Saturday 16 November 2013

Many Roma, No Goats, No Joke.

On the 1st of January 2014, the EU in its infinite wisdom will allow Romanians and Bulgarians to enter Britain, where they will be allowed to work and/or claim welfare benefits. Is this such a bad thing, one is tempted to ask in moments of liberal compassion? I lived in Romania for a while back in the 1990s and can testify that European Romanians are well educated, hard working and thoroughly decent people.

Having said that, Romania is a poor country, so it is clearly in the interest of many Romanians and Bulgarians to better their incomes by moving to Britain. Unfortunately, for us Brits at any rate, once here they will undercut British workers and thus drive down the aspirations of the native British working class.

So even if it were just hard working European Romanians and Bulgarians, this is not good for the vast majority of Britons, save the BBC café-latte class of left-liberals whose jobs and income are not under threat in the slightest, and who are very happy to take advantage of cheap nannies, plumbers, gardeners and other such members of progressive liberalisms new and exotic servant class.

But with European Romanians and Bulgarians come Roma gypsies, who to be brutally frank could hardly be described as hardworking, honest, cultured - or indeed even conducive to the national good, as the fragrant Home Secretary Theresa May might couch it.

Just how criminal are the Roma gypsies, if one might ask such a disgracefully racist question? Well, quite extraordinarily criminal is the answer to that. One could almost say that Roma and criminality go together like ducks and water, bread and honey, or indeed Muslim males and misogyny.

David Blunkett is well aware of this, which is why the ex-Labour Home Secretary is warning of riots on the streets when they arrive and practice their life skills of child trafficking, sexual slavery, forced prostitution, begging, multi-million pound welfare fraud, stealing the lead from church roofs and the brass plaques from our war memorials; the copper wire from railway signalling machinery; pick pocketing (in Paris, the Louvre has HUGE problems with this) and other such actions which in all honesty are hardly benefiting Britain in the slightest. To put it mildly.

Details on Roma criminality in Romania and Bulgaria are hard to come by, but their cousins in the Czech Republic no doubt represent the same sort of statistics one might expect in Romania. There are 10 million Czechs and only some 250,000 Roma, yet the Roma account for 60% of jailed Czech prisoners despite making up just 2.5% of the population.....In Britain, despite apparently being only 200,000 strong (which I don’t really believe) 27,500 have been arrested for crimes including rape and murder.

In Britain, 90% of cash point fraud is committed by Roma gypsies. The head of the British police unit tasked with tackling cash point crime said fraudsters stole £35million from British bank customers last year - and most of those arrested in connection with the scams had links to the same location - the city of Bacau in eastern Romania. The proceeds of crime account for “some 70% of Bacau’s “economya senior Romanian lawyer claimed recently. The flow of cash into the city is so great that an array of mansions have sprung up in the area and a number of expensive car dealerships have opened.
Have you ever wondered why there are so many Roma Big Issue sellers, who astonishingly now account for 50%  of the supposed homeless who sell the magazine? But they are not homeless; not only are they housed in Britain courtesy of British tax-payers, but the benefits they receive also fund the lavish lifestyles and yet more cars and mansions of their gang-masters back in Romania.

Although technically unable to access Britain’s global/international welfare and benefit packages, there is a very easy way around this. By becoming a Big Issue vendor, they qualify as self-employed, which in turn leads to the legal issue of a national Insurance number which in turn leads to housing and welfare payments. It also, and this is very important, grants dependent family members the right to welfare in the UK.
One Roma gypsy selling the Big Issue can therefore bring his entire extended family to Britain, where they will be fed and housed by the British tax-payer. Simon Ashley, a Liberal Democrat councillor in Manchester, said Roma immigrants were selling just a few copies of the magazine each week in order to claim the benefits: “Some families are getting more than the average Manchester wage – around £21,000 a year.

Such a lucrative way of life has to be protected. In 2007, a row over territory led to Roma gypsies threatening to kill a native Brit seller of the Big Issue in Kilmarnock, Scotland, where it was claimed foreign gangs were buying up the bulk of the magazines and taking the most lucrative pitches.
The Big Issue seems remarkably relaxed about this disgraceful abuse of the genuinely homeless native British (which include many ex-soldiers) and of course the disgraceful abuse of the British tax-payer. One of their directors, a Ms Caroline Price, admitted there had been confrontations and violence between Roma and native Brit Big Issue vendors, but said “we help whoever asks. We don’t discriminate.”

Well, how true that is! The Big Issue is actually advertising for Roma friendly “outreach workers” in Wales! Quote: “We are looking for Romanian speaking, friendly, enthusiastic, motivated & sociable volunteers to provide crucial ‘On-street-sales support’ in the Cardiff area and also provide support based from the Cardiff office.”

So an organisation originally set up to help homeless native Brits is now being utilised to support luxury lifestyles of criminal Roma gypsies in Romania. One particular Romanian town, Tandarei, has been transformed from a dusty outpost 100 miles from the capital Bucharest to a prosperous community full of new houses and British number plate BMWs and Land Rovers.

Scotland Yard believes that more than 100 of the homes in an area dubbed Benefits Boulevard  have been built with the proceeds of money “earned” either illegally or through welfare scams in Britain. Gang members make regular budget flights to Britain, where they use forged Home Office residency documents and fake job references (for non Big Issue vendors presumably) to obtain National Insurance numbers and subsequent housing and welfare benefits.

This goes some way toward explaining why there are some 76 million National Insurance numbers in Britain, a country with a population (officially) of only 63 million. This welfare fraud is completely unsustainable. Welfare now accounts for a full one-third of government spending, and the fact that an unknown amount of this ends up as luxury mansions in Romania is simply obscene.

We are allowing ourselves, courtesy of our traitor class politicians in Westminster and Brussels, to be literally raped as a nation. Just as these quisling politicians lied to us about the numbers of Poles they thought would enter Britain, so they are lying to us again about the number of Roma gypsies who will enter our country in order to beg, steal and defraud us.

Romanian and Bulgarian politicians are fully aware of the great opportunity they are presented with here, where they can finally off-load their gypsy problem onto the shoulders of their half-witted and overly tolerant Western neighbours. We already have 200,000 - 300,000 Roma in this country, despite the lies told by our politicians that Britain is home to only a relatively few  .......and we can now expect quite literally hundreds-of-thousands more.

Eastern European town mayors are far more honest than the traitor class within Brussels and Westminster. The mayor of two Romanian villages, Koller Gabriel-Adrian, has claimed that up to half of his villagers would move to the UK when restrictions are lifted in January. One villager, Remus Neda, a Roma gypsy and father of seven children, said he hoped to move to Britain after learning that he could be eligible for housing benefits and NHS care. Pointing to a shaggy brown and white goat, tethered to an outhouse, he said: “In January, the only thing left in the village will be the goat.

Most EU countries refuse to allow immigrants to utilise welfare payments unless they have actually paid into the system. But Britain’s useless politicians did not sign up for this, along with Ireland, Finland, Estonia and Germany. As the Roma gypsies have a smattering of English but probably not Estonian, German or Finnish, you can bet your bottom dollar that Britain will be their primary destination. And of course, they also realise we are a soft touch, which the other four countries are not.

But it is not the Roma gypsies we should be angry with. I don’t blame them in the slightest for wishing to better their lives. It is the EU and their puppet Prime Minister Cameron I blame, particularly so when the EU has made its intention clear that it wishes to destroy the racially homogenous Nation States of Europe (see Peter Sutherland) and is now proposing new totalitarian laws on "tolerance" in order to criminalise and jail those “racist” dissidents who dare to object to their racial, cultural and economic destruction.

It is morally and ethically wrong that we, as a bankrupt and racially fractured nation, are allowing our politicians and foreign criminals to take advantage of us in this way. I sometimes wonder just what it would take to push the historically long suffering Brits too far - and what will happen when that point is reached? Perhaps, as David Blunkett has intimated, it will be the Roma gypsies who finally break the bowed and bending camel’s back, but I rather doubt it.

I don’t think there will be riots, but if there are it will come from the Muslim community rather than the native Brits, as is already evident in Sheffield where Pakistani Muslims have set up street patrols to educate the Roma in “English ways” - such as not defecating in the car park outside Tesco’s, or urinating over the frozen meat prior to stealing it from the rubbish bins out back. But sadly, the docile and propagandised native British don’t have the balls anymore. If they did, our traitor class of politicians would have been violently driven out of Westminster before the prongs of a hundred-thousand pitchforks a long, long time ago.

Paul Weston

Chairman, Liberty GB.


  1. Guardian and BBC elites, don't be HYPOCRITES! Follow up your sympathetic words with actions and go live in gypsy infested Page Hall!

    As BIG supporters of hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of Roma invading TINY, criminally over-populated Britain, PM Cameron and the politicians will be DELIGHTED if some helpful person would be so KIND as to provide the Roma with the addresses of Cameron and the other champagne socialists, as the PERFECT place for gypsies to set up their encampments!

    Cameron, the politicians and the gypsies can all rejoice together!

  2. I just want to leave a message of support to Paul Weston. I've nothing more to say than that. He has eloquently, and truthfully, said what needed to be said.

  3. Why don't you fight against all this insanity, you native British people? I can't believe this!

  4. This is outrageous that our government is willing to provide precious tax revenue to these people when many of our old people who have payed taxes all their lives are living in poverty, our young people cannot find work because of the influx of cheap immigrant labour.
    Regarding the Big Issue sellers, I live in rural Somerset and there are even Eastern Europeans selling the magazine here and in Dorset, I think we know why!
    I was previously a Labour voter, then more right wing after the disastrous Labour government but now it is certainly UKIP for me.


  6. Hi Paul! interesting blog, liked watching your videos as well.
    Also, on a side note, I think you're quite handsome!


    Hello from Liverpool

  7. piotr the patriot4 January 2014 at 08:08

    Roma go home

  8. roma woman goes to the doctor with two small green circles on the inside of her thighs.Doctor asks if her husband is a gypsy,"yes" she says "ahah" says the doctor "tell him his earings aren`t real gold

  9. Paul Western - where have you been all this time!
    I absolutely agree with everything you say on your videos. The issues, you have raised are valid and reflect just how I feel.
    You need and deserve nationwide recognition and news media attention - NOW!
    I have shared your last video on my Facebook Page.
    I am currently following Nick Griffin and the BNP, but I am not happy with some of the issues they raise, and I admit that some of their video bulletins and the points that some of the speakers put over, are a bit amateurish.
    However, your approach to the immigration problem etc., is far more professional and credible.
    I think that you can only gain more popularity, the more people of Britain get to hear about you - you have a backbone and talk a lot of common sense; the best sense that I have heard in a very long time!

  10. Question: Can you believe it?
    Answer: Yes you can - as this can only happen in Britain!
    What am I talking about?

    The news story in the DM (10 Jan '14) Re: Residents' anger at plans for Muslims cemetery, which can hold 4,000 people, in a village with a population of 613 people.
    The village is Catherine-de-Barnes, near Solihull - what the hell is going on in our country!

    Another story to prove to us again that British people are being treated like 2nd class citizens - Re: Asian motorist who was eight time the drink drive limit when breathalysed, is let off after judge says alcohol affects ethnic groups differently!
    Where have we heard this before!

    Stories like these,in the tabloid press, are popping up like corks, on a regular daily basis! It really does truely beggar belief!

    Some days, I wake up thinking that I am on a different planet, living in a parallel universe in a place called 'punishment Britain', where things are going terribly wrong, amongst people who fail to notice!

    If I share these stories of Facebook, some people on there, will automatically class me as a racist bigot! I don't understand why some of them are not concerned with what is happening in Britain, which will ultimately affect them in the future! Enough said!

  11. British people treated like second class citizens last message about the Muslim man who was left off by a judge for being 6 times over the limit.

    Story in the DM - Drink-driving ban for 6mph spin in toy van: Father-of-one banned for 12 months and fined £500 after being found nearly three times over the limit

    Rio Beardmore had drunk two pints of lager and six shots of spirits
    'I really didn't think it would be a problem,' he says

    Read more:

    One rule for one and another for the Muslims!

  12. My son and his partner are looking to rent a house in Dagenham.

    Already, after looking at some advertisements, he has come across several that will only take Asian people and that they must only cook Halal food!

    Surely, this is illegal?

    Imagine if it were the other way round, the PC brigade would soon be complaining!

  13. But Mr Weston, you should know,the whole political system works on cheap labour for big business and and how to get free stuff for votes by the proletariat.

  14. My comment is a bit off topic - but related to another country which cleverly dumped their unwanted citizens on us. In 2002 the Irish govt passed a law making camping criminal trespass effectively evicting their gypsy population. Is this acceptable in an EU country? I have made a petition asking the UK government to challenge the Irish law before Europe. The petition is Challenge Republic of Ireland land trespass law 2002