Friday 11 November 2016

Thank God for the Uneducated!

The main similarity between the Brexit and Trump election results is the attitude of the liberal/left toward those who voted for these spectacular triumphs. They speak and write vociferously about the “uneducated” knuckle dragging simpletons who dared go against the grain of progressive liberal thought and voted for Trump or for leaving the totalitarian EU.

Boris Johnson, the outwardly amiable buffoon with an inwardly icy ambition has a brother apparently, by name of Jo Johnson, who turns out to be the Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation. From this lofty perch, Jo Johnson told the British public that those who voted for Brexit did so because they were terminally stupid and had they been educated to university level and therefore voted correctly...we could be blissfully lodged in the matronly bosom of the glorious EU for eternity. Or at least until the whole shebang inevitably implodes somewhere between now and 2025…..

Trump voters are similarly cretinous according to the liberal-left, who feel those ghastly, semi-educated blue collar workers simply failed to understand the intellectual complexities of the one world socialist utopia the sainted Left is trying to build for humanity everywhere. All for their own good of course, even if they don’t understand it, the ungrateful, thicko proletarian wretches!

But what does it mean to be “uneducated” in the 21st century? Brexit voters are deemed uneducated because they wish to regain their national sovereignty and unshackle themselves from the myriad petty and not-so-petty laws dreamed up by unelected control freak Eurocrats in Brussels. Trump voters are deemed uneducated because they don’t like watching the wholesome, traditional America they grew up in being incrementally dismantled by a new people and a new culture which is every bit as revolutionary as the Communist takeover of 1917 Russia.

I have just watched a number of YouTube videos exposing the horrifying ignorance of millennial university students. This one is particularly good and shows robotic youngsters completely unable to think logically as they offer soundbites uttered without reasoned thought but completely in line with indoctrination, interspersed with the oft repeated terms of  “like’” and “you know” as they try to buy time whilst their little brains slowly chug up to a less than moderate speed. The impression one gets of these “educated” young people is that they are not terribly clever, that they are bereft of independent analytical thought and who are, tragically, the unwitting victims of intense propaganda relentlessly aimed at them their entire lives.

To be educated (in the West at least) no longer means having an ability to think, to know much about world history, national history or Western society/culture and how it was formed; to understand why some foreign cultures are oil to the West’s water; to know how to construct a grammatically correct sentence or to recognise the glaring difference in ability between Evelyn Waugh and E L James. In fact, to be educated today has nothing to do with education at all. In Britain, the liberal social engineers have built a system where close to 50% of school leavers now get into university, compared to a mere 5% only forty years ago. In order for this happen, universities have dumbed down massively, with many now offering remedial classes in literacy and numeracy for every year’s fresh intake of gormless social justice warriors.

When these victims of liberalism’s revolution finally throw their mortar boards into the air and receive their degrees in media studies they will only be “educated” in terms of exhibiting the prescribed thinking with regard to oppressors and the oppressed, Israel and Palestine, hate crime pertaining to race and religion - providing the religion is Islam and only Islam - homophobia, transphobia, abortion, feminism, microaggression, capitalism/socialism, equal rights, empire, positive discrimination, repressive tolerance, limits to free speech, Christianity, social justice, national identity, European guilt, revisionist history etc.

Only when their heads are filled to the brim with all the Correct Thoughts about those listed above will they find work as teachers, social workers, army officers, politicians, civil servants, lawyers, doctors, policemen, journalists or TV producers. And when the Leftist ideology expands to encompass new rafts of oppressors and the oppressed, so they will add them PDQ to their PC CV. The vast majority of them will be pro-Hillary and pro-EU. Those who disagree with them won’t be fellow human beings holding an alternate opinion, they will be haters, fascists, racists, xenophobes and worthy only of the Gulag.

Meanwhile, those unencumbered by a full liberal education will continue to utilise common sense and moral decency in their electoral decisions – even as they are smeared as dullard dinosaurs by the Anointed Liberals who left any vestige of common sense, decency and morality in university lecture hall 101.

So let us Thank God for the uneducated, because the “educated” are now so monumentally and robotically stupid, so pumped full of subversive, suicidal socialist indoctrination they have become downright bloody dangerous to both themselves, us and the entire Western world.


If an "educated" Leftist wishes to make an intelligent rebuttal to this, leave your email in a comment and I will get in touch. I would love to see it!

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  1. Paul, there's a well known video of a young EDL supporter being interviewed patronisingly in 2011 by an experienced journalist. The young fellow appears to have an IQ well below that of the reporter; on top of that, he's had a few drinks. He is asked why he's come to the EDL demonstration and he gets his facts mixed up - hence the joking title "Muslamic Ray Guns" given to the video on YouTube:
    The journalist plays him like a piano as he displays his intellectual superiority to get the EDL supporter to dig a hole for himself.
    BUT, despite the lad's low IQ, despite his drinking, despite the patronising journalist milking the occasion for all it's worth, THE LAD STILL GETS THE BASIC FACT RIGHT: ISLAMIFICATION IS A PROBLEM IN THE UK AND I'M GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.