Sunday 27 April 2014

Liberty GB Election Broadcast


  1. This man is the only sincere politician that we have.

  2. What a great video Paul. The UK desperately needs more politicians like you.

    Hopefully the growing support of UKIP and other parties will come to your party also.

    Makes me so sad to see the UK today, is a complete disgrace.

    Good luck in the European Elections. We need you to be successful so your message gets heard!

  3. Mr Weston, I came across this yesterday, its a very graphic video of how democracy works in places like Africa and islam does not seem to all that different so you may find it interesting, well I hope you do anyway.

    After reading your blog a few weeks ago, I went and did some research on Islam. I was fooled too until your blog sent me on a quest for enlightenment ;) I really thought they were a peace loving religion/cult, they are not, they seem to be evil personified. The bible talks about the anti-christ (not a big bible basher you understand but I am South African,we believe in god still, it's in our culture), Islam seems to fit the anti-christ profile almost perfectly.

    All I can say is that although our government is not Islamic but full blown communist the result is exactly the same..

    Mr Weston, I wish we had just one politician of your caliber in this country of mine, just one, we are desperately in need of good leadership such as yours, so sir, good luck with the elections and if I was British or European I would vote for you without a second thought or a moments hesitation.