When walk in the streets we are constantly aware of what is happening around us in case we get attacked and robbed. We are threatened with genocide and have laws that stop us from providing effectively for our families. We are dying at a very scary rate and nobody, nobody will help us.

    So Mr Weston, this is what multiculturalism will bring you, invisible chains of guilt and fear, it sucks sir, really it is not the way to live, and Britain is not far from this I am afraid. I have a daughter that lives in the UK and I am afraid for her and her future, but you have a better chance of beating this than we do, so don't give up Mr Weston, keep on fighting.... And sir everything you say is true and the truth nowadays is racist.


  2. 2 Years later we are in the same position except that our strictly black government has sunk the country deeper into ridicule. Our currency has no value and the poor are still poor! The most frustrating thing today is watching the native population jump and shout in happiness for the ANC who have year after year extorted and filled their pockets with the hard earned money of the poor blacks. I give up!