Sunday 24 July 2016

Germany is Committing Economic, Racial & Cultural Suicide

Rape, murder, machetes and guns. Angela Merkel has blood on her hands. If you invite barbarians into your liberal democracy you can only expect them to behave like barbarians. If you invite enough of them in, then your liberal democracy will be harmed in the short term and destroyed in the long term.

The numbers involved are huge. One million mainly young Muslim males last year, most of whom will bring at least five family members which could well include four wives if they so choose. If the four wives go on to have four children each – as is the average today for Muslims in the West - Germany’s next generation will be Muslim majority.

There are rumours suggesting 70% of these new migrants are functionally illiterate and could cost the German state up to 1 trillion Euros. Outside observers can only watch in disbelief as Europe’s most powerful country commits economic suicide prior to being taken over by the barbarians who bankrupted it. 

This ongoing tragedy is beyond comprehension and sanity. I spoke about the suicide of Germany recently. For those interested, it can be viewed below.


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  1. They are illiterate and inbred mutants. They will never be able to hold any meaningful employment. They won't be happy till all non muzzies are dead. Deport, jail or send them to the camps.