Thursday 8 December 2016

Dear BBC - Job Application from Abimbo Mbezla


Dear BBC

I write in response to your recent career advertisement. I am a disabled Nigerian female currently transitioning from a male body. People tell me I am physically attractive despite my height-to-weight ratio of 4’6’’ and 20 stone. Bigoted and prejudiced potential employers consider this a drawback, owing mainly to my inability to actually get out of bed of a morning. This “fat-shaming” has severely impacted on my mental well-being as I am sure you can imagine! I possess all my own teeth and a garishly framed copy of my degree in Voodoo and media-studies from Lagos University – which is certainly not a forgery I hasten to add! My friends advise me the BBC is an equal opportunities employer seeking to further their diverse work force, so I would like to apply for the post of financial controller if I may. I won’t actually be able to attend an interview in person of course, but rest assured I am more than capable of running the show via a lap-top perched on a cushioned bed tray! I do hope you will drop round for a chat about this, and would only add one further strand of diversity into the equation – which is my political leanings toward Donald Trump and capitalism. I’m sure such truly diverse employees are under-represented within the BBC so I expect to hear a positive response from you in the very near future!

Yours Sincerely

Mzz Abimbo Mbezla.


  1. We live in the Age of Exceedingly Wicked Betrayal. Laughter is required in order to help retain our sanity.

    Thank you for a good laugh!

  2. The perfect name for a future chancellor of the exchequer.