Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Thought for the Day

Our double standards re Mosul and Aleppo are quite chilling and quite frankly, inexplicable. The West started all of this. We deposed Saddam Hussein, Mubarak and Gadhafi. Our clueless politicians were cheerleaders for the Arab Spring, which wiser heads deemed the Koranic Winter. We kick-started Isis. We gave hope to the terrorist "rebels" in Syria that we would help them depose Assad. We interfere everywhere whilst never understanding Islam. And witless journalists just pour fuel on the all too predictable Islamic inferno.


  1. This is the first time I've seen the situation in Syria described so accurately and concisely. As for Western politicians getting involved in the Mid East cauldron, are there any people anywhere stupider than those clueless clowns! What were they thinking? The West desperately needs new leaders (Trump alone isn't enough) to get this world back to a more sensible order!

  2. So sensible. Even Hillary Clinton is on record as saying that American intervention was a big factor in the expansion of Isis and that they are in large part to blame.

  3. God bless you for your clarity and courage.

    The US directly supports al-Qaida in Syria and wages a pretend war on ISIS. The Russians came in and laid waste to a bunch of ISIS oil tank trucks in a week or two, something like 800 times the rate of destruction by US planes.

    We are in a coalition with Saudi Arabia and Qatar who directly finance and supply ISIS. Britain, Germany, France and Sweden are complicit in our aggressive war against the sovereign state of Syria.

    It's a perfect storm of criminality, stupidity, and moral debasement.