Thursday 6 November 2014

Walking When White (ish)

If you view the peculiar antics of Left-Liberals through a prism of morality, decency and honesty, you will always feel slightly sordid, soiled and confused by the inexplicable behaviour of such people, who seem to have a slender grasp upon reality and sanity.

Take the case of the viral video 10 Hours Walking in NYC as a Woman recently put up by the certifiably lunatic outfit hollaback!  - a feminist organisation which seems to exist only to stoke a virulent hatred of men - as long as the men in question are white, that is…..

A moderately presentable feminist actress, by name of Shoshana Roberts, thought it would be a jolly wheeze to wander around New York whilst being secretly filmed, in order to show the world what terrible, awful, ghastly human beings men are, as they reacted to her shimmering presence as a half-starved dog would to a meaty bone.

And so they did. Not literally gnawing her to death beneath the kitchen table of course, growling and snuffling as they did so, but they most certainly reacted to her in a variety of less canine ways, ranging from simply saying hello, to walking alongside her and asking for her telephone number.

As I say, the curvaceous Shoshana is presentable if mere youth and the possession of female organs is one’s yardstick when measuring the qualities of a prospective female conquest, but a young Brigitte Bardot she most certainly ain’t. As such, I don’t suppose her daily routine consists in rebuffing the rabid approaches of countless suitors. Nevertheless, this is exactly what she set out to prove with the help of some sissy young feminist male, who secretly filmed her with a backpack camera as she bravely hit the mean and misogynistic streets of the Big Apple.

And this is where it all started to go wrong. As she sashayed voluptuously through white neighbourhoods, it would appear the only unwarranted attention she elicited was when men with good intentions warned a slightly effete looking young man with a backpack, that: “Was he was aware he was being closely followed by a semi- crazed looking woman who appeared to be stalking him with frowning ill-intent?”  

OK, I made that bit up. The point is, nothing happened to her at all. Those damned white men in Soho and Greenwich Village seemed to barely notice her! Which was most decidedly not the point of the exercise at all! So off she went to da hood, hoping to be leered at there, which she duly was as the video will testify. Lower-class black males seem to have an altogether healthier attitude toward getting laid than rich white males, in that they actually have the balls to talk to women in the first place, which is of course a pre-requisite if sexual congress is your endgame.

Having filmed a number of black males who had the sheer misogynistic effrontery of saying hello to her and complimenting her on her obvious availability, Shoshana then skulked back to the offices of hollaback! and uploaded the incriminating evidence showing all men to be sexist-bastards-fit-only-for-re-education-camps.

Within days of its release, a video with a hoped for hit rate of ten-thousand members of the Sisterhood had been viewed thirty-two million times! And the reaction was not good. Rather than exposing all men as sexist-bastards-fit-only for-chemical-castration, Shoshana had done the unthinkable and exposed only black men as sexist bastards fit only for corrective lessons administered by a suitably attired Harriet Harman. In a dimly-lit basement.

At which point, the demented Left went into paroxysms of liberal fury. How dare she show lower class people in this light! How dare she draw attention to the fact that black males are not yet fully house trained in the Sisterhoods Brave New World. How dare she draw attention to an “unacceptable narrative” how dare she…how dare she! infinitum.

hollaback! has now issued a public apology in which a Mzzz Emily May writhes through varied contortions of PC insanity. Quote: 

“We are deeply invested in a movement that is multiracial, gender inclusive and incorporates place-based leadership specific to each locale. Racial, gender, and class politics is a core part of our work. While we did not create this video, we did allow our name to be used at the end of it. We agree wholeheartedly that the video should have done a better job of representing our understanding of street harassment and we take full responsibility for that. I’m deeply sorry.”

But just what is this weird creature actually apologising for? We know there would be no apologies if the white men in Soho had actually approached Mzzz Roberts rather than so infuriatingly ignoring her ample charms. No, she is apologising because having set out to demonise men generally, only lower-class black men were demonised, which rather runs counter to hollabacks! Communist/Socialist policy of race, gender and class warfare with the capitalist white male pig-dog oppressor as their principle target.

A good example of this this stark Leftist fact, is Mzzz May’s following comment in her apology letter: “We are using the door opened by this conversation to expose the harassment faced by women of colour.” Which suggests that when a woman who is ostensibly white suffers at the hands of black men but not white men, then the issue becomes one of “women of colour” rather than the politically obvious issue of a white woman being “abused” by black men.

What can we learn from this? Simple; feminism is just one part of the Leftist assault on the foundations of Western civilisation; built in the main by Christian, capitalist, married white men. If you google Mzzz Shoshana Roberts or hollaback! with the added search words of “FGM” or “Islamic Misogyny”  or “Stoning Adulteresses To Death Outside A Mosque” you will find they are strangely mute on such trivial and immaterial subjects when compared with the nightmarish horrors of “Walking As a Woman in New York.”

And what can we conclude from this? Simple again; not only are Left-Liberals wicked, evil, dangerous subversives. They are also - as evidenced by the charming Shoshana Roberts and hollaback! – quite astonishingly, surreally, monumentally thick as well.


  1. Very pertinent observations and analysis.

  2. They are all narcissistic control freeks

  3. I just found this site via GoV and couldn't resist reading this item.

    Sad. I long for the "good old days" of feminism--you know, when feminists were more focused on gaining equal rights under the law for women and men. Not this kind of...ah...bullfeathers.