Monday 1 September 2014

Muslim Rapists, Not Pakistani Rapists!


  1. Welcome back, Mr. Weston!

  2. Since its inception, Islam has always been at WAR with the WEST–in fact, has always been at WAR with the REST (the entire non-Muslim world)–and for the West to finally conquer Islam, FREEDOM-treasuring/loving patriotic Europeans MUST elect White nationalist and cultural nationalist politicians for parliament, government and presidency, who are well-aware of the reality of Islam, and who will have to: 1) STOP buying oil from oil-rich Muslim countries especially Saudi Arabia as a large proportion of Saudi petrodollars serves as the chief source of funding the spread of the Wahhabi Salafi sect of Islam (most intolerant interpretation of the most intolerant ideology الوهابية السلفية) and financing Jihad all over the world and instead, import oil from Canada, Brazil, Mexico and reluctantly Venezuela and Russia; 2) STOP immigration of Muslims and non-White non-Muslims and if necessary allow only the most competent, intelligent and educated non-White non-Muslim white-collar professionals work visas but never permanent residency or naturalization—Europe is the ancestral homeland of Whites and belongs only to them; and 3) DEPORT Muslim immigrants especially Islamists (beards, hijabs and niqabs are dead give-aways of Islamists) to their respective homelands and leave them to die off as most Muslim states are technological and economic failures and would not have the resources to even provide medical care and food for their people if it weren’t for the huge oil export revenues of some oil-rich Muslim countries and the civilized, developed world generously giving vital aid and basic life necessities to the oil-poor ones.

    Advocating the use of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) with gene selection for intelligence and Nordic features (blue/green/hazel iris, blonde/red hair, very fair skin and tall stature) among other desirable White traits—‘designer babies’; as the sole method of fertilization by racially aware WN women is of paramount importance to purifying the genes of racially aware WN White as, in case you don’t know, tens of millions of Whites are descendants of Europeans who have been subjected to sex slavery to the non-White Muslim Arab and Turkish invaders for hundreds of years (before the advent of reliable contraception) and they are, as a matter of fact, still contaminated by non-White genes.

    As I am sure you know, blonde and red hair; blue and green eyes; and very pale skin are exclusively White traits—not found in any other ethnic group internationally accepted as Caucasian. Does a Portuguese like Christiano Ronaldo or an Armenian like Kim K. qualify as White? No, of course not—neither do the olive-skinned, brown-eyed and brown-haired Italians, Greeks and especially the Spaniards just to name a few nationalities who are internationally identified as Whites. Do you understand the point I’m trying to convey? Only red/blonde-haired, green/blue-eyed, very fair-skinned people should be considered White.

  3. Thank you, Paul West. I am privileged to discover, that,persons like you, actually exist. I would like to ask you one question re: The Islumification of the West: Is this part of a Stealth Occupation, for the New World Order to begin? Is this the reason Media & respective governments are being silenced? I am afraid. I would rather die, then be subjugated to endure, rape/torture/life, under Islam. Thank you for your time.

  4. Thanks for your support Mandy.

    Yes, partly a desire for a NWO. In order for total power, first they need total social breakdown and even civil war. After control has been restored, the political powers needed to regain said control will not be dropped, and we will find ourselves living in a fully fledged dictatorship.

    Unless Islam wins of course.....

  5. For more academic, but equally horrifying, evidence of the verities Mr. Weston expresses, one can do no better than the meticulous work(s) of Andrew Bostom and Bat Ye'or. Savagery is in the DNA of Islam, has been since the year 630, and will be so long as Islam exists. For B Hussein Obama and other Western bien pensants to opine about a "Religion of Peace" is conclusive evidence of their ignorance and fatuity.