Monday 6 July 2009

Islam, the BBC & Propaganda

Although the BBC has a reputation for bias, dishonesty and the promotion of infantile ideologies designed to destroy civilised society, they appear to have surpassed themselves in their attitude to Christianity and Islam on their GCSE Bitesize revision website which is so fantastically biased, so hatefully anti-Christian and so perversely pro-Islamic that when one considers it is aimed at the unformed minds of young school children it must surely be tantamount to child abuse.

The BBC religious studies page, which can be found here has various sub-divisions, but for the purpose of this article I am going to concentrate on Prejudice & Discrimination and again, for the sake of this essay I will ignore Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism, and centre only on the attitudes of Christianity and Islam.

For those readers who do not wish to read this article in its entirety, then the four links in the paragraph above will take you to all the relevant pages, but be sure to do the Christian test as well as the Islam test at the end of each revision section. A word of caution however; if you suffer from high blood pressure or have a dicky ticker I would advise you to steer well clear.

Opening with Christianity, the first BBC page reverts to Marxist type as it explains that discrimination can only occur when prejudice is combined with power. As no minority race or religion in Britain is deemed to have power, so they can never discriminate against an indigenous British Christian. And so the scene is set for the evil BBC propaganda that follows their publishing of the UN Declaration of Human Rights:

Article 1: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Article 2: Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

We are also told:

All forms of discrimination go against the first two articles.

Page 2 informs us:

Christianity teaches that everyone is equal in the eyes of God and so all forms of prejudice and discrimination are unacceptable and against God’s will.

Leaving aside the small matter that we discriminate every day on any number of things, such as a preference for good wine over Bulgarian wine or holidaying in Tuscany rather than Arkansas - both examples one would imagine are outside the remit of God’s will - there then comes the inevitable however:

However….there are occasions when Christians are guilty of prejudice and discrimination.

In South Africa, for many years the Dutch Reformed Church supported apartheid, the system which meant that black people were separated from white people and treated inferior (sic).

When Europeans were colonising other countries around the world they often killed the native people there and treated them as slaves.

John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, is from Uganda and he has done a lot to raise awareness and put a stop to racism in the Anglican Church, and in wider society.

Sexism is still a problem for the Christian Church – women are not always treated as equals in roles within the Church.

Page 3 informs us:

Many people think the Christian Church is sexist. It does not treat men and women equally.

So although Christianity teaches that everybody should be treated the same, this doesn’t always happen.

Page 4 is a revision page where you have to match up the end of a statement with the beginning. If completed correctly it reads as follows:

Discrimination = Prejudice + Power

The Roman Catholic Church does not allow women to be Priests

Article 1 states that all humans are born free and equal

There is neither Jew nor Greek slave nor free

The Dutch Reformed Church supported apartheid

Paul (St) said: women should be silent in Churches

You shall love your neighbour as yourself

Native people were treated as slaves

If you get all the above correct on their interactive site, a little message pops up stating:

Congratulations, you remembered all the facts about Christian prejudice and descrimination. (Spelling mistake courtesy of BBC educationalists.)

The test bite concludes this section on Christianity. You are presented with an interactive statement to which you have to answer true or false. It mimics most of page 4 so I will draw attention to only 2 out of the 10:

Christians believe most people are equal in the eyes of God.

If you answer TRUE to this, then you are admitting that Christians do not believe all people are equal in the eyes of God, which means Christians discriminate, which means Christians simply by existing as Christians are in contravention of article 1 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, so artfully inserted by the BBC propagandists on their opening page.

If you answer FALSE, as most unwitting 16-year-old schoolchildren will, having been repeatedly bludgeoned around the head with instances of Christian sexism and racism, then the BBC propagandists’ job is done. As it happens, FALSE is the correct answer, because Christians believe everyone is equal, as opposed to most people are equal. Very clever. One wonders what regimes recent BBC employees once worked in.

The second statement reads:

John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York is trying to reduce racism in the Anglican Church.

Another clever question, to which the correct answer is TRUE. Notice there is no argument as to whether there really is racism in the Anglican Church, it is just presented as fact, and provides the BBC with the opportunity to subliminally brainwash whilst promoting the only Christian they admire based solely on the fact that he is an African, an enormous positive that far outweighs the inconvenient fact that he is far more hard line than the liberal rank and file excuses for the British Clergy epitomised by the Archdruid, Rowan Williams.

Islam, as I am sure you have probably guessed, is treated in an altogether different way.

Page 1 is identical to page 1 for Christianity, detailing the meaning of discrimination and quoting the Human Rights act.

Page 2 informs us:

The Qur’an (the divine book revealed to the Prophet Muhammad) teaches that everyone was created by Allah and that everyone is equal.

Therefore there is no reason to treat people of different races differently. The Prophet Muhammad showed how important this teaching was in his last sermon, when he said…

…All mankind is descended from Adam and Eve, an Arab is not better than a non-Arab and a non-Arab is not better than an Arab, a white person is not better than a black person, nor is a black person better than a white person except by piety and good actions. Learn that every Muslim is the brother of every other Muslim and that Muslims form one brotherhood.

Page 3 informs us of Islam’s attitude to women:

Islam also teaches that men and women are equal in the sight of Allah. They are individually accountable for their actions, and will be judged equally by Allah.

However, although men and women are equal, they are not the same. They have different purposes. It is part of Allah’s design and purpose for men and women to have different physical characteristics; likewise it is the duty of a man to provide for the financial needs of his family, and for the woman to look after the home and family.

Although the rights of women are different to those of men, they do have the right to choose whom they marry, to divorce, to study, to own property, to conduct business and to take part in politics.

The Prophet Muhammad stressed the importance of women and the respect that should be shown to them when he said – paradise lies at the feet of your mother.

Page 4 is a revision page where you have to match up the end of a statement with the beginning. If completed correctly it reads as follows:

Discrimination = Prejudice + Power

The Qur’an teaches that everyone is equal

Article 1 states that all humans are born free and equal

Women have the right to take part in politics

Men and women will be judged equally

All mankind is descended from Adam and Eve

Paradise lies at the feet of your mother

Sometimes men have the final word

If you get all the above correct on their interactive site, a little message pops up stating:

Congratulations. You have understood all the arguments about Islamic prejudice and discrimination.

Notice how the BBC uses the word “facts” in relation to Christian prejudice and discrimination, but replacedswith “arguments” with regard to Islam.

The test bite concludes the section. There is nothing surprising in it; just a continuation of the BBC’s overt propaganda suggesting Islam is divine, pure, non-racist and non-sexist.

There is a different section on Christian and Islamic attitudes to fighting and warfare. It is worth browsing in its entirety but the general thrust of the propaganda is that Christians and Jews are warlike and Islam is a religion of peace.

That the BBC should peddle such overt and dishonest propaganda is obscene in itself, but to whitewash Islam with its arranged marriages, honour killings, global violent jihad etc whilst painting Christianity as a religion of racism, sexism, colonialism, enslavement and murder leaves me struggling for a word stronger than “obscene.” And to peddle it to innocent school children? Words fail me.

The BBC hate the Britain our fathers and grandfathers fought and died for. They realised many years ago they needed to eradicate Christianity if they were to destroy Britain from within. And they have virtually done so.

The Rt Rev Paul Richardson penned a recent article in which he argued that Christian Britain was dead, destroyed by multiculturalism and heading for complete extinction within 30 years. He did not mention the role of the BBC in their long ideological march to economic, social and moral ruin, but as you can see, they have certainly played their part.


A small victory for bloggers. The BBC has completely revamped it's web section on propaganda and discrimination. Not bad, pity it took five years and public outrage to do so.


  1. Haven't you got any better ways to waste your time - trying to calculate how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, perhaps?

  2. It is truly difficult to avoid the rampant Islamist propaganda pouring forth from the BBC these days.
    And we are FORCED to pay a licence
    to keep this Islamofacist bile going!

  3. "That the BBC should peddle such overt and dishonest propaganda"

    I notice that Paul Weston has simply PRESUMED that the content presented by the BBC is dishonest and then spent the rest of the post COMPLAINING about it, instead of actually putting together a case to argue HOW it has been dishonest. Is this a serious discussion? I previously thought that this type of rhetoric was exclusive to the BNP, but now it seems the UKIP is not much better.

    Does Weston, for example, wish to refute that South African apartheid occurred without significant condemnation from its Christian representatives? If so, where is his refutation?

    I myself do not believe Christ advocated discrimination, therefore I do not consider it correct to blame Christianity for European evils. I would say that the bad behaviour of European colonialists has its roots in the Old Testament, in other words Judaism or Judeo-Christianity and its ideas of racial supremacy.

    If the BBC content was poor, it was because it went too easy on Judaism, not on Islam.

  4. Anonymous

    You really do not like Jews do you?

    I notice you keep raising the question of free speech in Europe with the criminalisation of holocaust denial.

    Are you a holocaust denier?

    Do you dislike all Jews or just Israel?

    Do you always hide behind anonyminity?

  5. Great Blog Paul! Iode, why read it if you have nothing better to add than a nonsensical comment. Whatever colonial powers did in the past, the reality is that reverse discriminaton is now being practiced against Christians and Jews, and the white British population..

  6. I totally agree with the author. The anti-Christian bias of modern Western media and education system is obscene. And not just obscene. It is also misleading. The media, schools, universities, popular culture - all of them incultate lots of false ideas about the basic teachings of Christianity and of the Church history.

    It is breathtaking how ignorant are modern Europeans about the faith of their ancestors.

    The infatuation with Islam of 'progressive' politicians, activists and writers is based solely on their hatred of Christianity. They are happy to promote any doctrine as long as it is useful to destroy Christianity.

    It is so funny to see the same parties, the same newspapers, even the same people support gay rights and the cause of Islam in Europe. Are they really so ignorant of Islamic realities? Preachers of Islam declare clearly and openly that homosexuality for them is a crime punishable by death.

    Or the issue of women's rights. How can the BBC or the rest of the 'progressive' camp accuse the Catholic Church of sexism and turn a blind eye to the really horrible plight of women in Islamic societies? How can the same people be in favour of sexual freedom and of a religion that stones adulterous wives to death?

    It is really an education to watch them and to see how hatred makes people blind. Hatred of Christianity making those supposed freedom-lovers work hard towards turning Europe into a totalitarian Muslim hell.

  7. hello Paul.Greeting from the other side of the pond. I just found this site, and want to say well done.I just got a chance to look at your video on Europe News,well said Sir.

    I would like to add an American pagan's perspective regarding the "dimmitude" of the BBC.

    Do with as you wish.

    share,delete but please read first.Thank you.

  8. I'm sorry for the enforced state of naivety that a couple of these comments display. Ironically it's the BBC who are the amongst the foremost architects of the methods of developing and maintaining your cognitive dissonance, and as little as an couple of hours of study into the development of social control through propaganda since 1940 will easily substantiate that fact. It’s not this blog authors job to de-programme you against your will, you should really help yourselves by doing a little research instead of screwing up your eyes, blocking your ears and refusing to challenge your masters external influences.

    Dr. Joseph Goebbels was a rank amateur, and was out finessed at every stage by the methods of the BBC (as all sources agree - apart of course from the modern main stream media who are silent on this fact for obvious reasons)... but 'total war' never ended when we beat the fascist states in 1945, it just evolved into total cold war - and the methods of cold war have been being perfected and applied ever since, non-stop, effecting everyone.

    I find it interesting though to note that although these methods have been becoming increasingly scientifically calibrated (since the 'Quots and Tots' scientific group were given wide ranging powers in 1940) these methods of maintaining imperial dominance through the infliction of apparent liberty are as old as man-kind itself. Such common texts as the Torah and the Old Testament contain detailed information on how enforced liberty, mass forced immigration and cultural genocide have been used over and over again by empires wishing to consolidate their stranglehold on their acquisitions (try the Book(s) of Kings for more info, or take the example of the such implanted cultural/racial groups as the Samaritans).

    The alters to this religion of liberty (which is called political correctness today, and includes all aspects of propagandist manipulation from scientism to spin, just as it always has for thousands of years) are described by the OT as the 'abomination of desolation'.

    Understanding this doesn't demand any Judaeo/Christian belief. Even Plato commented that the worst forms of tyranny are developed and implemented through excessive liberty.

    At the end of the day these so called 'liberals' are not liberals at all, they are neo-fascists. The paradox that is authoritarian enforcement of liberty ends any rightful claim these people might make on there actions being in any way truly 'liberal'. Fascist liberalism is nothing but a very useful trick for plutocrats to use.

  9. I couldn't get to the end. Makes my blood boil. It's about time the BBC was scrapped and all their freeloading propaganda merchants forced into the real World.

    Michael Barnes London