Thursday 17 November 2016

Left-Liberal Britain Imports Voodoo & Torture

Do you remember the tragic murder of eight year-old  Victoria Climbié in 2000? Tortured over a protracted period of time in order to “exorcise” evil spirits dwelling within her, before finally being killed in what must have been a blessed release from her torment.

Many of the social workers involved in this case were black. Most were useless. In the rare instance that whites were involved, they kept their mouths firmly shut lest they be accused of the dreaded crime of  racism, which works so well in ending careers for those who think African brutality has no place in modern, go-ahead, multicultural Britain.

As it turns out, poor little Victoria Climbié was not a one-off case. The Times is reporting there might be up to 400 children beaten, burned, cut and brutalised every year in wonderful, progressive, left-liberal Britain. Even more astonishing is the fact the police need extra training apparently, in order to understand a crime has been committed when a black child turns up in hospital with horrific injuries.

As ever though, it is all very complicated. The police have to square their prioritisation of “celebrating diversity” with the problematic matter of actually arresting people who are also celebrating their own diversity and culture via voodoo dolls, blow-torches and butchers knives.

There exists a Children's Commissioner for England, whose job it is to help ensure these third-world practices are stamped out. The current Commissioner is a woman by name of Anne Longfield, but I must confess I have never heard of her before. She really ought to be more high profile considering the awful, sickening crimes against children the liberal-left have deliberately imported into Britain, but I suppose to draw attention to both the crimes and Ms Longfield herself might make people question the wisdom of encouraging barbaric Africans to hold onto their culture. It might just make us all racist! Which must be avoided at all costs, obviously….

I sometimes wonder how the liberal-left can sleep at night, considering the pain, anguish, terror and brutality they have so successfully established in Britain, courtesy of their pathologically insane worship of all cultures other than their own.

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  1. It's heartbreaking to know awful crimes like these are being committed while authorities look the other way. These social workers and police officers all belong in jail.