Monday 15 August 2016

Thought For The Day

If we are to be completely honest about ensuring a peaceful future for our children and grandchildren, we first need to understand the following - Islam is a mortal threat to our civilization, but it cannot be destroyed. Neither can it assimilate or modernise. If Western civilisation is to survive the 21st century, our only option is to remove Islam from the West.


  1. Agreed. It will have to be destroyed at some point, though.

  2. Islam is being destroyed right now. It has become the laughing stock of the internet. For the first time in history there are millions of free copies of the most perfect miraculous book ever written. And for the first time a huge increase of literacy among Muslims/"Muslims".
    The greek-roman gods lasted about 1400 yrs then collapsed as lacking credibility. I'll estimate Islam a lifespan of about 1401 as I want to be friendly and generous to it.
    People fail to appreciate that the pendulums of history do swing, notwithstanding their seeming stasis. And some pendulums have certainly been swinging the last decade or so.
    A cornered rat squeals and bites. That doesn't mean it's about to subjugate you into submission.

  3. As R.P. Clarke observes, such a crazed cultural phenomenon as militant Islam cannot survive in a fundamentally rational universe. Unfortunately it will remain the cause of much suffering on earth before its own internal contradictions destroy it from within. But it is the greatest wickedness and folly for our leaders in the West to actually back the criminals in their own insane tribal rivalries, and to even import these sinister and morbid forces into our civilized countries, and to deliberately frustrate the efforts of native westernizing secularists - such as Assad.

    We should be working towards the subversion of these evil forces - but the left in politics and culture has poisoned our Western societies with a cultural loathing for any sense of our own honour, virtue or even - in the final analysis - our own plain basic urge for survival. We have to stop this self-subversion, before we can ever begin to turn our justified fear and revulsion upon our enemies.

    Hopefully, recent political developments in the West suggest that the 'reset' button has at last been pressed: Now maybe our crashed Western civilization can be re-booted and functional once more.

  4. Indeed, just this week as seen the most enormous shift. Ever since the defeat of nationalism by PC globalism in 1945, PC Globalism has reigned supreme with not a single exception to that ideology being in power. And now for the first time in 70+ years we have a leader, indeed US president, who is explicitly not PC globalist, and cares more for free speech than preoccupying with "islamophobia" and "hate speech". This and the Brexit shows that the pendulum is now well into swinging.

    Lady Warsi said that "islamophobia" was now respectable in dinner parties. Soon it's going to be respectable in the White House, I suggest. And then the hypocritical reverse (anti-white, anti-european) racism will no longer be imposed.