Wednesday 16 November 2016

The West's Little Red Guards

I don’t remember much about being nine years-old. I do remember Top Trump cards and regularly riding my road bike off-road with regularly predictable consequences – but other than that, I remember little. One thing I do know though, is that our teachers made no effort to politically indoctrinate us, and even if they had tried to, our interest would have been about as minimal as our interest in the conjugation of French verbs under the strict eye of Mademoiselle Le-Magne, who in all honesty, you really wouldn’t.

So what to make of the nine year-old Muslim girl in Australia who went into histrionic Violet Elizabeth-Bott mode upon hearing the results of the U.S. election? And more to the point, what about her teacher who talked of her “grieving pupils” as though this insanity was normal? The girl wrote the following terrifying essay which so moved her teacher she made it available to the local press:

Donald Trump is a really bad person. He is racist and he made my teacher cry. He is the president in America. He wants to make a wall so no Mexican people come, also Muslim people. It makes me sad because I am Muslim myself and he does not respect us and women. He does not think about family he just think about himself. People that voted made a really big mistake because now America have to stick up with him as president. Donald Trump is a really mean, racist person. Well I can describe him in many ways but don't worry, I want all America people to come to have a better life. Hillary Clinton that was supposed to win. She is not racist, a very good person. She would include both men and women, which is fair. She will welcome people to America which is the right thing. I wish Hillary Clinton was president and my teacher would have cried tears of joy.”

This little girl has been indoctrinated. She knows all about far left-wing racial and sexual identity politics at the age of nine. This is obscene, but it is going on all across the Western world in an unmentioned tsunami of propaganda designed to create the “correct way of thinking” for the modern world. The trouble is, socialist dogma will never build a fair world; it will simply tear down that which is successful and replace it with divisive peoples squabbling with each other, even as their economies slowly turn into Venezuela.

Liberty GB would make it a criminal offence to politicise children within the education system. We feel this is tantamount to child abuse and needs to be stopped as a matter of urgency. Turning our innocent children into Mao’s Little Red Guards is a moral obscenity. And to those Leftists who no doubt think we would indoctrinate children with OUR political ideology, I say a resounding no. Politics and innocent young children should be kept well apart for all sorts of reasons including the moral issue – which I suppose is rather lost on the totalitarian liberal-left.


For a more in-depth look at propaganda in education, see:

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