Thursday 17 November 2016

Al-Beeb Pushes Islam before Christianity

The BBC is planning to introduce a lot more Islam into its programming output. This is hardly surprising when one considers that a Muslim, Aaqil Ahmed, is Al-Beeb’s head of religion and ethics. I don’t suppose there is a single Muslim country where the State broadcaster’s religious output is governed by a Christian....but in progressive, multicultural, multi-faith Britain what else can we expect? Left-liberals tell us this tolerance for other peoples and other faiths is what made Britain great!

Al-Beeb is so frenziedly anti-Christian, they can barely mention the actual name of Britain’s State religion. In the article linked above, they blather:  The Corporation has insisted a focus on the other faiths would not be at the expense of the Christian output. A source said: “Faith is remarkably important. The BBC can and must do more to ensure that the important role faith plays is recognised and reflected in our programing.”

The BBC’s Director-General, Lord Hall, is responding to criticism regarding an over-emphasis on Christianity and an under-emphasis on other faiths. I rather doubt any faiths other than Islam will be represented though, and I imagine that the initial criticism came from the usual Islamic agitators rather than Hindus, Sikhs, Pagans or Zoroastrians.

Ibrahim Mogra, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said the BBC could cover Friday prayers from a mosque, cover Eid, or children attending Koranic lessons. Mr Mogra clearly knows a thing or two about ratings, and how to increase them… although I’m not sure televising rows of Muslim boys reciting the Koran is going to compete with Top Gear on a Friday night.

Perhaps the ratings will increase when Al-Beeb goes the whole hog though, and starts televising other Islamic cultural delights such as a spot of adulteress stoning, or stringing up a few homosexuals outside a mosque. Who knows? Once you embark on a slippery slope there’s no knowing where it will end up!

Meanwhile, Christianity continues to decline at stratospheric speed in Britain, matched only by the rise of Islam, albeit on a different trajectory entirely. This isn’t going to end well, I feel.

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