Thursday, 15 March 2012

An Open Letter to David Cameron Regarding Sharia Law

An Open Letter to David Cameron

Dear Prime Minister,

Whether your recent bizarre policy decisions are driven by a fear of Islam or a woeful lack of Islamic understanding remains unclear, but to most impartial observers it would appear you have crossed the loyalty line and are now officially endorsing sharia law in Britain.

I would remind you that as our Prime Minister your primary duty is to put the interests of your country and your own people before the interests of a foreign people or ideology. I am of course talking about Islam here, more specifically sharia law, which is making rapid progress in Britain and the West. It is both astonishing and chilling that what was formerly considered haraam (forbidden under sharia law) only in Islamic countries is now equally considered haraam in Britain.

A Christian travelling to Saudi Arabia cannot take a bible or a cross into that country, nor could he display pictures or caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed. I have no particular problem with this — when in Rome etc. — but I do have a problem, to put it mildly, when my own government appears intent on importing the political ideology of sharia into my own country.

Two recent news stories suggest Britain is not just adopting a policy of appeasement toward sharia, but is already a de-facto sharia state. Firstly, your government is quite incredibly arguing that British Christians should not be allowed to appeal against a ban which outlaws the wearing of crosses in the workplace, and secondly that an Englishman, Darren Conway, has been jailed for twelve months after being found guilty of “religiously aggravated harassment.”

The MSM seems reluctant to inform us how this new thought-crime of religiously aggravated harassment was contravened, but posters displayed by Conway in the windows of his home are rumoured to link the sexual consummation of the marriage between the Prophet Mohammed and his nine year old bride Aisha with the casual disregard Muslims exhibit toward the rape and grooming of underage English girls in Britain’s northern towns and cities.

I am not going to suggest that displaying such posters is the most diplomatic way of drawing a comparison between Mohammed’ sexual predilections and the ongoing Muslim rape of English girls, but the only point to be made is that the jailing of Darren Conway should not be possible in a non-Islamic country, and would simply not have been possible in Britain ten years ago.

What we are witnessing here, along with the outlawing of Christian crosses, is the rule of sharia in what is still termed a Christian country. You, Mr Cameron, and Britain’s traitor class in government and the media have prostrated yourselves before the onslaught of a fanatical, murderous and resurgent Islam, even as you publicly proclaim Islam to be a religion of peace.

Successive British governments (along with the BBC) have portrayed Islamic terrorists as deluded fanatics who kill for no better reason than to kill — as if the fact that they are brutal means they are insane. Britain’s ruling class deliberately adopts the disingenuous narrative that Islamic terrorists couldn’t possibly be accurately representing a well-grounded interpretation of Islam, and must therefore be ‘perverting’ or ‘hijacking’ Islam, or indeed are “betraying the true Islam”.

But as Andrew McCarthy notes, there is logic to terrorism. It is jihad, the purpose of which is to implement, spread, defend or vindicate sharia, the Muslim legal code. Sharia is the necessary precondition to Islamicizing a society. Once you realize that, you quickly realize that the same sharia-driven campaign can be waged, and is being waged, by non-violent means, and that the violent and non-violent methods are inextricably linked.

In her book The Dhimmi Bat Ye’or writes:

The jihad is a global conception that divides the peoples of the world into two irreconcilable camps: that of the dar al-Harb, the “Territory of War,” which covers those regions controlled by the infidels; and the dar al-Islam, “the Territory of Islam,” the Muslim homeland where Islamic law reigns. The jihad is the normal and permanent state of war between the Muslims and the dar al-Harb, a war that can only end with the final domination over unbelievers and the absolute supremacy of Islam throughout the world.

To further your education, Mr Cameron, you must understand that wars are fought between rival tribes, races and religions not in order to sate mankind’s desire for violence but as a means to an end, with the end being one thing and one thing only — political control over the defeated people. When you act against Britain’s Christians in the way that you now do, and lock up Englishmen who dare to portray Mohammed in posters, you are in effect enforcing sharia law against traditional Britain.

You are therefore not representing your country and your people; you are representing the ideology and law of sharia, an alien political system with a history of absolute enmity against the West, and which currently seeks to dismantle the liberal democracy of Great Britain over which you preside. You are in short, exhibiting the behaviour of a traitor.

It is possible I am being somewhat harsh on you Mr Cameron. It is possible your education and professional life to date leaves you ill-equipped to absorb the realities of Islamic imperialism, but ignorance about a matter of such profound importance is not a legitimate defence. Perhaps you think the Islamic threat is blown out of all proportion by “right-wing extremists”, but the threat is more than real: it is overpoweringly the single biggest issue of not just our time, but of all time.

You may not want to admit that Islam is at war with the West, but Islam fully realises it is engaged in a physical and ideological war against us. Until such time as you accept this reality then it will be a war we can only lose. How can we mount a defence when the traitor class refuse to even acknowledge we are under threat?

The rise of Tommy Robinson and the English Defence League signify the initial stage of an inevitable religious civil war in Britain. It is the working man of England who must face the reality of living in our rapidly increasing Islamic areas, but demographics suggest the middle-classes will also face Islamic reality in the very near future. Old Etonians, Oxbridge graduates and the champagne socialists (who all choose to live well away from the deliberately imported multicultural hell-holes created by the traitor class) have assured a truly terrible future for Britain and its betrayed indigenous people.

Western politicians such as yourself, Mr Cameron, have operated in a liberal democracy for so long you have forgotten the law of the jungle and are thus culturally unable to descend to its level. Islam, with its refusal to accept democratic man-made laws; its openly discriminatory attitude toward non-Muslims, its propensity for intolerant violence and its tribal/political/religious ideology is the law of the jungle, and the Savile Row suited and politically correct Western politicians — all reared on a diet of non-discrimination and tolerance — are thus rendered defenceless before it.

I would be glad to hear a coherent argument against the content of this open letter, Mr Cameron, but fully understand that your vocal appeasement of resurgent Islam makes such a response more than a little unlikely. This is a shame, because I am sure I speak for many millions of British people who find your official endorsement of sharia law in Britain baffling in the extreme.

Yours Sincerely,

Paul Weston
British Freedom Party


  1. Is your Prime Minister a total idiot or what? In Canada, Sharia Law was rejected twice in Ontario and in Quebec. I believe in freedom of religion, but this is not religion anymore, it is politics and it cannot be accepted in countries where men and women are considered equal.

  2. My impression is that Cameron isn't such a bad person but that the UK is heavily indebted and indeed unfortunately to an extent depends on Gulf-type petrodollar investments. Barack Obama isn't such a bad chap and he bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia in public, shortly after the onset of what has become known as the "Credit Crunch", in my opinion for the very same reason. That is why the UK and London admin gives - and will continue to give - both the British Freedom Party and its street movement predecessor such a hard time. For exactly that reason it is very important that Mr. Weston continues his political work, there is no way mainstream parties will take the right stance on these issues if there is no incentive, an incentive that can be expressed in percentages.

  3. Whoever wrote this article really needs to do there homework better. The writer states the following:

    "I am of course talking about Islam here, more specifically sharia law, which is making rapid progress in Britain"

    Obsolutely correct, All of British common Law, the Jury system that exists in England, the very concept of a "court system", all owes it enormous debt to Islam. In particular Imam Malik (R.A.)

    Futhermore the unquantifiable and infinite contribution Islam has made to the education system in europe. Do your reasearch and find from where univeristies came! The long black gown and black top hats that graduates where, where did this all come from? Yes it was Islam.

    Algebra, Algorithms, Chemistry, Astronomy, Physics. The invention of the scientific method all inspired by Sharia and Islam.

    Islam is all around you, the sharia is already a fundamental element of your existence, thiniking and life. Seven percent of the English language direct from Islamic Arabic words. The arab islamic numerals, YES 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ,7, 8, 9, 10 and so on, yes incase you forgot they are the ARAB NUMERALS, I dare you to compare the written form the numers 1 to 10 with the Arabic and western script, your hearts will leave your mouths because they have been copied from Muslims.

    All praise is due to Allah.

    1. Like most right thinking British people, I believe there is no place for Islam in Britain. We now understand what Islam is all about and we do not like it, nor do we respect it. No muslim can be British, your value system is too different.

  4. "Your hearts will leave your mouths" and yet more bullshit will almost certainly leave your mouth. Modern decimal numbers were invented in india long before mo started making up stories about messages from god via angels. It is true however that lots of good things came out of Arabia and into the west during the first 500 years of Islam. That was a long time ago. Fast forward to the present and we have the west which invents and Islam which destroys. Perfect example being an airoplane. The west invents and Islam flies it into buildings.

  5. Paul you ask " Whether your recent bizarre policy decisions are driven by a fear of Islam or a woeful lack of Islamic understanding remains unclear"
    Since he is PM of great (tongue on cheek whilst typing) Britain don't you think we can rule out lack of understanding. Surely someone in his cabinet has half a brain and would have chalked up on a blackboard information that a child of six could easily understand. Given that what conclusions can we draw from such actions?
    Keep up the good work.

  6. @Anonymous....why did you leave out the fact that non-Muslims have less rights than Muslims under Islam?

    Or that Islam is so stuck in the past that it still allows child marriages? The UK and non-Muslims for that matter do not owe you and Islam a thing. Your attempted con has failed. The Western war on Islam is just getting started. All within the law.

  7. Mr. Weston,

    I added you to my blogroll. Keep up the great work sir! British and Swiss politicians ready to tackle Islam

  8. To anonymous who wrote the rubbish at 25 March 2012 02:07.
    The fact is that Islam did one good thing. That was to preserve the intelligence and basic scientific work of earlier civilisations. Apart from that, Islam contributed virtually nothing to the progeress of the human race. In fact it could be said that the stultifying effect of this fatalistic cult has probably set humanity back a thousand years.

    1. darren john conway3 February 2014 at 08:24

      I couldn't agree more, I am the person mentioned in the original letter.

  9. Well said, sir. You certainly speak for me on this matter. Politically Correct asaults on free speech have continued under a supposedly conservative and liberal government. It is a disgrace.

  10. To Anonymous who wrote on 15 June:

    The works of the pagan scholars and philosophers were preserved by Eastern (mostly Greek and Syrian) Christians, not by Muslims. This is obviously the truth because there is a big gap between the fall of classical civilization and the rise of Islam. The idea that Islam lovingly preserved ancient knowledge is the opposite of the truth. An account of the Caliph's conquest of Egypt, for example, tells of the destruction of ancient books, on the basis that they either confrirmed Islam and were superfluous, or contradicted it and were heretical.

  11. I am DARREN CONWAY the man you mentioned in your letter, what I got sent to prison for was most likely because I was a member of the BNP, they like to say that all BNP members are thugs and criminals and if you are not a criminal it seems they go all out to make you one. I am coming to Luton on sat 15th to meet up with a good friend of tommys called Jim, if anyone would like to see the pathetic articles I was imprisoned for, then it can be arranged. D CONWAY.

  12. People in Britain and in the west really need to wake up.. Islam is over taking and the Sharia law will be forced upon us all.. Please wake up.. :'(

  13. And did you get a reply??? - if so will you post that as well - Bob

  14. DP wrote..
    The Arabs DID NOT INVENT MATHEMATICS. Mathematics has a long history of development in Greece, China, India and Mesopotamia. It is typical of Arabs to claim that Mesopotamians were Arabs. They were not.
    To be fair, the Arabs did introduce the decimal number system and the concept of zero to Europe. But both these inventions were the product of Hindu mathematicians. The Arabs were the messengers rather then the originators of the message.
    The one mathematician that the Arabs claim as their own is Al-Khwarizmi. He certainly lived in the area of Baghdad. But even in the field of Algebra, the Greeks and Hindus, several centuries prior to Al-Khwarizmi, were more advanced then he. For instance, Al-Khwarizmi solved quadratics but these were developed by Hindu mathematicians who gave general solutions rather then particular ones. Given the trade routes of the time, it is conceivable that Al-Khwarizmi got most of what he wrote from India. It is also conjectured that Al-Khwarizmi travelled to India to study Maths. Quite possible.
    Given the primitive times, it is unlikely we will ever know the exact truth, but I find the Arab mentality of stealing other people's ideas and claiming it as their own, very distasteful. Though it seems to go with the general nature of Arab tribal society, where brigandage is considered a honourable profession. It is unfortunate that such a trait persists even to the modern era.