Friday 4 November 2016

Anti-Brexit Remainers are Creating a Revolution.

Three left-leaning High Court judges have thwarted Brexit scream the headlines!

Not true. Despite the ecstatic pro-remain lobby indulging in a frenzied, nationwide group onanist-fest (look it up…) I think they have made a big mistake. Speaking as someone who feels British politics is in such a dire state as to make revolution our only means of national survival, I am rather pleased about this High Court decision, odd as that may sound.

Peter Hitchens pondered over the consequences of a majority electorate of Patriotic Leavers coming up against a government consisting largely of Remainers. He couched it in terms of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object. To understand what he meant we must turn to John F. Kennedy who memorably stated: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

I would like to think we are entering peaceful revolutionary times, and have no qualms about entering violent revolutionary times either – if that is what it takes to make the government ensure our survival. The British people have been so docile for so long they have become institutionalised in their docility. This High Court decision is their first opportunity to angrily flex their 17 million patriotic muscles in decades.

What is likely to happen now? Theresa May (who might or might not be fully committed to leave the EU) will appeal to the Supreme Court. I doubt this will be successful. The Supreme Court was established in 2009 as the British judicial arm of the European Union. A quick look at its links with the EU comes up with this:The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom is a member of the Network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the European Union.” It therefore seems probable that the Supreme Court will uphold the High Court ruling.

Should this happen, the Patriotic Leavers will be very angry. Not yet at pitchfork levels perhaps, but definitely angry. Parliament will then be forced to vote on whether Article 50 can be issued. Would they dare to vote it down? If they did, they will find 17 million seriously angry Patriots armed with pitchforks marching on London. I think they are aware of this and will vote the way we wish them to vote.

In short, we are still leaving the EU, even if it takes longer than first planned. This is a small setback in terms of time only. What is happening is actually to our great advantage, in that we can start to build a movement of angry Patriots who can, in the future, be utilised to press the government on issues other than the EU. Such issues could be about national identity, Islam, political correctness etc. 

This disgraceful, undemocratic, totalitarian behaviour over the EU is just what we need. No one can smear people as racists (and thus kill their seed of rebellion in its infancy) when they start to organise a loose-knit mass movement established purely to uphold democracy. Therefore, the pro-democracy, pro-patriotic, anti-establishment movement can grow unhindered. Contacts will be made, relationships forged. The kernel of revolutionary patriotic thought and action will be nourished and from there we can grow into a powerful movement which can then turn its attention to other matters of pressing national importance.

Anyway, enough wishful thinking about the future. Where are we today? In short, I see two options. Parliament will do our bidding and will vote to issue Article 50. This is my least favoured option. I would like to see them vote against issuing Article 50. I would like to see millions of Patriots explode with rage and march on the government. This would be the beginnings of the revolution we so desperately need. However it turns out though, it is win-win for us. Even if the biggest win - the Patriots with pitchforks win - is unlikely to happen, the seeds of revolution have now been planted. 

Thank you so much Remainers and Leftist judges!


  1. Well paul i you are right,but im up for the pitch fork

  2. Paul, I agree with you. I am an English nationalist and a patriotic leaver but I wish everyone with a similar outlook could band together and cease infighting. UKIP are not perfect but Paul Nuttall may support an English Parliament and Nigel Farage is a hero. UKIP are at present our best bet are they not ?

    1. It depends what you want out of politics. Muslim demographics and UKIP's attitude toward Islam (cowardly) and the EU (brave)means that Sharia Britain 2050 won't be told what to do by Brussels.... that doesn't really help the defeated English though, does it?

  3. I am hoping like you, English people will feel emboldened and will save their nation before it's too late. I think an English Parliament could be a first step - it may interest enough English people and those immigrants who support the English nation. Leaving the EU is a start