Friday 4 November 2016

The Genocidal Left Declares War on the German People

“Would it not be easier In that case, for the government to dissolve the people and elect another?”  Bertolt Brecht – Communist.

As 2016 draws to a close, it is strange to think the mighty Germany of Otto von Bismarck, Kaiser Wilhelm II and yes, even Adolf Hitler, is similarly drawing to a close. This powerful country that caused such historical fear and warmongering across Europe and the world is ending its once belligerent days as a beaten, whimpering dog.

There will no resurrection such as we witnessed post WWII as the shattered, defeated German people rebuilt their cities, their engineering works, their car factories, their economy and their spirit. The post war miracle will never happen again because German politicians are replacing their native population with a people who hold an altogether different attitude toward religion, law, women, democracy, tolerance and morality – not to mention precision engineering and disciplined study.

Germany will still exist of course, but only as a geographical entity. The German people, courtesy of the Left’s hateful destruction of the family and the Left’s love affair with mass migration and Islam, are being air-brushed out of existence before our very eyes. Somewhere between 2020 and 2030 the German people will be no more. They will have been vaporised, un-personed, liquidated, annihilated, totally genocided - to coin a phrase. They will have ceased to exist. There will still be some old Germans of course, but amongst the young - those who can both procreate and fight - the Germans will be about as vital as John Cleese’s Norwegian Blue parrot.

There appears to be some innate self-destructive gene at work within the old Teutonic bonce. WWI was a self-inflicted disaster as was WWII. But now, as if to atone for the historical destruction of both itself and others, Germany seems intent on self-destruction alone, and is literally invading itself! Angela Merkel has launched an Islamic blitzkrieg against the Fatherland. Her heavily bearded shock troops are storming not westward but eastward through the Ardennes forest, filled with a hatred of Jews and all those not of the supremacist faith. Before very long they will be on the outskirts of Berlin, raping and murdering as they continue their remorseless advance toward the Reichstag, intent on furthering what was once termed lebensraum but is today called the Caliphate
Clever hard-Leftists and their half-witted, Useful Idiot liberal allies will pour scorn on such “hysterical” forebodings. The hard-left know it is true of course, but don’t want us to know it is true. The idiot liberals discarded truth and reality a long time ago in favour of credulous gullibility and fantasy, so there is little point in engaging with them. Their brains are just too small or crammed to the gills with indoctrination to make it worthwhile. 

But demographics are about stark, brutal reality rather than liberal fantasy, and demographics are the main reason why Germany is doomed. Mark Steyn memorably stated: “The future belongs to those who can be bothered to turn up for it” which is of course absolutely and unarguably the case, and is why an Islamic Germany is now inevitable in the very near future unless there are momentous changes in the Western psyche.

30% of German women are childless, rising to 40% of those educated to degree level. Rather than tackling this feminist induced catastrophe head on, the global Leftist establishment consisting of the UN, the EU and pretty much the entire German political and media establishment (who all combine to form the Traitor Class) decided instead to import millions of Muslim migrants whilst overlooking the rather pertinent fact that Islam is a violent, supremacist ideology which seeks dominance over all non-Muslims. And it is this which has tipped Germany into its present death spiral.

In 2015 Germany imported over a million migrants. This figure is expected to remain the same for 2016. By 2020, according to the German government, some 3-4 million migrants are expected to have entered Germany. And here is a startling fact, 75% of them (to date) are young Muslim males aged between 20-35 who, once established will then bring in wives from their original countries. Some (who knows how many?) will bring in 4 wives with whom they might have up to 20 children, all paid for, housed, medic-aided and educated by the native German people who are essentially bankrupting their country in order to fund their racial and cultural extinction.

I was going to provide a detailed breakdown of the numbers involved here, but fortunately there is a well-researched video online by Black Pigeon Speaks which provides a much better media presentation. I would urge readers to set aside a few minutes and watch it. Broadly speaking though, here is the problem:

Over the next twenty years the old Germans will die off. The next generation down will retire and stop paying tax. Amongst the under-fives, 40% of “Germans” are already made up of non-European heritage. Out of a population of 81 million people, native German males aged 18-35 number only 6 million. By 2020, if the existing (mainly Turkish Muslim) non-native Germans are added together with the recent migrants, the projected migrants and further family re-unification, they will number 20 million. So by 2020, young German men will be outnumbered by young Muslim men in their own country. If this is pushed forward another generation, they will be a tiny minority.

German politicians from the ubiquitous Western Traitor Class think this is all a jolly good thing. Some horribly malevolent feminist/lefty harpy called Miss Dr Von Berg from the Green Party, proudly boasted about this racial and cultural destruction of the German people on a video which really should be watched. For those of a sensitive disposition, I will provide the transcript to save you the horrors of watching not only her, but far more importantly the grotesque Rosa Klebb creature who materialises top right after the first thirty seconds…. anyway, here is what she said:

“Mrs President, ladies and gentlemen, our society will change. Our city will change rapidly. I hold that in twenty or thirty years there will no longer be German majorities in our cities! That is also what female and male migration researchers say! We will live in a city that thrives on having many different ethnicities! That we have plenty of people and live in a supercultural society! This is what we will have in the future and I want to make it very clear, especially to those right-wingers (she jabs her finger aggressively) that this is a good thing!”

In another video, this one even more shocking, German politicians openly state that wishing to preserve the German people is both redolent of Nazism and racism. I have always maintained the Western Traitor Class thought this about all Europeans in general, but I have never heard such nakedly genocidal intentions openly stated before. In the video, Stefan Köster, state chairman of the Nationalist Party of Germany (NPD) makes a heart-rending case about the importance of families and re-iterated the point that German natives were set to rapidly become a minority in their own land. During his speech he is heckled, mocked and abused.

After 2 minutes 35 seconds, a rebuttal to Mr Köster’s plea for national survival is given by a Miss Drese, a member of the Social Democrats, who says (to much table thumping and applause) “the proposal to ensure the biological continuation of the German people, will be, by the democratic parties for whom I shall speak today, rejected with the greatest insistence and condemned utterly. This proposal is racist and inhuman.”

Following her intellectually incoherent insistence that it is morally wrong and racist for a race of people to wish to exist…  every party voted against the right to survival of the native German people – and therefore, by default, voted for the genocide of the German people.

Angela Merkel herself seems to have no problem with the effective genocide of native Germans. Despite all the problems associated with the mass importation of 7th century savages, she is determined to keep importing them in their millions. She publicly denied any link between Muslim migrants and terrorism and stated: “An Islam that works and lives on the basis of the constitution…belongs to Germany.” In July 2016 she went on to say:

The terrorists want to make us lose sight of what is important to us, break down our cohesion and sense of community as well as inhibiting our way of life, our openness and our willingness take in people who are in need. We stand decisively against that… (we will) stick to our principles and give shelter to those who deserve it.”

So…Germany will continue to keep the Islamic flood gates open, despite German politicians and demographers admitting that young, native Germans will become a minority in the very near future, and despite the fact that Islamic migrants have already carried out numerous terrorist attacks in Germany. Will there be any problems with this in terms of the economy and social division / civil war? Consider the following:

In economic terms it would be foolish to allow in millions of people who would clearly be such a drain on the economy as to destroy it completely. Migrant engineers and doctors won’t do this, but semi-literate goat-herds certainly will. So just who is Germany allowing in? Engineers or future welfare claimants?

According to Germany’s Federal Employment Agency, 81% of the 2015 influx were totally unskilled, a mere 8% were in possession of the most rudimentary form of academic qualification and almost half-a-million would become welfare dependent. Reuters stated the German government would spend 94-billion Euros on migrants by 2020. This annual figure is directly comparable to the German defence budget, which is rather strange…paying for defence whilst paying for invasion seems utterly insane to me.

But Germany is a socialist country which pays a great deal of money to Muslim migrant families, and the more children they have, the more money they receive. The website Gates of Vienna has an astonishing video and transcript which breaks down these payments for a Muslim family with five children who receive, in various benefits, 7,000 Euros per month. This is the equivalent of a gross wage for a working family of 11,000 Euros, which is clearly beyond the dreams of normal native German families.

An enormous amount of money is being paid out to just one Syrian migrant, his 4 wives and 22 children…amounting to some 360,000 Euros per annum. It need hardly be said how catastrophic this one story is in terms of economic collapse and demographic takeover.

It seems clear then, that Germany’s economy will collapse totally in short order. But what about the social effects of trying to mix Islamic oil with Christian water? This sadly, is more than just catastrophic, it is civilizational ending – not in 100 years or 50 years, but within the next 10 years. We have all read about the mayhem created by young Muslim males in Germany, but here is a short list of the social drawbacks:

  •       On New Year’s Eve, 2,000 young Muslim males sexually assaulted over 1,000 German girls. There is much more on the Muslim rape epidemic here.

  •      Rising numbers of sexual assaults and rapes against native German children (boys as well as girls) in municipal swimming pools has led to cute little posters being put up in the changing rooms, advising Muslim migrants what is permissible and not permissible in a swimming pool located in an advanced democracy….

  •     During the first six months of 2016, migrants committed 142,500 crimes according to the Federal Criminal Police Office, including rapes, sexual and physical assaults, stabbings, home invasions, robberies, burglaries and drug trafficking.

  • ·       Germany has legalised paedophilia and rape in order to satisfy Sharia Law demands. Child marriage is now legally deemed permissible and there are an estimated (probably tip of the ice-berg) 1,500 child brides, some who will be as young as nine.

  • ·       German health care is becoming overwhelmed as disease ridden migrants clamour for treatment even as the Muslim males refuse to be treated by female doctors and Muslim females by male doctors. Security is being stepped up in German hospitals as Muslim patients attack the kuffir doctors trying to tend to them.

  • ·       Members of the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) – the only credible political party in Germany speaking out against the Islamic horror show and left-wing treason - have been subjected to 800 attacks including physical assaults and fire-bombings. AfD officials believe the criminal perpetrators are state funded by Angela Merkel.

  • ·       Huge numbers of German schools are being overrun by migrants who have become the majority. German children are now being forced to recite Islamic prayers. German parents have been fined 300 Euros for refusing to allow their son to visit a mosque.

  • ·       Families with children are fleeing areas of Germany with large migrant numbers. School children are being badly beaten up by migrants, who seem to specialise in kicking out their teeth whilst filming if for their Muslim friends to enjoy at a later date.

  • ·       Native Germans are being told to assimilate into Islamic culture, because Germany has no real culture of its own….

  • ·       Green Party member Kurt Edler has suggested Muslim migrants have their own cities, thereby avoiding having to mix with German natives at all….

  • ·       In just one week there were four Islamic terrorist attacks. A suicide bomber in Ansbach badly wounded 12 people. In Reutlingen an asylum seeker used a machete to kill one person and badly injure another five. An Iranian/German went on a gun rampage in Munich, killing nine people and injuring another thirty-five. In Wurzburg an axe-wielding Afghan went berserk on a train and critically injured several people.

  • ·       Hundreds of “German” jihadis have already returned to Germany after fighting for ISIL in Syria and Iraq. Hundreds more will return. They will come back posing as asylum seekers and most will get through the pitiful screening allowed by the authorities.

  • ·       In July, Germany’s Interior Minister, Thomas de Maiziere, claimed there was no link between migrants and terrorism, but none-the-less warned Germans to expect more terrorist attacks….

  • ·       In October, a 16 year-old German boy was stabbed to death in Hamburg. This was not covered by the media. The German political party the AfD laid a wreath at his funeral, which was mobbed by left-wing Antifa traitors, resulting in a large police presence at a funeral… which, needless to say, wasn’t covered by the media either.

  • ·       German police maintain they are losing control of the streets in the face of Islamic aggression. Police officers are abused, spat on, threatened and mocked. Female police officers are called whores and kuffir filth. Very few senior police officials will actually talk about this though, because they fear losing their jobs – or worse.

  • ·       German mosques are promoting hard-line Salafist ideology, drawing complaints from a small number of a migrants, who say Germany is far more ideologically extreme than the Islamic countries they fled from.

  • ·       The list of Muslim crimes against native Germans, and the political capitulation before Islam is endless, but the Gatestone Institute has a good breakdown of incidents in 2015 here.

All of the above suggests Germany will be completely destroyed as a people and a culture within ten to twenty years maximum. A growing number of Germans are slowly coming to understand this, even if they have yet to comprehend the youthful demographic apocalypse. A recent poll suggested nearly three out of four fear their country will suffer from a terror attack by Islamic radicals in the near future, and nearly two-thirds say the religion of Islam has no place in their country.

All across Germany, a country with some of the most stringent gun-control laws in Europe, demand is skyrocketing by up to 600% for non-lethal self-defence weapons including pepper sprays, gas pistols, flare guns, electroshock weapons and animal repellants. Germans are also applying for weapons permits in record numbers.

Germans who can see their country is no longer a safe place to raise children are leaving in record numbers. Over the last decade 1.5 million left, but with every year that passes, more and more will leave as their eyes are opened to the catastrophe that has befallen Germany. As events unwind, this exodus will accelerate rapidly.

Meanwhile, the German authorities are trying to hide the magnitude of their betrayal from the German people. The savage sexual assaults and rapes perpetrated by Muslims on native German girls is far worse than we know, simply because the media refuse to publish the truth. The German Press Council (Presserat) enforces a politically correct “code of media ethics” that restricts the information journalists can use in their stories. Paragraph 12.1 of the code states:

 “When reporting on criminal offenses, details about the religious, ethnic or other background information of the suspects or perpetrators is to be mentioned only if it is absolutely necessary to understand the reported event. Remember that such references could foment prejudices against minorities.”

According to Hendrik Cremer of the German Institute for Human Rights, the Press Council’s code of ethics also applies to German police, who often censor the information they release to the media:

 The police are not to provide information about the skin colour, religion, nationality or national or ethnic origin of a suspect to the media or to the public. They may only do this if it is absolutely necessary, which is the case, for example, when they are searching for a suspect.”

This goes some way toward explaining the wiping from police records of nearly all the sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve. German authorities claim many assaults were not serious enough to record, but the same German authorities are also pushing to record as many “right-wing” racist offences as possible, despite most of them being fraudulent.

Ex-Communist Angela Merkel has even gone to the astonishing length of recruiting Anetta Kahane, a former Communist Stasi agent between 1974-1982 to seek out and criminalise “racists” on social media. Ms Kahane is an advocate of open borders and told Russia Today that “immigration is our future.”

Anetta Kahane wants to carry out her revolutionary aim of transforming Germany and Europe into a non-white entity. She is the founder of the Antonio Amadeus Foundation which promotes violence against native German “right-wingers” and is often cited in “normal” German media outlets denouncing blonde and blue haired German families as probable Nazi’s, along with native Germans who by dint of choosing to live in rural areas are therefore probable Nazis as well because they don’t mix with non-Germans. There are a couple of stories about this chilling insanity here and here.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Germany will be destroyed – if nothing changes – well before 2025. And it doesn’t take a genius to see that this racial and cultural devastation, which qualifies as genocide as per the UN definition of genocide, is being carried out by the Left.

Poor old Germany finds itself in a very difficult position. It’s history leaves it open to attack by the Left, who gleefully take advantage of this by denouncing as Nazis all those who want Germany to survive as a people and a culture. This works very well of course.

But when enough Germans wake up to the demographic disaster coupled with the hateful aggression directed at them by their own traitor class kith and kin combined with a rapidly building Islamic youthful majority, they must surely rebel? The label “Nazi” will soon no longer keep the people silent when they realise it has become a battle for genuine survival.

The tragic irony involving German Leftist politicians willing to sacrifice their own people because of the purported sins of their grandfathers is rather obvious. The sins of WWII Germans are not so much about conventional warfare - no matter that expansionist Germany started it -  but about their murderous treatment of the Jews. But when the German people have been cleansed from the country and replaced by Muslims, who would want to be a Jew in Germany? Have these idiot Leftists not thought about this gargantuan issue?

Let me summarize a few key issues: Young Germans are set to become a racial and religious minority within the next few years. German politicians and demographers will not argue against this astonishing claim. The Islamic incomers murder, rape and terrorise native Germans, principally women and young boys. The Islamic incomers are mainly welfare dependents who will destroy the German economy. The Left are completely behind the destruction of Germany as a people and culture, and positively gloat about this genocidal desire on video. The Left want to accelerate this process by bringing in millions more Muslim migrants. The Left seeks to keep details of the Islamic horror show away from the public eye, as do the German police and media. The Left denounce all those who resist this genocide as Nazis and racists in order to silence them. Conclusion - the Left are traitors on a scale never before seen in the history of mankind.

There will be a General Election in late 2017. The only party capable of halting Germany’s destruction is the AfD, but no matter their ever-increasing popularity, they won’t win. This means they will have to wait until 2022 to seriously compete for power, but something tells me 2022 will be too late to save Germany by democratic means.

Germany is living through a Leftist revolution which intends to destroy the people and culture of Germany. If native Germans wish to exist in 2025, let alone 2050, then it is time for counter-revolution. I don’t mean genuine, physical, violent counter-revolution of course, that would attract the attention of those who issue European Arrest Warrants for starters… but I do mean planning and developing the structure for enabling counter-revolution in the near future – were it to become an absolute necessity. This counter-revolution would not be aimed at Islam, but at the Traitor Left. The AfD can lead the political wing, but it is time for German men to start building the base from which future counter-revolution can be successfully deployed.

This might sound extreme, but I think it is far more extreme to do to the native Germans what the Traitor Left is doing. I repeat, the Left (presumably in order to bring about social and economic collapse, magically remedied by a Communist putsch) is creating a genocidal scenario as defined by the United Nations. The Left is actively, triumphantly and knowingly committing genocide against the native Germans, who must organise resistance today or die/flee tomorrow. These two stark choices are the only available options for native Germans. In a bare few years it will be too late to resist.


  1. The content of this article is shocking but irrefutable. I just hope that influential Germans will read it and react. In a probably vain attempt to be constructive, I should like to point out one way in which the Germans can avoid the demographic inevitability which threatens their extinction. Over the centuries, Britain has accepted a large number of immigrants. Until now, these arrivals have been successfully assimilated. Why? Because we native Britons have succeeded in changing their congenital mindsets (or at least convinced them of the merits of our own). Now, both Britain and Germany, cowering, it appears, under the noisy and intolerant political 'correctness' (depravity would be a better word), of the Leftist ignorati, are prepared to allow the new arrivals to import traditions and usages which are incompatible with our centuries-old values (the French, to their credit, and I don't often give them much, are putting up more resistance). I love Germany and its culture and, although I am fortunately old enough not to have to witness the cataclysm which threatens a few decades hence, it is heartbreaking to contemplate the destruction of the heritage of Luther and Goethe. Wachet auf!

  2. Yo are a conspiracy nut, who takes bits of real information and décorates it with hallucinations. I am a journalist and fluent in German, I have studied history and know how to do my research,. And I recognize a neonazi wehn i read one... the conspiracy bs is easily identifiable: The enemy is always immense, and you, some unknown tenth-rate ranter, are the only one on the barricades defending the virtue of some undefinable ideal of a white and pure Europe with women at the hearth making babies for the Fuehrer... Look at this piece of bullshit:
    "30% of German women are childless, rising to 40% of those educated to degree level. Rather than tackling this feminist induced catastrophe head on, the global Leftist establishment consisting of the UN, the EU and pretty much the entire German political and media establishment (who all combine to form the Traitor Class"
    A logical and ill-informed fallacy. The drop in birthrates has everything to do with the country's wealth plus, of course, women who no longer wish to be the slaves to some guy working... What's your problem with women and equality?

    And so you mix in some riffs on migrants, blowing things out of proportion or ignoring some real facts, like the parents fined up in Schleswig Holstein because they were illegally keeping their kid from a school outing.. i.e., from classes. Oh, wow: The parents are members of an extreme right-wing political gropup Pax Euiropa (I have a friend there: it's neonazi stuff)...

    The content of this article, to take up Mr Stone's firrst word, is nonsense from A to Z. Stop trying to break up Europe for a new nazi reign, will you? Thanks.

    1. You make a very aggressive argument driven more by hatred and emotion than logic or facts. For example, you state: "Look at this piece of bullshit..30% of German women are childless etc etc" ending with.."a logical and ill-informed fallacy."

      I'm not sure that something can be described as logical AND ill-informed, but are you suggesting the figures I used are wrong? You don't seem to be, so I am a little bewildered that you choose to argue against facts you yourself acknowledge to be true.

      Everything in the article is linked and referenced. You might not like the facts but that doesn't stop them being facts. You engage in the usual left-wing way when presented with facts, ie you resort to abuse and venom and spout the usual "Nazi" labels. This would be comic were the subject matter not so serious.

      You claim to be a journalist, so here is a challenge for you. Write a 1,000 word rebuttal. Explain to me why Germany has nothing to fear over the next decade. Explain to me why peace and goodwill will hold sway over violence, division and possible civil war.

      If you can present it in a reasoned and well written manner (you are a journalist after all!) I will publish it here. Over to you old chap!